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When the show is in its prime, it moves at a very good pace, but when it turns to the fluff, it begins to move at a glacial pace a la Les Miserables (BURN!). If the show stuck to its core of riveting cases for a topic that is new and different for a television drama, I would be praising this show a lot more. A quadrangled story about shades and variations in co-dependence and sovereignty, inspired by a musician (John Lennon), a theorist (Henri Lefebvre), an author (Halldor Laxness) and a demented ruler of Rome (Caligula). More information: "Mindgames is constituted by four parts – ordered in alternating sequence – to form thirteen chapters in total. What I like about the CN Tower installation (in addition to the cross-country nature of the biofeedback loop) is how they teach participants to generate the correct brainwave patterns. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, the lights of the CN Tower are taking part in an interactive biometric art installation. From 3,300km away, a participant in Vancouver has their brainwaves monitored as they watch a live video of the Toronto skyline.
The measurement being used to determine a participant’s attentiveness is their ratio of their alpha waves to beta waves.
What I like about the CN Tower installation (in addition to the cross-country nature of the biofeedback loop) was something I read in this Torontoist article.
Mind Balance also relied on an electroencephalogram (EEG) metric to create a control mechanism.

We used a 45-second acoustic feedback training session to help participants learn this concept assisted by very clear and immediate feedback.
We resurrected Mind Balance for the Microsoft Ireland Visual Studio 2005 launch and it was awesome (and somewhat improbable) that we got it to work in an Irish pub setting. Excitement around Brain-Computer Interfaces for commercial and artistic use seems to resurface every few years. Later this year, with the imminent launch of Project Natal, the focus now seems to be on visual and acoustic interfaces. When I was planning out this strip I knew I wanted to have a lot of text come out of George in panel three… so much so that a normal three panel sized strip was going to be very crowded and I decided it needed the widescreen format. Figuring out how they will change people’s minds is super interesting and super cool.
Made me like the characters more when they have flaws (and these guys have grand canyon sized flaws).
Each of the four sections holds a biographical account of its subject: Caligula, Henri Lefebvre, John Lennon and Halldor Laxness. However, instead of measuring the ratio between alpha and beta waves, we were monitoring the occipital lobes at the back of the head to detect artifacts from the electrical signals produced by the brain’s visual processing. It worked with varying degrees of success, but thankfully, enough success in over 95% of cases for a participant to successfully go on to generate a single reliable control axis.

You can read more about Mind Balance here, and check out the shots of our prototype headgear called Cerebus. My hat’s off to Interaxon for putting together this engaging cross-country installation. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and until next time…Have a Magical Day! The chapters can be read separately, as they have been conceived to be independent wholes, forming biographies that present portraits of associations rather than particular statements about individual lives. But as the participant concentrates, the lights of the CN Tower cycle around with the speed of Christine Nesbitt ’round the speed skating track. By that, I mean they use the power of influence to change people’s opinions and decisions on different topics in favor of their client. The motives in turn produce variations on particular themes as they modulate into different parts within the totality of the work as a whole.

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