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Microsoft can’t force people to have good taste or give interesting presentations, but there are subtle changes they can make to encourage good behavior.
This entry was postedon Thursday, July 1st, 2010 at 7:55 pmand is filed under Destinations, Planning A Trip. Slideshow presentations are supposed to make speeches and lectures more interesting and informative, but most of the time, PowerPoint sucks at this too. Unlike the presentations given a most business meetings, TED Talks are something that people choose to watch in their own free time. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas.
Do your homework, account for any special permits you may need (like a fishing permit), and make sure you have all the necessary gear to make your trip a success – kids or no kids! To avoid overspending, consider the season you will be using your tent the most, how often you’ll use it, and how many people you need to sleep (a 4 person tents start at about $150 new).

Newer versions of Microsoft Office include all kinds of subtle shadows and effects that you can add to your content, but the defaults all look like they did 25 years ago.
The Corporate States of America Poster sells for USD $30, with $5 domestic shipping and handling. Developers also competing each other in getting the best bed frame to satisfy their customers. And as a program for non-designers, PowerPoint doesn’t give me the level of control that I would like. I know that PowerPoint is meant for non-designers, but I think that Microsoft could do a whole lot better. The audience members skim over the slide and then tune out while the presenter reads it verbatim.
The slideshows used in TED Talks are meant to complement the speakers, not to distract from them.

This can be useful on a blank slide, but Powerpoint inserts these placeholders on slides that already have content. When making a slide, it defaults to a large font size, like 36pt, but as you type more and more into each slide, the program shrinks the fonts to fit your content onto the page.
This encourages users to keep typing, and keep adding content even when they shouldn’t.
This is the way that people should use PowerPoint, and I’d love to see the programmers at Microsoft (and other companies) encourage this kind of presentation.
I have had to help my colleagues many a times with this stupid feature that’s been around a long as I can remember.

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