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Typically, crystals are associated with specific chakras based on their color, but this is not always true.
In this layout the healer should place a stone of the corresponding color on each of the seven main chakras. To begin, you should choose a colored stone that is appropriate for each of the seven main chakras, using the color correspondences listed above.
Beginning at the root chakra, you should place a red stone, such as Garnet or Red Jasper, at the base of the subject’s spine.
Next, you should place an orange stone, such as Carnelian, on the subject’s sacral chakra, about two inches below the subject’s navel (about half way between the subject’s pubic bone and belly-button). Then, you should place a yellow stone, such as Yellow Aventurine or Yellow Calcite, on the subject’s solar plexus chakra, about two inches above the subject’s navel, between the subject’s belly-button and his or her breast bone. You should then move to the subject’s heart chakra and choose a green stone, such as Green Fluorite or Green Aventurine, and place it in the center of the subject’s chest. Next, you should place a blue stone, such as Blue Opal or Blue Quartz, on the subject’s throat chakra at the center of the throat. Then, you should place an indigo (dark blue) stone, such as Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite, at the subject’s brow chakra, located between and slightly above the subject’s eyes. Finally, you should place a violet stone, such as Sugilite or Amethyst, at the subject’s crown chakra, located on the top of the subject’s head. If terminated crystal points are used, the terminations should face toward the subject’s crown.
If you do not have enough colored stones to use, or if you would prefer to use clear quartz only, the quartz crystals may be used without other stones. After the stones have been placed on the body, you should infuse each chakra with energy by placing your hands just above each stone. You should begin this energy-infusion at the brow chakra, and then you should move to the crown chakra. This technique can be utilized to balance the energy of each chakra and is particularly best utilized with subjects that suffer from anxiety, anger, ADD, or a great deal of stress. To begin this technique, repeat the laying on of colored stones from the previous exercise, but stop before beginning the energy-infusion technique.
The most important thing to remember as you are placing stones on the subject’s body is that the stones should all be aligned with the subject’s spine.
If you find it difficult to remember the correspondence between color and the chakras, you should try to memorize the following acronym:ROY G.
To protect the aura, you should close off your energy body to others by engaging in the protective posture (feet crossed at the ankles and with thumbs and fingers touching).
Remove your right hand from your nose and place your left hand on your nostrils with your thumb pressing on your left nostril. Repeat this exercise, while alternating nostrils for approximately three to five repetitions.
Once the aura has been strengthened, protected, and cleared, you are ready to absorb the healing energy of the crystals.
This process should be followed by a mindfulness meditation exercise and focused breathing.

Discover the life-changing power of mandalas with this beautiful colouring book – designed to bring you healing energy as you colour in the designs, and then meditate on them afterwards. Ease anxiety and insecurities via this perfect way to combine contemplation with creativity – both by colouring in these inspiring mandalas and using them for meditation. Viewed as the key to self-knowledge and inner peace in Eastern traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can bring about profound inner transformation. The imagery ranges from the dove of peace, the rose of pure love and the floating lotus of the East to dolphins at play and vanquishing the Minotaur.
We recommend that you purchase the 2 Hour Healing Session because more healing can occur in that time.
The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, is a church and a 501(c)(3) organization, supported by charitable dontions from the community. These energy centers act as satellites to the universe, taking in energy, using it to influence the mind, the body, and the spirit, and then returning it back to the universe. Some crystals have other inherent properties that allow them to be used on chakras other than those that are associated with their color. This exercise will open the energetic pathways within the subject and will also activate the major and minor chakras within the subject’s body. The quartz should be programmed to the color of each chakra before being placed on the subject’s body. To infuse a chakra with energy, you should bring white light energy in through your crown chakra and pass it through your hands to charge the area with energy from the universe. After this, you should move to the root chakra and continue up the spine to the sacral, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. Then, return to the root chakra and place a stone of the complimentary color next to the stone that has been placed at each chakra. Instead, they should be left to transmit healing, balancing energy into the subject’s aura and subtle bodies.
You should especially strengthen the aura if you know that you will encounter an individual that will drain your energy, as this is extremely detrimental to the auric body. In this technique, the breath is used to strengthen the auric field and to balance the mind and the physical body. Inhale through your right nostril for approximately three seconds and press your left index finger onto your right nostril, so as to close it. The information within this guide is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. This book offers a perfect way to combine contemplation with creativity, helping us to ease anxieties and insecurities, bring about change, and regain our personal balance – both through colouring in these mandalas (or a photocopy of them) and through meditating on them afterwards. There is an introduction putting the symbolism and imagery of the mandalas in context, as well as a directory of symbolism in full colour at the back of the book. Each chakra rules a specific section of the physical body, specific emotions, and certain aspects of one’s spiritual self.
In fact, all of these chakras are influenced by the crystal’s healing energy during a healing session, but the energy is typically more precisely directed to the body’s seven main energy centers. These exceptions can be discovered after research or intuitive insights about additional properties that the crystal may have.

This listing appears in order from the area below the feet toward the area above the crown of the head. This technique is best used with tired or fatigued subjects, or those who are under a great deal of stress. The crystals should be left on the body for approximately twenty minutes or until you intuitively feel that the subject has absorbed the healing energy. This should also be done if you know that you will have to spend time in a negative energy environment or deal with a situation surrounded by negative energies and emotions.
This technique is performed by alternating your breaths, breathing in through one nostril and then out of the other. You should then visualize this whirlwind removing all negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy.
Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.
Each mandala offers a place of refuge you can visit to recharge and reconnect with your essential self. There are seven major chakras found along the spine, but there are many other minor chakras located all throughout the physical body. By placing crystals on the chakras, one can use the healing vibrations given off by the crystal to correct any imbalances within the chakra.
These associations may even vary from person to person so it is important that one takes time to connect with a particular crystal before placing it on the body. Then, you should visualize your crown chakra opening and, as you inhale, visualize a stream of universal light beaming into the crown of your head. You should spend at least three to five minutes at each chakra or until you intuitively feel that there is sufficient energy at each chakra. Next, press your thumb against right nostril to close it and inhale through your left nostril for approximately three seconds.
Then, remove your thumb to open your left nostril, but continue to press your right nostril closed with your index finger.
Then, you should visualize that the vortex departs into the earth and this positive energy is released into the earth for the good of all beings. While keeping your right nostril closed with your thumb, press your index finger onto your left nostril. If 15 seconds is too long for you, then reduce the time limit to amount that you feel comfortable with. Now, remove your thumb so as to open your right nostril, but continue holding your left nostril closed with your index finger.

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