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Tweet© Rowan CaseyEverybody wants to make money online, or definitely anyone reading this post.
That may sound like the opposite of what you want to hear, that it actually takes a lot of work and a lot of time to get to the point where you can work one or two hours a day for a full time income, but think about how good that is once you get there.
By the way, I make fifty US dollars a day at the moment, on top of a pension from the government, and I own my own home.
My online income has more than doubled every year, rising in a fast curve from one dollar a day, to two dollars a day to five dollars a day to fifteen dollars a day, to about forty or fifty US dollars a day on average today. Next year I expect it will be a hundred a day, then two hundred and fifty the year after that, and I have every reason to expect that will happen, based on a long history of stats that point to exactly that.
Sometimes, (such as with list building), you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars without seeing a return on the money until a year or two later, and the amount of work you have to do to just write the emails and find the offers and affiliate links means that you have to do it on a massive scale, or the amount of money you make isn’t worth the time it takes. I find that there is such a huge demand for SEO services, social media marketing services, video production, Twitter followers, tweeting, content production, that I don’t have to do much to make sales, just put myself out there, and people come to me.
It took me a long time to put myself out there without spending much money, I have a blog, or a number of blogs, and I write blog posts every day, as well as articles and guest posts on other people’s sites.
I have a fairly big presence on Fiverr, The Warrior Forum, Digital Point Forums, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, You Tube, Google Plus, Yahoo Answers, etc, and the more I do on those sites, the more emails I get from potential customers. Here I am writing a post hundreds of words long, one of many that I will need to write in the future in order to give my site authority and traffic, and I’m trying to give advice on what I would do to make money quickly. Somebody has to do the work of writing the content that makes the internet up, and generally speaking, the huge companies of the world don’t have the time to write all those billions of articles themselves. SEO today requires tons of long, original, high quality articles, and Google is getting better at recognising spun, or badly written articles with poor English.
The number one largest job online is writing, and then doing SEO, and that’s even bigger than weight loss, because every single site on the world wide web needs content and back links to rank.
You can try being an affiliate marketer, you can try making your own product, but believe me if you want to make money quickly online, you find what people want in massive numbers, and you give it to them, or allow them to find it easily. Alternatively if you don’t want to write, then you need to find someone who can, and then be a reseller for their services.
Basically, I sell anything to do with internet marketing by finding quality services, and selling them for a small commission on my site, by making a Pay Pal button, and sticking the code on there in HTML. There is not really any magic bullet method for making money online, you will either need to put in hard work, or spend money in exactly the right way, so that it makes you a profit within a limited amount of time. If there was a sure fire way to spend a dollar and make ten, everybody would be doing it, and then it wouldn’t work anymore, because the competition would be too high, so the cost of the ad would go up. That is pretty much what did happen, people used to be able to get one cent clicks on Google Adwords, then everyone saw that success, and tried to do the same, but found it was now a dollar per click, or close to it. Tips to be successful in making money online.The reality is that there are a lot of people who can earn money and a lot of money online.
One of the most appealing and magnificent parts of the online world is that it truly is possible to create a rags-to-riches story. That said, because of the sheer volume of sites and information on the Web, cashing in isn’t as easy as it looks. The most important point to consider as you set up your advertising options is the placement of the banners one your site. Many bloggers create an infocentric site to subtly educate folks on the types of services they offer. Another obvious move is to create an online store to sell goods you manufacture or distribute.
If you’re aces at creating compelling how-to videos, tutorials on things like Web production, painting techniques, mechanic secrets — whatever it is that you do best — creating a premium tier in your website is a fabulous monetization tactic.
Do you have a magnetic personality and an expertise or ability to network in your industry? So many sites are a conglomeration of reviews of films, restaurants, products, and even other websites. Just like some folks make a living flipping houses, it’s also possible to build a website and its related audience, and then sell it for a profit. For the last 11 years of my life, I’ve been an online marketer…and a pretty decent one at that. The surest route to your next promotion is probably through your boss, but enlisting his or her help can be tricky.
Some 15 years ago, making money online was largely synonymous with advance fee fraud, popularly called yahoo yahoo in Nigeria. While many people could not yet appreciate what the Internet and accompanying social media trends stood for, most of the few that first caught the bug exploited it to dupe unsuspecting folks, especially foreigners.
Curiously, more than half of those our correspondent contacted for an interview were not forthcoming. For instance, in an interview, ace blogger, Ladun Liadi, says she drew her inspiration to become a blogger from Bella Naija.
Liadi says, “One day, I was with my friend who is a radio presenter and he said, ‘Ladun, why don’t you start a blog? In an interview she granted to Cable News Network’s Isha Sesay in Nigeria, Pedro, who studied in a Canadian University, said she started blogging after being bored while on a two-week holiday in Nigeria.
Interestingly, Seun Osewa, the brain behind popular online forum, nairaland, is, conventionally speaking, a drop-out.
In an online interview with our correspondent, Osewa, however, responded to just two out of the questions asked him. He notes, “I studied Electronics & Electrical Engineering at OAU with good grades for five semesters. Asked to speak on what injury he sustained and how he had taken other educational opportunities after “crashing out,” Osewa said, “ Well, it’s personal.
According to reports, the journey of Nairaland began in 2004, when Osewa started “mobilenigeria”, a forum to cover the emerging GSM industry at that time. He notes,, “My web hosting business failed after just three months because I ran out of money, while I couldn’t execute many other projects I researched due to shyness and lack of capital. On how he abandoned medicine and surgery for the digital media, he says, “No matter how hard I tried to focus on medicine, I kept developing my skills in web strategy and project management. Announcing the purchase of the SUV on her blog, Ikeji says she had lost count of the businesses she had laid her hand on without success before blogging paid off.
She notes, “By this time two years ago, I didn’t have much but I never stopped believing in myself and I never stopped working hard. She started modelling in 1998 and, in 2004, set up a modelling agency and event management company, Blackdove Communications. The former President of the Students’ Union of the University of Lagos, Omoyele Sowore, started Sahara Reporters in 2006 from his base in New York, United States.
In an interview with the Sun Newspaper, United Kingdom, he says he does not operate his news website with any expensive office furniture or high-end c*m high-priced off-the-shelf devices.

He did not study communication, but he says his experience as a student union leader, which made him a mass communicator of some sorts, spurred him to launch the online platform which enables people to report themselves. Sowore, who now makes good money from the website especially through adverts, says he started out cheaply. In an online interview with our correspondent, Sowore stresses that what gives him fulfilment most is the fact that he Saharareporters identifies with the search for positive change in the society. But for other people, especially young Nigerians, who may want to explore citizen journalism, he says, “Unemployed Nigerian graduates might be able to eke out a living through citizen journalism but I couldn’t tell them how. Confirming the current fact that making money online is a reality, Liaidi says, “It (blogging) has been very profitable. She started out in the world of blogging in August 2010, after a friend spoke to her about the opportunities which abound in it.
But while starting out she also faced the teething problems of low blog traffic, which new bloggers complain about.
Liadi, who is in her 20s, says she operates from her home in Lagos or anywhere she finds herself and has a few people working with her on part time basis.
Although a graduate of Economics from the University of Hull, Robert Ikhazobor has stamped his foot on the Internet world. According to him, the firm he started some five years ago has taken him to 22 states of the federation where he has offered computer-based tests for firms and higher institutions of learning.
He says, “The world has largely witnessed a sweeping revolution in the education sector but, sadly, we have been left behind. Oluwatosin Ajibade’s active involvement with Facebook as a means of sharing information to her friends paid off in 2010.
Ajibade, a graduate of Accounting from Lagos State University, says the path she took to blog success was bumpy as she experienced low blog traffic for a whole year.
It’s very soothing to learn that Nigerians are making their mark in online business without resorting to fraudulent means.
Everyone hates those awkward moments when they get that paycheck from their job and they know they have to cash that check to pay those monthly bills. The following online money making sites are real sites that I have made several hundred to a six figure income with as long as you do the work.
INCOME DISCLAIMER: All income examples are hypothetical and representative of some of the most successful participants in the programs listed. This is the best team I have ever seen and it’s definately a learning platform for entrepreneurs to develop thier internet marketing skillsets to expert level while earning additional income. This brand new internet marketing system is great for marketing online and making money especially with their high converting capture pages and done for you marketing system. This is just a few online money making sites that I can vouch for that do work but as with anything make sure you do your homework and research. World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. The author of Purple Cow, The Dip, and other New York Best seller wrote a step-by-step on how to make money online.  I am following his steps below. Online transaction account + international credit card( Master card, VISA Debit):  In order to get money online, you need to own those accounts which suppliers pay for you. Computer and Internet skills: You need to have knowledge of Internet and computer when you start making money online.
A computer and safe network: Bad people can take advantage on your weaknesses of IT and still your account, it means you lost all your money. The Web is accessible to almost all of us and, with a little creativity and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, your fortune could indeed be waiting online. In 2012, the average monthly income for a website was just $133 (which is actually not bad at all considering many sites are not monetized at all.) Because most online businesses only employ one revenue stream, this limits the potential income and creates an “all eggs in one basket” scenario that doesn’t equate to stability. Depending on the volume of traffic and page views your site has, advertising revenue can be epic. You need to create a balance between prominence for advertisers and a fabulous user experience.
Whether it’s psychic counseling, nutritional advice, SEO consulting, or life coaching, reaching your audience through the Web is the most logical and effective platform. It’s also an option to sell content like eBooks, photographs, video creations, or related media. Consider scheduling live webinars where you educate interested parties on the ins and outs of your industry. If you become an expert at building an e-mail list of truly interested subscribers, and then create compelling e-mail blasts selling related services or products, it can be incredibly powerful. If this is your calling and you are able to develop a loyal readership, make sure to connect with the affiliate programs of all the services and goods you are reviewing. The most popular website marketplace is Flippa, and they report that a typical site sells for about 12 times the monthly revenue. That was when the Internet revolution was just taking shape in the country, which was also just getting off the hook of military juntas that thrived on trampling on freedom of information. Indeed, that is the time the notorious and ever-recurring letter in which an online conman (or woman), who claims he is stranded in some foreign country or has problems accessing a huge fund, was first composed. The fact is that from their different professional and accademic backgrounds, they have entrenched themselves, deploying the digital phenomenon to various businesses.
While some, including Linda Ikeji of the lindaikejiblog fame, repeatedly declined to grant the correspondent audience, Bellanaija founder, Uche Pedro, appeared too shy to talk about herself and business – despite the fact that they are often eager to sell other people to the world.
You have so many things going on for you.’ I didn’t really want to, because I felt owning a blog was personal (as it was meant to be about the person’s daily activities) and not meant for reporting. Publishing Nigerian celebrity, fashion and lifestyle news, the blog has grown to attract over one million hit per month across the continent. After spending three years at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, where he was studying Electrical Electronics, he, according to him, decided to go the way of super rich Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, the world’s largest personal-computer software company. Thanks for the understanding.” Subsequent reminders sent by e-mail for him to answer the other questions were not replied.
My blogs and the mobile phone forum that preceded nairaland were successful but not profitable. Apart from earning what can be described as a descent income from his firm, Dymore Vision Consulting Ltd, where he is the managing director, he teaches post-graduate students as an Adjunct Faculty at the School of Media & Communication, Pan African University, Lagos and Strathmore Business School, Kenya. Eventually in 2007 after three years and five months of practice, it was clear that I had to make a career change.
The 2004 English Language graduate of the University of Lagos confirmed her status as a successful blogger recently when she bought herself a 2011 model Infiniti FX 35 Sport Utility Vehicle, reportedly for N8m.
I can’t even begin to count how many businesses I put my hands into before one paid off – blogging!
He explains that at some point he equipped his car with gadgets for-on-the go reporting but adds that he now operates a mobile office.

Liadi, who hails from Ijebu-Mushin, Ogun State, abandoned Microbiology, which she studied at the University of Lagos for blogging. After visiting a handful of blogs being run by Nigerians then, Liadi says she decided to leverage her journalism instinct and ventured into blogging.
Her low blog traffic, which for some months, was further compounded by incessant outage, andpoor Internet connectivity. He ventured into an Internet-driven business which deploys technology in recruitment, examination administration, identity management as well as scholarship and bursary management – with the establishment of Dragnet.
The graduate of Microbiology from the University of Lagos started his firm, Kards Nigeria Limited, in 1996 after a stint at a computing firm between 1991 and 1995. A friend who regularly benefits from the updates talked to her about blogging as a means of sharing those pieces of information to the larger populace while still making some money. I remember I was in the habit of using my Facebook account to share information especially entertainment news.
According to her, she was forced to visit several online portals to acquire knowledge about blogging.
What makes no sense is that you end up having much more month left over… but not enough money for yourself. These sites are 100% legitimate and has helped thousands upon thousands of average people earn a few hundred dollars a week to over $1 Million dollars a year. Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills. In particular, don’t pay anyone to teach you how to write or sell manuals or eBooks about how to make money online.
If you can figure out how to create value face to face, it’s a lot easier to figure out how to do the same digitally.
Some MMO program can also help you earn a lot of money buy taking survey in text edit or keyword searching. Some of the ways in which you can cash in include paid per 1,000 views, paid per time frame, and paid per click.
The trick here is to find your clientele in a sea of information — but careful site planning, content marketing, and acquisition strategies can yield huge successes. It offers a free tier so folks can sample the content or services, then sell various monthly subscription levels based on the specific needs of the consumer.
You can sell them individually, or create packages of multiple webinars that cover a topic like self-help, writing a novel, building a house, or even how to make money with a website in great detail. Start by creating an account on Aweber, then study the tactics of successful e-mail marketers.
If you build your site up to $10,000 a month in revenues, as an example, you could pocket $120,000 in a sale. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since, but some people have also proved that Nigerians too know how to make the best of the social media. Whether it is an Anderson Uvie-Emegbo that has abandoned medicine for online entrepreneurship, or nairaland founder, Seun Osewa, who was pushed out of the university by an accident, the guys got to the Internet ‘on time’, and have practically become landlords, making good money in transparent ways. One of such is the Oprah Winfrey Show, which is the highest-rated talk show in American television history.
Interestingly, in an interview granted to, Osewa was quoted as saying that all the business projects he embarked on before Nairaland were failures, except the one (mobilenigeria) that became Nairaland.
The competition in the modelling industry, which has culminated in the proliferation of unregistered modelling agencies that go about recruiting pretty girls and getting them jobs without proper accreditation, might have propelled her to quit the field. And most important is that they should be engaged in the pursuit of freedom for themselves and freedom for all. I am even moving a step further to launch an online entertainment magazine covering all events and reporting all the latest news in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. My job does not basically require many personnel but I have two employees on my pay roll,” Adeyeri says. This is why I will appreciate it if by some way I can contact Kunle Adeyeri of Kards Nigeria limited, I know I can Len more from him. Though I started my journey into the world on online business not too long ago, I hope to be like these people very soon. In this post I am going to share with you several online money making sites that pay you with training included. Just a little income disclaimer so the FCC don’t say I am trying to make financial claims. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average participants. While attending Digital Experts Academy we not only learned what it takes to build a success online business but how to also scale our business out and learning to properly brand ourselves by establishing authority in the digital economy. They both share a common interest in beaches, fine dining, shopping, electronic trance music, romance and comedy.
This is the very best gift the web has given to people who want to bootstrap their way into a new business. Learn to code, to write persuasively, to understand new technologies, to bring out the best in your team, to find underused resources and to spot patterns. When you first start, instead of earning hundred dollars like you think, you have some cent for some simple tasks.
You’ll have to be very crafty about converting your website visitors, but if you truly create something of value and articulate it well, this method is magnificent for making money.
Of course, you’ll need to incorporate other revenue streams above in order to manifest the monthly income, but someone with a true entrepreneur spirit could excel in repeating this process. But I realised the fashion and entertainment industries were more vibrant and more people were involved in politics, business and it was so encouraging.
Today he is a household name in Africa not as a medical doctor but as a digital media expert. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow the training directions.
There are different levels it all depends on what you are comfortable with just like you would choose a major in college analogy. Try to save as much knowledge and experiences as you can and don’t give up, you can earn thousand of dollars some day. Similarly, as a digital media consultant, I enable individuals and organisations stay competitively healthy – creating sustainable, superior corporate performance, using a digital approach.

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