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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Visualization - How to do visualization properly to reshape your self-image and do advanced personal development work. Enjoy this relaxing retreat into a very realistic and enjoyable fantasy world specifically based in Middle Earth. Programme Formation de developpement personnelle pour l'equipe de Global Wealth Trade en Haiti. This audio recording contains binaural beats at a select frequency (4.5Hz) to stimulate vivid imagination and relaxation. Experience the loving presence of your guardian, who wishes to relieve you of your cares, and provide you with a VERY special gift.
Hypnotherapist Alicia Fairclough will guide you througha short visualisation to your safe space.
I'm talking all about how to manifest what you want into your lifea€¦ one of my favourite things to talk about! Feel your abundance right now, Extreme Wealth Visualizer to help put you in the right feeling place to attract more Money, Wealth and Prosperity. Once you submit the form, you will be sent several different Self-Hypnosis, Hypnosis, Subliminal Messaging and other cool Videos, MP3s and Reports.
Control Factor Works for Both Men & Women and was specifically designed with modules from both the male and female perspective.
Since then I’ve created many books, manuals, courses and systems to help people get more out of their mind. Audio files with detailed instruction and examples of how to use this system magnificently. The #1 Reason Why Many Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Programs Fail And How Control Factor Eliminated The Problem and Stacked the Deck so YOU Will Succeed! If you went to see a therapist or hypnotist, do you think they would give you a random induction without finding out a little about your background, needs, and goals? The best thing about this system is that it will be one of the easiest programs you’ve ever done. Just think about it…If you really could change something that has been limiting you for years, what would it be? I’ve been there, and if the truth be known, I have to work just as hard as anyone to keep my mental state and power at its optimal level. I will admit– If you want me to coach you, my current mentoring programs are quite expensive. However, I am realistic to know only the tiniest percentage of people can afford my personal coaching, so after much deliberation I’ve decided to let it all hang out and create a program that will be affordable for everyone.

The fact is I could sell this script for $100 easily because it contains the most thorough implementation of self hypnosis methods ever used.
You will not find a better Self-Hypnosis breakdown anywhere else…This is why a lot of Hypnotists are mad at me, because I reveal in this script exactly how to hypnotize like a pro!
When I finally decided to release this information, I knew I would have to pull out all stops, and that’s exactly what I did here. Audio #1- Control Factor Brain Storming Session: In this session I give you an overview of how I actually script out an induction for myself and others. In this video, I’ll explain to you exactly what you should do first with the training.
I actually show you in detail how I prepare for an induction, and all the steps I take to make it happen.
I have to admit the training I do in these videos is some of the most indepth training I have done to date. Part 2 is a continuation of an indepth look into the script and how you can maximize it’s use. In this video, I’ll go into the secrets of getting Auto-Suggestions, affirmations and self talk to work for you. The key to programming your mind is in knowing all of the different modalities, techniques and references to use in order to make sure you are getting 100%. In part two of the Auto-Suggestion Video, I’ll complete your understanding of how to get these powerful techniques to work for you.
Many of these techniques are rarely taught and most hypnotists don’t even know about them. Everything in this system was specifically designed to give you the control you need and desire for any area of your life. Since this is the new version and still in beta, and not yet fully working and testing is needed, I am allowing you 30 day access to this membership and then you lock in for life as a charter member for only $29.95  per month starting in 30 days.
Once you complete the 12 months, you will be eligible to become a member of the International Society of Mind Force Practitioners (once certification qualifications are met). If you wish to cancel, just contact our support staff here before the 4 weeks is up and we will cancel your membership immediately.. I understand I will receive the entire Control Factor System including Videos, Audios, and Documents. I promise to take careful notes so I can start the process getting these techniques to work for me. I understand that upon accepting this form, and placing an investment, I will have immediate access to the all the books and mp3 files. Robert Winstons programme The Human Mind showing how visualisation is so successful in sports performance.

I have collaborated with some of the most unique trainers in the world to create some really awesome concepts, methods and strategies! They are mass marketed and don’t take into consideration the specific controls needed for real change to take place.
Of course they wouldn’t, so why would you expect a generic, run of the mill subliminal file to work? The reason being, is you will learn specific strategies to personalize this to your own needs. All you need to do is listen and  follow the instructions on a daily basis and you’ll begin to see results. This is the very same system I use on a daily basis when I want to make quick and permanent change. This system could very well go to $97, and you can get it for a very limited time for only $67!
This is the script that has taken me years to perfect and now it’s yours complete with video and audio training to explain every word, every command, every little suggestion I put in here.
I take the script and go through it line by line and explain to you in great detail why the script works. It would have accelerated my learning exponentially, and now it’s yours as part of this terrific system. This training is different from what you’ll learn in the videos and from the Control Factor system.
You will receive videos, MP3 files you can download as well as PDF docs which will go over how you can harness the power of your mind through Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Energy and Attraction. I am giving you practically a huge 40% discount for life on this as long as you choose to keep learning from this community.You can cancel at anytime by contacting our office. However, if you ever decide to come back, it might NOT be at this special $29.95 offer price! You’re tired of putting up with mediocrity when it comes to the very personal inner issues that we all deal with.
If you don’t wish to continue, simply contact our support desk at the link below to cancel. I also understand that this special $67 price will be going to $97 , and that by signing up now, I can take advantage of this price. Honestly it works and I have only had it for a few days, but the confidence you instill in your service rubs on to people, and confidence leads to belief.

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