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2 x 300 MHz Dual Pentium II Servers (donated by Intel) with 512MB of RAM and 9 x 9GB hard drives between the two.
Two additional boxes included 3 x 9GB hard drives and 6 x 4GB hard drives respectively (the original storage for Backrub). Sorry, many services are unavailable due to a local network faliure [sic] beyond our control. Let's say you are selling a Black Onyx necklace do you think it would be a good idea to label your photo Black Onyx necklace?
This article explains how to embed Google Maps in a website, using the JavaScript API for Maps. Mapping solutions can be embedded in your website to display locations of various places, provide directions, obtain latitudinal and longitudinal positions, etc. With the various Google Maps APIs, you can do much more than just embed maps in Web pages; you can even merge personalised data with them to get customised output.
JavaScript API: This lets you insert a map in a website, alter the map contents, or mark any changes. API for Flash: You can use ActionScript to insert the map in a Web page and even in Flash-based applications and websites.
Web Services: When you need to retrieve geo codes, site information, directions, or elevations from a client, we use the Web services API.
The Google Maps Javascript API is basically a blend of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, executing in coordination. TERRAIN: To make physical relief (altitude, water resources, hills, plateaus, etc) visible.
To conclude, let’s see how to extract data from stored destinations (data for markers, stored in an XML file). Ashish loves Open Source and enjoys programming -- especially object-oriented languages like Java and MVC Patterns. These days, Google has data centers all around the world and hundreds of thousands of servers.

Whether you have a big or small website, we offer a range of options that suit you — always with a free 14-day trial.
You have the unique advantage of having a product based business which means that you can get your photos to show up on Google images. Thus, if you need a fixed map, use the Static Maps API, which doesn’t need dynamic pages, or the assistance of JavaScript. As the name suggests, this API comprises JavaScript files containing classes for common  use-cases. You can set the user-scalable property to false to ensure the map will remain as a fullscreen. The maximum range that Google permits for scaling is 23 points, though the upper level for zooming is relative to the data available for the specific region being viewed. If you set the earlier myLatlng as shown above, then you’d see New Delhi at the centre of the map. To choose from various available icons, visit this googlecode Web page or add the path to any image of your choice. He works as lecturer in Chaudhari Technical Institute [MCA Department] Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The sheer size of Google today makes it very interesting to look back at its humble beginnings as a small research project called Backrub at Stanford University. You have an even better advantage over your competition if you learn to use choice jewelry keywords and label your images correctly.Correctly? Yes, that is true, but did you know that there are more Black onyx necklaces than there are people searching?So, then what? I want to give you as much information as possible to help you succeed online, but I know it is overwhelming. Surprisingly Onyx necklace (without the black) has not only a higher number of people searching, using those exact keywords, but it also has  much less competition. The first mistake that people make when they load their images onto a website is that they leave the image label just as it is labeled by the camera.

It would be a far better keyword to use for labelling your image than using the word black with it.Just as well, we have the keywords "black necklace" which is also highly searched with a low supply online. So, you see images with the original label 118.jpg or whatever the sequence number is from the camera.
The second most common mistake is labelling images in a way that only makes sense to the person who labelled them.
Once you are there you can use website analytics to determine how many people are clicking through to your site from Google images.Now that we have covered how to properly label your photos to be found on Google Images let's look at how we can further boost your chances of turning up in the search results. When people are searching for an emerald necklace are they looking for genuine emeralds or the colour emerald? This means the title you use for your item as well as your product description.Hand in hand with your image label is your product title. These are all questions you need to ask when doing research for keywords that people may be searching. In fact sometimes your images can be found simply by the product title even if the image labelling is not optimum. So, if "Art Deco Pearl Necklace" is a good keyword for traffic you may not want to interject "Grace" between those words.The best jewelry keywords tend to be a string of two to three words put together. Once you have established a good keyword it is of great importance to keep the two or three words as an exact match. By using a photo editing program to add type you can include that unique name in your images.

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