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Watch the computer click the colored buttons then repeat the same sequence using your memory. This game quickly gets difficult, but it is a great way to increase the number of items you can store in your short-term memory.
According to Wikipedia, Simon is an electronic game of rhythm and memory skill invented by Ralph H.
You'll have to control one character with your left hand while controlling the other character with your right, making that sure neither character is touched by the bubbles. You can even program different keyboard keys in the Controls window to customize the game to your style of play. The default controls for two player mode are the Arrow Keys and Spacebar for Player 1, while Player 2 uses the X and C keys for movement on the left side of the keyboard and the W key to shoot arrows. You'll get other items as well such as thorned arrows which do a better job of popping bubbles than regular arrows.

My character got hit by bubbles on more than one occasion when I became too distracted by gathering treasure and forgot to watch out for the lethal bubbles bouncing nearby. You do need to act quickly, though, as the treasure disappears if you leave it sitting for more than a few seconds.
One final tip: I found that I did better at Bubble Trouble the larger I made the screen size. If you like this game, you might also enjoy the Mario Memory Game and Quic Pic memory match game pages.
When you're ready, click the "I'm Ready" button to begin or simply wait 35 seconds for the game to start.
As long as the bubble touches any part of the string attached to the arrow (or if you hit it with the head of the arrow) it will pop. This means if you position your character carefully, bubbles will bounce over him harmlessly.

Of course, going too slowly in this bubble pop game isn't a good strategy either, because on each level you are on a timer. Rather than playing in small-screen mode, you might want to resize the game window to make it as large as possible.
However, if you shoot too many big bubbles without cleaning up the small ones, you'll reach a point where it is impossible to either shoot all the small bubbles heading toward you or avoid them. Thus you need to balance care and strategy with a conscious awareness of the time remaining. This is fun if you've got a friend there to play with so you can team up against the bubbles.

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