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Convert yourself into a divine battery, sending out through your hands divine healing rays whenever and wherever they may be needed. Then your hands, charged with divine power, will throw healing rays into your patient’s heart and brain. Rub the palms of your hands together briskly, then hold up your hands and chant AUM three times, sending healing energy to that person. Once you feel confident with the techniques above, you may want to practice this longer and deeper technique for healing at a distance.
382 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera (North), ONLY 5 MINUTES from motorway; EXIT 57 ( Oxenford) Right Opposite Charles Crossing Road North. Lyza facilities regular healing meditation events offering opportunities to reconnect with your core essence.
Lyza works with energetic guides during the meditation evenings:  Often this energy flows though Lyza in a full trance channel. How does the channeling work:  As a spiritual healer Lyza originally only let her healing guides work through her forearms, hands and heart in her healing room during sessions with clients. Here’s what others have to say about these Healing Meditation Events “Absolutely Amazing Night!!! Thank   you Lyza and your amazing guides and teachers for an evening of transformation, healing and love. Cameron is a big hearted ex policeman with a passion for creating community in both city and country towns for over 20 years.
Their passion for gathering people together for love, laughter and fun that started as BBQ now draws 150+ people together every month whilst still maintaining that wonderful feeling of a family BBQ.
Like Us on FacebookAbout The Infinite ConnectionFormerly the South East Queensland Spiritual Connection, The Infinite Connection is a growing community of people who come together to experience meditation, music and the skills and knowledge of talented presenters. We are connected with many of the best psychics, psychic mediums; Spiritual, Reiki and Crystal Healers that the Gold Coast and Brisbane has to offer, as well as make contact with numerous spiritualist churches We have a wealth of information to share with anyone seeking more information pertaining to spiritualism and psychic readings and to meditate. Utilizing contemplative practices and dynamic mind-body techniques for well-being can replenish both patients and caregivers alike.
In my upcoming half-day wellness workshop we will focus on practical tools and techniques to help you enhance your sense of mastery and quality of life. Whether you have just been diagnosed, in treatment or in remission, you can learn how to tap into your mind to engage with and influences your body.
To attend The Healing Power of Your Mind Workshop, please visit my website and fill out the registration form. Avi Lerner is a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in cancer recovery and the author of The New Cancer Paradigm.
His innovative approach to cancer recovery highlights the multidimensional nature of our being and the need to treat illness not only on the level of the body but also on the level of Mind. Avi’s guiding belief is that for true and lasting recovery we must transcend the mechanistic-reductionist-Newtonian view of disease and recognize that illness is a whole person event.

As a respected professional, Avi has been a guest speaker at the Dana Farber Blum Patients and Family Center as well as a leader of healing seminars at the Dana Farber Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies.
After earning his degree in Holistic Health from the Ridman College for Complementary Alternative Medicine in Israel in 2000, Avi was certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) as well as the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the USA. There are many proven esoteric healing techniques which have received plenty of attention as of late. I have been practicing Energetic Healings for over 20 years, even longer than my successful  Therapeutic Massage business. The benefits of these techniques  are  relaxation, stress relief,  better clarity  and possibly increased brain functioning as well as pain relief on many levels. Mind Healing Power Beliefs Are Filters For Reality - You see the world not as IT IS… but as YOU ARE! How to achieve career well-being, physical well-being, social well-being, financial and spiritual well -being? Thus his seeds of ignorance will be destroyed, and he will smile with the health of God-love. Chant AUM mentally or aloud three times, deeply concentrating on God’s blessings flowing through your hands.
We know from experience that medicine has power to heal, as is demonstrated by the wonderful healings effected by good drugs and good doctors. Hence, all healers, instead of commanding their own powers in healing, should invoke the unlimited divine power of healing to flow through them. Learn to perform all your duties with a courageous cheerfulness welling up from within you; then you will see that a flood of vitality will move through your actions and your entire body. A man with strong will-power, by his highly vibrating mind, can shake out disease, failure, and ignorance.
The House cannot be seen from the road so park in the Street and Walk down the left driveway till you hit the house on the lake. Each night we experience 2 to 3 different meditations interspersed with teaching, channeling and healing experiences.
She listens to them as she speaks with her clients and often she is given just one word to say that will create a massive shift within the client, releasing years of grief.
Full of practical techniques in assisting us to connect and ground our energies as well as those around us. We celebrate the diversity of being human and showcase ancient modalities and modern innovations that offer the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Taking back control, you can help and support your body as it fight against and recover from cancer, as well as maintain your quality of life.
Avi offer patients seeking to play a more active role in their care, a practical, meaningful and effective path to do so.
As such he works with patients in all stages maximize their healing potential, increase resiliency and enhance their outlook and attitude toward a favorable medical outcome.

Ernest Rossi as described in his breakthrough book The Psychobiology of Mind Body Healing and Dr. I can tell you first-hand  that many amazing healing starts have occurred  for a variety of people and even their pets as well. Repeated sessions will assure  each  client that  not only is the  Force is with you, but the Force is in you.
The baby who is born blind, or who is born a moron, brings such a condition from a past form of existence.
However, it must be remembered that medicine and doctors have limited power and often reveal their helplessness when confronted with chronic diseases. Do your daily duties, (even those which you have no interest in), with deepest attention and happiness, remembering that God is guiding and stimulating every worthwhile effort you are making to achieve a noble ambition. Now as a full trance medium she is able to sit and relax, allowing her guides to speak through her, allowing them to absorb past her hands and forearms, into her body, pineal gland and throat. This path allows patients to engage the creative power of their Mind to revive their body’s innate immune response and strengthen its capacity to defend and fight cancer. Others, like Quantum Touch  and Divine Healing Hands use visualization , breathwork, toning , varying hand positions and faith in the outcome. Diseases acquired from the past or created through transgressions of the laws in this life are the results of human error. Therefore, to put your entire trust in medicine and not in God’s unlimited healing power, is sure to bring disillusionment. With the consciousness of God in your actions, and with the performance of noble actions, God and ceaseless energy will enter your body. The more chronic the disease is, the stronger and more unflinching should be the determination, faith, and effort of will to get well. It is only because man, after his exhausting struggle with disease, relaxes the hold of his will on life, that death can conquer. They use her third eye for sight and communication,  her throat for expression, and her heart to transmit a profound heart connection. Some have even categorized Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy as mostly Energy in nature, which is basically true.
These techniques will be mixed into your individual session or can be a part and parcel of a Therapeutic Massage. God wants His children to enjoy health and happiness, but they create disease and sorrow by breaking His laws.

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