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I’ve worked in academic medicine, have 2 kids in private schools, but live in a modest home.
I just became an attending 2 months ago, my paycheck last months’ gross was approximately 28. I can’t say I like the question this Friday but I really like the answers and the dialogue. Why does being a millionaire automatically mean that I’m gonna spend the money on myself? In case of a glitch or error, please save your text elsewhere, clear browser cache, close browser, open browser and refresh the page.
The book summarizes the most important information on the blog and contains material not found on the site at all.
Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. This song claims to be the official slut video, but what we know for sure is it has a ton of dislikes on YouTube. For most docs the truth is that nothing will pay more per hour that what we earn in clinical medicine. Live frugally, spend wisely, invest conservatively and keep working.  Read The Millionaire Next Door. The days where you could be a good doc with a good practice and become a millionaire from that alone are all but gone, except for a few specialties. I once heard Bill Gates say that the only way to become really rich is to be in a position where you make money while you are sleeping.
I can tell you my story – I recently turned 40, and have a plump 7 figures in my brokerage account. My wife does work full time, but earns less than half my salary.  We take 2-3 decent vacations a year (places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Europe, etc), but generally live well within our means.

I cannot fathom why, if you are 10 years from retiring, and assuming you are 50+, you are not a millionaire now. For those in training, realize that your perception of what your life style SHOULD BE for a given income is probable off by a factor of 50k or so. Recall the last time you bought someone less fortunate some gift or gave someone some food.
Practically everyone wants to become a millionaire and live the American dream, but the process of how to become a millionaire eludes most people. I would love to retire in 10 years, but worked in Massachusetts as an employed doc and realize that my present situation – income minus lifestyle expenses is definitely not cutting it.
Live below your means.  I still eat hamburgers off the grill instead of only fillet mignon steaks.
He said that many copies of Microsoft office were sold throughtout the world while he was asleep. I’ve done well with investments, in particular a well timed, long investment in the markets upon the election of Pres Obama. I think if you cannot park your car in the garage because it is being used a storage, you are spending too much on stuff.  Save 30% of your income and invest in index funds.
I have always been thrifty, always maxed out retirement plans, and started saving with my first job. After ten years this would give you $1 million, assuming zero growth in the money you put away.
Keep in mind this is different from the monthly newsletter, so if you want both, sign-up for both. Set up auto transfers to retirement, mutual fund accounts, 529s, savings accounts, to get the money into savings before you can spend it. It seems you and I share the same belief that at the core people know what they have to do to be rich, spend less than you earn, just like they know how to lose weight but few want to put in the effort.

I am not saying that we should indulge ourselves with Lamborghini but rewarding ourselves with modest things is not a bad idea.
And yes, I know I could drink only water and drive a used prius and live in a shack…My question is – how can I EARN more, a lot more? This is a pipe dream for most Americans, many never earn anywhere close to this level much less have it to live on after investments and taxes. I put away about 25% of my money between short term savings, long term savings, retirement, college funds.
However, when I look at my finances now my goals are not to reach a certain number, but to save for certain goals. Ten years later we have investment income four times my salary and now we don’t save any thing from my pay.
Transition your practice to become less dependent on 3rd party payors (if you are an independent practitioner) and which carry the least amount of risk.
Like you, I wanted out, so added it up, made-do with the lifestyle, saved up the money, and it worked. Still have the first wife, same house for 20+ years.  Put more than you think you need to away before you see your paycheck.
I can trace a fair amount of my wealth to the fact that I have never driven anything more luxe than an Accord or Camry, and then I keep those for a long time. Ironically, at 66 I could easily afford a BMW or the like and may do it since my future is secure.

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