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The article aims at providing motivation and some tips  from millionaires who are doing various businesses, entrepreneurs, self made millionaires and lot of other people. Who don’t love money, this is the only thing that runs the world, whatever may be the currency, which ever part of the world it may be. So here we have compiled some tips and information that may answer these questions and also about millionaires and their success.
Be positive: Yes the moment you want to be in the list of millionaires, start thinking how millionaires and multimillionaires thought.
Real life successful entrepreneur who made it to millions just from already existing thing, do you guess who he is? He made it better that is what made him successful, he is none other than Mark zuckerberg, he is one among the co founders of Facebook the largest and most successful social network. Shama Kabani Founder and CEO Marketing Zen Group says If you have an idea, put it out there and then figure out how to improve it.
This is because the way it offered things is better than any other social networks offered then and now. The difference is what made this happen, this is not only with India but also with rest of the world, and social networking sites like MySpace existed even before Facebook existed.
Support: is one of the important things that helps and motivates you to do more, if you lack support from friends and family. The day you reach your set target don’t party for yourself, be humble and thank everyone who played their roles to make it happen.
Necessity is the mother of invention this not only makes scientist invents things, but also entrepreneurs and business men start something.

Gabby has been in the field of personal growth for more than a decade, and she’s committed to guiding us through whatever blocks us from living our life’s purpose and sharing it with the world.
For a limited time she is offering free training, to help you live your life purpose and step into your power. In this free training video, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein shows you how to run a successful spiritual business. The 3 most common mistakes that block you from making money doing what you love, and learn how to fix them. We all love imagining the comforts of a new house and a new luxury car, but we feel disappointed when we don’t know how to change our financial situation.
If you’ve been struggling with money and don’t know how to make it all work with your current income, Dr.
Vishwamitra, an emperor in ancient India, has reached out to me on several occasions to fulfill his wish of ending humanity’s poverty through the sound Brzee. Pillai Center BlogThe Pillai Center Blog shares the latest news, spiritual techniques, and teachings from Dr. By the end of this article you shall feel confident and motivated to get into the list of millionaires. Money rules in every sector of human life.At some point of time in everyone’s life a few questions will strike their mind. When i came to know about social networking sites in India Orkut was the only one social network ruling the country, now did you hear it from anyone ? Yes this is what you should do; this is how Facebook became reality, a simple college portal aiming to find the faces of people who look pretty, now become part of trillions of people’s lives.

Time is the most valuable thing in a millionaire’s life; you should do what they (successful millionaires) have done, focus on target and outsource your work (that you’re not good at) and un important things to others.
Don’t worry internet have many people and groups that you can network with, to get some support. He is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Expert who lives and breathes it.
Pillai’s message is for you: he reveals a realm of riches for humanity through a simple shift in consciousness and some secret techniques. It’s not simply for attaining money and gold—it will do that, but it must be seen also in terms of inner beauty and inner wealth.
First you need money—Shreem Brzee and the techniques to take these sounds deeply into your consciousness will do that. Honesty and transparency is what makes you more successful in a bunch of millionaires, so never lose those qualities even when you become a millionaire.
Sometimes even if the thing is already existing you can offer it in a better way and can be successful. Remember innovation doesn’t mean your creativity which doesn’t convert into $$$ if your creativity with innovation earns you $$$ then it is fine.

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