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The Internet isn't always "one size fits all." Every day, inaccessible web design prevents billions of people in the disabled community from an easy online experience. For those with visual impairments, learning difficulties, hearing loss and more, there are dozens of unique challenges waiting behind every URL. Laurence Berry, a designer for UK-based design and tech organization FutureGov who has also written extensively about accessible web design, says the easiest way to build user-friendly sites is to figure out their key obstacles.
Knowing is half the battle, but implementing the necessary changes for a more inclusive web experience can seem daunting. In addition to those born with disabilities, Wassmer points out another user group to be aware of — the aging population. With that in mind, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re doing your best to create an accessible site. When you hover your mouse over an image on a website, the little words that pop up are called alt tags. Take alt tags seriously and use them as an opportunity to describe the image accurately and succinctly.
If your web content regularly includes videos, try to provide subtitles — especially if you’re producing the bulk of your own video content. Making a transcription of the video available online is also an incredibly helpful resource for users. Whenever possible, underline your links or make sure that there is a color contrast between hyperlinked text and regular text.
For users with mobility problems, it can be difficult to click on small items within a tiny clickable range. There are plenty of available guides for how to create this in code, like this how-to from Webcredible. This tip is helpful for any audience, but is imperative for elderly audiences or those with learning disabilities.
Naturally, this might not work for all sites, depending on the content, but you can apply it to various pages (such as an "About" or "History" section). If you've done your best to make your site disability-friendly, include a section that lays out all of the ways your site is accessible. Broken down into multiple sections, the BBC offers support based on the user's disability, with selections such as "I can't see very well," "I am blind" and "I find words difficult." Wassmer also cited the BBC as an exemplary site of disability friendliness. Even if you don’t have the same resource level as the BBC to create such an exhaustive guide, you should still round up your accessibility selling points. If you're passionate about making the most accessible site possible, try to get a physical read on how someone with disabilities actually goes online.
According to the World Health Organisation, around 15 per cent of the world’s population or estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities.
This guide will walk through the necessary steps to adapt your site to fit the needs of the disabled. When you hover the mouse over an image, a small box will appear normally describing the image using a few words.
If you’re using wordpress or another content management system and you upload an image, try to fill out all the information provided.
If you’ve ever used Google Translate, you’ll know how funny it can be to put in “ohohohohoh” and press Speak.
Rather than just embedding a link with “click here”, be more descriptive so users with visual impairments can distinguish a link with a screen reader.
Color-blind users may struggle to distinguish greens, yellows and blues, if used within close proximity of each other. Using CSS, increase the padding of a link, button or region to make the link easier to click on. Two years ago, after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Palombo was paralyzed on parts of his left side. Palombo hopes his images’ popularity will convince Disney to create a protagonist with a disability. Supported Valid code is more likely to be supported in future versions of browsers and devices. Bear in mind that a technically valid document does not ensure accessibility.
The other side of making sure your website is usable by disabled people is, not surprisingly, usability.
10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web DeveloperYou have a great idea for an online business. Often, the reason why people don’t buy from you is because they believe that you will deliver what you promise.
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Here’s an interesting infographic on how consumers shop online during holiday season.
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Traditionally you’d have to wait up to 24 long hours for Google Analytics to display the stats for your website.
Every proactive online marketer is constantly looking for new ways to attract MORE traffic to their website or sales letter. In one of my previous posts I have explained that your customers and prospects are allergic to hype, superlatives and pressure tactics.
You may think it’s a good idea to copywrite your next sales letter, promo email or advertisement. In today’s financial climate finding that edge that sets you apart from your competitors is all the more vital. In less than 2 days, using his captivating writing skills, Daniel produced a killer landing page from scratch, which surpassed the target initially fixed by my client by a massive 217.5 %! AppointmentsTelephone the surgery on 01782 304611 to arrange an appointment with the doctor of your choice up to 4 weeks in advance or you can book via the internet, please ask at reception to register.Patients with a new problem wishing to be seen on the day will be triaged – a trained nurse or doctor will telephone you and will discuss your problem in detail and prioritise your needs.
Your Local PharmacistYour local pharmacist will be able to give you free health advice at any time—you don’t need an appointment.  Many pharmacies operate extended hours on a rota basis. Temporary or Emergency ResidentsIf you are registered with a doctor in another part of the UK but are staying with someone in our practice area you may be seen on a temporary or emergency basis.  This includes residents within the EU or certain other countries.
Facilities for the Disabled:Reserved parking space and level access Disabled toilet Meet and greet at reception if you need help accessing the building or services, please ask a member of staff. With all the focus lately on disability access to physical spaces, we sometimes forget that the Internet is an often-visited place as well, and those virtual spaces also need to be accessible to people with disabilities of all kinds, both learning and physical.
Here are some tips you can use to make your web site friendly to most people with disabilities. With a more universally accessible the web site, visits and sales can grow in number every day.
This entry was posted in Advocacy and tagged accessibility, disability, disability access, disabled access on May 14, 2014 by Jill Liphart. Jill is a writer, blogger, social media and Internet marketer, work-at-home, single mom of 5. However, you're hurting yourself if your website isn't accessible to those with disabilities. Here are a few simple, practical tips to implement when creating a disability-friendly site.
For someone who has a visual impairment and uses a screen reader (a software program that reads text on a website out loud), the alt tags are read aloud, and are the only way a user knows what the image is. Popular video hosting sites such as YouTube have tools that allow users to add subtitles to their clips. That way, colorblind users will able to find a link immediately without having to hover over it with their cursors. Avoid pairing garish colors, and be wary of using yellow, blue and green close to one another (this is especially difficult for colorblind users). Alternatively, you can post a guide on tips and tricks users can implement on their own computers.
As far as accessible mainstream sites go, Berry says he’s “impressed” by how user-friendly the BBC is.

Download a screen reader, like Google's free ChromeVox, and learn firsthand how assistive technology works. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. We’ve selected what we consider the easiest and most effective changes you can make right now, that conform to the needs of disabled users, and provide a fully accessible experience for all audiences.
If you don’t conform to these modifications, you could be missing out on a substantial market for your business. Users with a visual impairment benefit from this text, as a screen reader will read the text aloud. Video captions allow users who are deaf or hard of hearing, still make out what is being said. YouTube has a video caption feature, where the admin can add text in accordance to the video. However funny it is, there’s nothing more aggravating for people with visual impairments having to use a screen reader. Accessibility is determined not only by a website’s code but by its design and content, which is why accessibility, standards and usability are so connected.
A perfectly valid document whose semantic elements are entirely wrong will impair accessibility.
When you get hosting with one of the tagged solutions above, you can be certain of getting the lowest possible price.Buying GuideAre you finding it difficult to understand what type of hosting you need or which provider to go with? Web Hosting Search is an independent information guide, not a hosting provider.Although we receive referral fees from hosting providers, we are committed to providing fully impartial, accurate recommendations of web hosting services. The ‘selling yourself’ part is not a grab bag of manipulative tricks or slick ruses but rather a strategy of engaging real prospects in meaningful conversations that lead to them buying from you – instead of the competition! If you’re still not sure how long your ads and sales letters should be then the following quote might help. Question: ‘Do you know what that 20 percent was for you in 2011?’ Most importantly, how can you use that rule to your advantage in your business this year? Because every great marketer and most successful companies use professional copywriters or ‘wordsmiths’ on a regular basis. He will help you stay focused on your business – rather than distracted and frustrated with time-consuming copywriting. Now with this new version of Google Analytics you should easily understand what copywriting CONTENT to focus on to make the most of the only traffic you receive. Perhaps you’re an avid student of marketing and you’re familiar with many copywriting tricks and techniques.
Daniel Lizurek took our ordinary copy and turned it into Killer Kopy, all in a short space of time.
At the time I had not much of an idea what a copywriter is so instead of blindly going ahead with Daniel I decided to do my due diligence and check out a few other copywriters at the same time. They may suggest an alternative to seeing the doctor: such as seeing the nurse, arranging a prescription, seeing a health care assistant or visiting a walk in centre . Patients from certain countries such as the United States will be treated on a private basis.  Services for non-qualifying patients are available at the walk in centres or accident and emergency.
Use Periods in Abbreviations: When you type abbreviations or acronyms, use periods after each letter. Practice Good Color Choice: Like the tip above, this is just best practice for any web site. Use Large Clickable Areas: The smaller your clickable area is, the harder it is for some users to actually click them.
Accessibility Guides Help: Sitemaps—especially those that lay out options for disability accessibility—are always useful. Here’s a video describing four main requirements for making a web site accessible to all. She provides news about issues that are important to people with disabilities, their loved ones, disability advocates and their friends.
If it’s an object, use a couple of words to describe it (for example, if it’s a photo of pile of bricks, use the alt text "pile of bricks").
A screen reader won't recognize the abbreviation without periods, and will instead read it out phonetically as a word (C-I-A will be read as "cia"). Black text on a white background is the best general practice, because it's readable for most audiences. Give the clickable item a wider range so the user can click on it within the item's general area.
A great example of this comes from the BBC, which has an entire section devoted to accessibility.
The experience will inform you on your journey to designing a more disability-friendly website. Just put a full stop between each letter, this allows the screen reader to pause – thus read out the abbreviation correctly.
It’s because the link area is probably too small or is the exact size of the text or button. Examples are: giving headings an improper structure, using blockquote to indent, and using the summary attribute in tables for layout. If they did, then you’d be spending less on marketing and advertising while attracting all the business and customers you need. If it fails to trigger interest in your reader to keep reading, then no amount of copy – short or long – will make a difference.
Perhaps you want to aim higher, increase your sales volume, boost your profits or stop worrying where your next lead, sale or client comes from. Because 12 months from today you will either be proud of your accomplishments or you’ll be stressed and worried.
In other words, you need to figure out what types of conversations are rolling money into your bank account. That’s because this new version allows you to track your web traffic in real time – as it happens! So, you can instantly know what impact a blog post, tweet or Facebook comment has on your website traffic. Maybe you have read some or even most of the copywriting classics; and in the end, nobody knows your product the way you do, right?
Daniel wasn’t in a hurry to sign me up either, instead he tried to really understand my product and my personal circumstances and I feel that he was really trying to help me. If you would like to confirm the name of your accountable GP please contact receptionHave you visited the surgery recently? If you need to see the doctor you will be given an appointment which is convenient to you as well as assessing the urgency of your requirements.
A portable loop induction service is available for patients with hearing aids,  please ask at reception. Think about including a guide with options that users can put into play on their home computers, too. To validate your code, you can use the W3C’s Markup Validation Service and CSS Validation Service. Well, even if you absolutely positively KNOW what you’re doing (copy wise) you may still miss the #1 ingredient that can cost you heaps in lost sales. We sent out 171 letters and we had 43 respond, at a cost of roughly $136 to get a return of $38,485.
In the process he generously shared countless innovative ideas to further market my product.
Avoid using green, blue, and yellow next to one another, as this can be very problematic for users who are colorblind. What you want to do, however, is target the people who will most likely use your site and make it as accessible as possible to those folks. Many developer toolbars, such as the Web Accessibility Toolbar by The Paciello Group, provide shortcuts to these services. This is NOT in place of a face to face consultation but is used when appropriate.The doctors and nurses try to keep on time but inevitably some patient’s problems take more time than others. Write simply and conversationally to assure the widest possible audience will understand everything you have to say. He is professional, witty and, above all he’s on the MARK with his copy and, has a fast turn around without compromising quality.
To help the situation and to try to keep to time, we ask that you try to keep the appointment for one problem at a time, please be assured that the doctors will be understanding and flexible if you feel that another problem needs to be addressed on the day.
The Three Tiers, and Progressive EnhancementTo implement standards effectively and make a website more accessible, you must first separate content, style (or presentation) and behavior using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Consistent Layout and StructureTo help users navigate your website quickly and easily, you should provide a consistent layout and structure. Please keep a record of advanced appointments made over the telephone and ensure you attend. The main elements of the page—banner, navigation, sidebar—should appear in the same locations throughout the website.
I threw at him a topic he originally new little about in and in a short amount of time he produced a captivating sales copy that made me want to buy my own book!
Failing to attendIt is extremely important that you let the practice know if you are unable to attend your appointment so that it can be offered to someone else.

He put the work in, and worked with me to produce results that were well beyond my expectations. The practice policy is to write to patients who have failed to attend their appointments on more than 2 occasions and may ask them to come in to discuss how they can best manage their appointments in the future.Car ParkingWhile visiting the practice you are welcome to use the private car park.
This will also benefit those with cognitive impairments and those who use a screen-reader application (which processes content on the screen and reads it aloud).2.
His flexibility and work ethic coupled with his natural flare and talent combine to give you the edge your business needs. Please respect the disabled parking space and do not park on the library spaces (they are the single row at the side of the library).  If the bays are full please use the community car park at the back of the village hall. Add Alternative Text to ImagesUnfortunately, as widely known as alternative text is, it is all too often ignored or not implemented correctly.
Parking directly in front of the building is prohibited and parking in front of the doors is for ambulances only. When the image cannot be seen—as would be the case with blind users, search engines, blocked images and broken links—then the “content” of the image is accessed through its alt text. Not only does this validate better, but it indicates to assistive technologies that the image does not contain anything meaningful.For some images, such as charts and artwork, longer descriptions are needed. An obvious example is a glossary: a word would be marked up as the definition term, and its definition would be the definition data.
Use More Than Color to Convey MeaningMany people have some form of vision impairment, such as color blindness.
For example, the h1 element might contain the title of the page or website, and an h2 element would denote a heading on that page.
This not only helps screen-reader users to navigate, but makes the page more readable for sighted users. Instructions like “Select the red button” will not be helpful to people who have trouble distinguishing that color.
Instead, make sure that every instruction refers to a specific non-color characteristic of the target, such as its shape (e.g. Another solution is to add a shape, such as an octagon, and perhaps a texture to the targeted item. Color ContrastRelated to the last point, give your design sufficient color contrast, which will help low-vision and color-blind users. These ratios are calculated from a formula based on the color luminance of foreground and background colors. 19.
Skip LinksAn anchor link moves the cursor from one area of the page to another, and a “skip” link is a particular type of anchor link. Mark Up Data Tables CorrectlyMake your data tables accessible to all by coding them properly.
It very helpfully allows keyboard users to jump past large blocks of content and links, notably navigation menus. Skip links are often placed at the top of pages and point to the main content, so that users don’t have to scroll through the banner and navigation every time they arrive on a new page.
Leave it visible, but if you must hide it, then use CSS to give it a negative margin (or something similar) and then display it when the user focuses on the link.ARIA and HTML5 provide methods of navigation that could make skip links obsolete. If the header is in the top row and targets the cells below, then use the value col (for “column”). Link ContentBecause some assistive technologies show links on a separate page, the content of textual links is very important. For more on this technique, visit the Complex Data Tables section over at Web Usability.Also, even though laying out a page or section with a table does not directly affect accessibility, using pure CSS is best. Make Changes to Content ClearBe sure to alert users when content changes dynamically on the page.
ARIA Live Regions is a relatively new technology that handles this task for users of screen reader, and rather easily, too.
Be Careful With Title AttributeThe title attribute is handy for adding supplementary information, but it is still only supplementary. Many screen readers do not recognize the title attribute by default, and most users don’t check for them.
Now, About That Flash…According to users of screen reader, Flash is one of most inaccessible technologies on the Web.
As we saw in the previous section, we can indicate that a link has an unusual target by using techniques other than the title attribute.9.
Adobe has worked hard to make it possible to create accessible Flash content, but frankly speaking, developers rarely take advantage of it in practice.Use Flash sparingly, and make every effort to make the Flash content you do have accessible. If that’s not possible, then provide an alternate way to access the content.The entertaining piece “Assistive Technology Boogie”, by Inclusive Technology, is a great example of accessible Flash. It is accessible by keyboard, it provides captions, and it even has an audio description.22. Provide TranscriptionsGive all audio a textual accompaniment to help users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Transcripts have other benefits, too: they give all users a choice on how to access content. The pro-underline side in this seemingly age-old debate has been gradually losing ground because of a lack of awareness about accessibility and the increasing competition to build the “best” design.With respect to accessibility, the main reason to retain underlining is so that links remain visible to color-blind users. A user might not have audio capability on their device, or their speakers or headphones might be broken.
Even I have trouble distinguishing links from plain text when the underlining is removed and the link color does not contrast well. Not to mention, transcripts are great for SEO.There are several methods of marking up a transcript. Removing the underlining in it is fine as long as its function is totally obvious to the user.Also, do not underline plain text that is not hyperlinked.
The specification currently suggests using paragraph elements to mark up a conversation.23. Most fields are already labeled, so it’s just a matter of attaching a label element to the relevant text. Add CaptionsYou should provide timed captions on video and multimedia content for the same reasons you should provide transcriptions. Give the field a unique id, and refer to the id in the label element with the for attribute. If saying “funny” would be just as effective as saying “jocular,” then stick with the former.
See the HTML labels specification for more.Another useful technique, especially for longer forms, is to set up fieldsets with legends. And don’t rely solely on automated tools, because many of the things you should be checking are subjective in nature, such as language, tab order and link text. The best way to test a website is to have an experienced user of assistive technology review it.
Do not ask for information that you don’t need.Instructions or information that are not contained in a form-specific element might not be read if an assistive reading device is in forms mode.
For example, an alert that a field is “Required” should be contained inside the form label.11. First you’ll be interviewed, so that they get a feeling for what you want, and when they have a finished product to show they’ll send you a draft. Some assistive technologies rely on keyboard input or a virtual keyboard rather than a mouse or pointing device. Stick with the standard a element with an href attribute.This might seem obvious, but look around the Web and you’ll come across instances of the wrong code before long.
This is the concept behind Plain Ol’ Semantic HTML (POSH) with progressive enhancement (PE) (see section 15 of this article below: “The Three Tiers”).
Lembree is an accomplished Web developer who has worked for a variety of companies, including Ford, Google, Disney and RIM. He has presented at several conferences, including Accessing Higher Ground, INDATA Assistive Technology Conference and the 25th Annual International Technology & Persons With Disabilities Conference. Never remove the default link outline in CSS—a{outline:0}—unless you replace its functionality.
Tab through its website and you’ll get lost very quickly; you get no visual cue of the link you are focused on.
By contrast, Accessible Twitter retains the default outline and adds a distinct focus effect, even on form fields and buttons.13. Add ARIA Landmark RolesAccessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) is a relatively new W3C specification that provides a method for making modern applications accessible to assistive technologies. These are special attributes that describe sections of the page, such as content, navigation and search.
This gives users of screen readers a great way to navigate (although ARIA is not fully supported in some screen reader-browser combinations).

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