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ICYMI, the whole internet is talking Marina Joyce rn and her disturbing videos that have fans worried she in all sorts of trouble — catch up on the whole saga so far here.
She even explained, "This was a publicity stunt by my viewers, not by me."  Hmmm #savemarinajoyce - Publicity Stunt? But that only added fuel to the fire and seriously divided the fandom, with some lashing out at her, some coming to her defence and others still concerned for her safety. Then in another live stream with fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco, she mentioned how happy she was to have grown her subscribers from around 600,000 to over 1.5 million in less than a week.

Phillip also asked for an explanation about the bruising on her body that fans were worried about.
And just this morning, Marina posted a new YouTube vid and you guessed it, everyone is still freaking out that something's not right. Once again, we still have no idea what's happening in Marina's world but we hope that she's ok and if she really does need help, hopefully she gets it soon. She told him she got them after falling over in a forest, but in her first live stream, she had said it was a secret and it was hard to talk about.

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