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Welcome to Paradise, welcome to The Bishops Avenue, one of the wealthiest streets in the world, a must have address for the ultra rich foreigners if they want the world to know they have arrived!.
Many come with their bodyguards, bullet-proof limousines and state-of-the-art security systems . But why is living here so desirable? So if you have a couple of millions to spend, speak to us, this property below is a 15 Bedroom mansion up for sale for a mere ?65 million pounds!.
The Bishops Avenue is one of London's richest streets and used to go by the name 'Millionaires' Row'.But over the past 20 years, the wealth of its foreign residents has risen with properties now only occupied by the super-rich. It is understood the Saudi Royal Family own ten of the street's 66 properties, with other billionaire owners including the Sultan of Brunei and Britain's richest man, Lakshmi Mittal.Very few of these ambassadorial-type houses come onto the market and they attract global attention on the rare occasions they are made available.
With the next owner expected to be a security-conscious foreign national, the mansion is equipped with a number of high-tech features, including interior and exterior CCTV cameras which can be controlled via iPad.The luxury home also boasts a state-of-the-art indoor pool complex which includes steam, sauna and fitness rooms.
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Compared with Sandbanks, where houses fetch between A?2 million and A?8 million, Canford Cliffs homes are a little more modest – selling for between A?1 million and A?5 million. The houses are undeniably luxurious – all with landscaped gardens, swimming pools and spas, vast entrance lobbies and sweeping staircases. Business signs include Stephenson Drugs, Kinney's Shoes, Advance Store, Moskins Credit Clothing Co., Fair Store, Raylass, Belk-Leggett. That in itself is a remarkable fact on the millionaires’ row of the Sandbanks peninsula.
It is largely retirees who enjoy its peaceful streets, but none the less, Mr Syms has warned, people could soon be forced to take the law into their own hands.
In years gone by, the first spring rays on this stretch of Dorset coast have sent homeowners rushing down from their luxury piles to the turquoise blue waters. Some leapt aboard their jet skis and boats, others preferred a quiet cream tea and a paddle though the shallows.

Stewart lives in Canford Cliffs, just down the coast from the half-square-mile Sandbanks peninsula, which is said to be the fourth most expensive place to live on the planet. The youngsters used false names to arrange the end-of-term party and caused A?15,000 damage. When we collected the keys, a friend and his girlfriend picked them up and the rest of us came about four hours later.
Another neighbour recently complained of a party that ended up with 60 people staying in a four-bedroom house. Terry Stewart says the Dorset Police Crime Commissioner has agreed to attend the next meeting of the Branksome, Canford Cliffs and District Residents Association, and an inspector is being deployed to monitor noise complaints.

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