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When people hear of mind machines for the first time, they are naturally skeptical, but after seeing the scientific proof from universities, people start to believe. Most machines use a technique called hemispheric synchronization to achieve this level of relaxation. Rudresh Vyas, who did a PhD on mind machines at Gujarat’s Sardar Patel University, conducted hour-long sessions on a group of students using a mind machine. In one experiment, one person was asked to go to the platform in front of a class full of people.
He was hypnotized again and told “You have noticed some of the best speakers in the country.
The state of hypnosis is essentially a state of mind when someone’s conscious mind or belief system is temporarily suspended. Do you feel hesitation, frustration or fear when you speak in English even though you can write?
Do you avoid speaking in English because you feel fear or hesitation or because you may make mistakes and look stupid? Are you missing out on big opportunities in life just because of lack of confidence in English? Do you feel frustration or do you feel depressed when seeing that you are being left behind in life by others who are not even half as good as you?
Have you been working hard and struggling for long time trying to become good and fluent in spoken English but not getting success to the level you want and having a sense of frustration and helplessness?
When you become good in spoken English, the new self-confidence in yourself will change your life in every way. I know how you feel because I used to be like you, SUFFERING FROM LACK OF CONFIDENCEin English. As a kid in Ajmer (Rajasthan), I went to a very small neighborhood school that had only 2 rooms and a few teachers. Then I went to a good government school in class 6 in Ajmer in Rajasthan and they started with A, B, C, D, … again. These answers, as I discovered in frustration by trial and error, sent me in wrong direction. I felt a certain helplessness and deep frustration and did not know how to overcome it and win in life again. I continued to feel the deep pain and frustration of not being able to solve this seemingly simple problem. Finally, I discovered a secret that allowed me to become confident with practical, effective, powerful English. For example, when I went for interview for a job as a consultant, the person interviewing me had my MSDOS book on his table and when I showed him my name on the book, he offered me a job without asking any question. Earning big was a challenge in a foreign country to prove myself, so it was good, but money by itself did not motivate me. So, following Osho’s teachings I evaluated if I wanted to live in a foreign country for the rest of my life and make money for the big companies OR if I wanted to return to India and do something good. The choice to me was obvious: I wanted to return to India and a few months later I returned and started our institute in Udaipur where we have helped over 500,000 students in the last 20 years.
Once I realized the cause, many short cuts became obvious that anyone can learn very quickly. Now I have created a complete system for you to become good in English Speaking and you don’t have to suffer the pain and frustration I suffered. This training is in a video plus live training format because I want to make sure you leave behind all pain and frustrations regarding English and move ahead to new opportunities and brighter future with full confidence. As you can notice, this style of training requires my personal time to train you, but it is worth because it helps you to finally get over problems of communication in English that are holding you back from the success you deserve. My goal with this training is to open the paths for you to go from frustration in English to freedom to achieve your big dreams.
I don’t want you to miss any more big opportunities in life due to being weak in English. You will learn effective English that I myself use–like in this article and in my books published in USA and India. Discover the biggest secret of powerful and effective communication that gives you confidence in any situation, opening new opportunities for big success for you. Be able to speak with others (classmates, teachers, managers, customers) in English comfortably, without feeling inadequate and without being afraid of making stupid mistakes and without risking any more humiliation or pain. With new English skills giving you confidence in your ability to communicate effectively, you can expect to get more success in interviews, with customers, or at job, leading to more rewarding and enjoyable future for you and your family.
Leave behind all problems and frustrations related to English in the past, and have the freedom to move towards what really interests you and what really excites you and what really matters in your life.

Once you can get over the problems and difficulties and frustrations of not being good in English, you become free to dream what else you can conquer and accomplish, making life a real joy for you. But, because that kind of English is not our goal (schools try to teach it for 10 years and fail), those types of courses and books are NOT really useful. On the other hand, I was really weak at English speaking, so I fully understand how discouraged and frustrated you can feel.
So, learn from someone who is really really good and has travelled the path you need to take to reach your goals using English speaking.
This training is focused to help those who want to get over the problems related with English Speaking and not best for everybody else.
It is not for those who are already good in English speaking, but want to improve public speaking. It is not for those who want to learn written English or grammar & composition as taught in schools and colleges. Based on all answers for the week, I will create specific new videos to address the most important issues. You can eliminate the humiliation and suffering of being left behind because of this simple issue. If you TRULY want to solve your problems related to English and become confident in speaking in English and communicating with others effectively, the time to do something about it is NOW. If being confident in English Speaking can change your life, you want to join now because I am absolutely sure it will change your life from frustration to freedom like it did for me and many others.
So go ahead and join by clicking a button below now to start the process of eliminating frustrations from lack of confidence in English speaking and finally move with new freedom to achieve your dreams.
If Sachin, Dhoni, Yuvi, Sehwag need mental conditioning coach for peak performance, how about you? Note that even the best cricketers in the world need and can benefit from mental conditioning. Let us ask one question: If mental coaching can help a team in a game like cricket to perform their best, can it not help students to take exams and prepare for the exams in similar way?
For the past 2 decades, I have been helping students gain an edge and to perform to their best ability.
If you are preparing for a tough exam, now is the best time to get our courses and mind machine.
A unique programme of unlearning for especially young Ayurvedic Doctors to live life at higher and higher levels and enjoy spontaneous professional success. Ayudan dandruff oil has great action in removing dandruff and its associated complaints like hair fall, itching etc. Visesh Ayurved India Pvt Ltd based at Kottayam, Kerala has already established itself as the most sought after and trusted manufacturers and dealers of all kinds of Ayurvedic, generic and patent medicines, herbal extracts, health and beauty care products and also food supplements.
In the 1960’s a doctor removed the corpus callosum for some patients who suffered from seizure. The right brain is the creative part, it thinks in images and colors, and it can remember complex pictures and songs (music). These two half brains do not work like separate departments, but in an interconnected and collaborating way. The left brain controls the right part of the body and the right brain controls the left part of the body. Many of the techniques in this course teach you how to use both of your right brain and left brain together. So, we strongly recommend learning relaxation techniques, meditation as well as using our Dr Anil Bapna’s Mind Power Music and Mind Machines.
TM (transcendental meditation) created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the most extensively researched of all the meditations. He became world-famous in the 1960?s when the famous American music group Beatles came to learn meditation from him. The scientific research on TM showed that the TM practice produces a state of rest and relaxation deeper than sleep. To Learn TM, you have to go to a trained teacher who gives you a mantra and teaches you TM. For a decade, she has been religiously using a curious device to relax after the day’s work.
Developed by the US-based Monroe Institute, the technique uses synchronized sound waves known as bianural beats. He says different sounds are deliberately conveyed to each ear “to confuse the conscious mind. Preliminary research indicates that external stimulus can increase the performance of the brain to some extent, but this is yet to be validated by extensive research.

On comparing this group’s performance with non-users, he found there was a positive effect of electromagnetic waves and rhythmic sound on learning. You can begin to shine through life once again to show and prove to the world your real talent and real worth, so much so that some friends may even begin to envy your new success.
The pain of not being able to speak decent English was so deep inside that often times I felt like I’m the unluckiest guy in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, all of them knew very little about why learning English for non-English medium (and some English medium) students is so hard.
And, because I had to look up so many words in the dictionary, I did not even understand the story. Unlike others who were simply OK to good and did not have to study to improve English, I continued to waste a lot of time without results.
And, eventually in 1990 became a bestselling author in USA when my second computer book on MSDOS became a worldwide bestseller.
For example, consider this: When people from Tamil Nadu or Kerala come and work in Hindi states, they remain weak in Hindi speaking. That is my simple promise that once you get over your English problem your talent will begin to flower again and you move towards your dreams faster.
And, from such failure, I raised myself to top of success using English as a language. So, I know something about English and something about how to master it even if we start near zero. So, this video will not only teach results from my research, but include many issues that the students bring up.
You download or watch the video on first day of the week and practice what you learn for the whole week. You’ll have access to the private website for a full 12 months to ensure your success.
If money is a problem for you, then you must join so that you can gain confidence in speaking in English to help you make more money. Being an excellent anti oxidant ASWABALA improves the nervine energy and muscular strength.
This fact proves that we all have excellent memory, but we just do not know how to use it for study and exams.
As a result of the emphasis on left brain activities in our schools, our ability to use the right brain is reduced. They reach peaks independent of each other. During meditation and deep relaxation as well as using mind technologies (such as special music or mind machines), the left brain waves and the right brain waves tend to move together.
Five-year TM meditators were tested to have 12-year younger biological age as compared to people who do not meditate. It’s a small, hand-held unit, inset with stereo headphones and special glasses with light-emitting diodes. Each ear hears these sounds differently, with slightly different frequencies, which leads to a change in brain perception. But, because it take too much time and effort to hypnotize someone to achieve great benefits, hypnosis remains partly unknown. Messages that are non-injurious or not against the person’s belief system are generally accepted by the person under hypnosis. I improved my English, went to USA as a software engineer, and published 2 books on computers. Such English is easy to read, easy to understand, whether the reader is a school child or a PhD expert. Then I will personally call you to fully understand the issues you are facing to make sure I create video training to give you maximum benefit. This is a really easy and effortless way to use the power of self-hypnosis, without the need to learn any methods or skills because the mind machine does it for you.
I think it allows you to learn in one hour what otherwise would take 2.5 hours on phone with an expert. He discovered that the left brain and the right brain specialized in different modes of thinking and perceiving.
Experiments have shown that 20-minute practice reduces the oxygen consumption to less than the oxygen consumption after about 5 hours of sleep.
What mind machines do is take the brain from the Beta stage to the more relaxed Alpha, Theta and Delta levels,” says Bapna. This is associated with learning large amounts of information very quickly as well as with creativity.

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