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Farming in India was fundamentally organic till the middle of the twentieth century but industrial revolution; desire to make quick and more money and to get rid of pests, diseases and rodents brought in the concept of chemical farming after independence.
Health conscious people are looking for healthy options and shifting towards organic products. The topic received recent attention because the Center is planning to promote organic farming in eastern India and wants to transform Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and eastern Uttar Pradesh into an organic farming hub of India.
In organic farming soil is considered as a living being that needs to be feed regularly with nutrients for enrichment.
India is an immensely populated country and one-third of its countrymen still lives below the poverty line and does not get enough food to eat.
Weed, disease and pest control is really difficult by using organic methods hence chances of whole yield destruction are more. Organic food is good for health (as believed) so the produce is expensive than conventional one. There are many debatable questions like Can India produce enough organic produce to meet its needs?, Is organic produce better than conventional produce?. Organical farming is beneficial as it gives competitive yield, improve soil’s condition, enhance bio-diversity, conserve water, increase food nutrient density, and reduce toxic loads in food. Another issue that needs to be addressed in India regarding this is of certification bodies and procedure. In order to make a shift, India needs to make huge investments, government should provide subsidies to organic produce, farmers must be given training and education and there must be some changes in Certification systems. Once upon a time, there was a South African director named Neill Blomkamp who spread weeping nerdgasms throughout the world with District 9, his smart sci-fi debut about alien apartheid in South Africa.
Since this is a Blomkamp film, Chappie takes place in the not-so-distant future, in Johannesburg, where crime is rampant and everything is a bit shit. Meanwhile, gangsta trio Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er (Die Antwoord playing exaggerated versions of themselves, if possible) and Amerika (Jose Pablo Cantillo) come up with the brilliant plan to kidnap Patel and steal a remote that they imagine turns all robot cops off.

Oh, also, while all of this is happening, Hugh Jackman has a mini mullet hair cap and is angry because no one wants his own giant robot Moose, so he tries following Patel around out of robot envy. In short, is this film the innovative follow-up to District 9 you’ve been gagging for? Farmers started using chemical fertilizers to increase the produce and to meet the demands of growing population. In a recent report by Yes Bank, rapid growth of 20% in organic food sector has been mentioned.
This has been planned to provide much needed development opportunities to these states and chances to farmers to earn more.
This method of farming does not use synthetic or chemical fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators, and livestock feed additives.
Though some options to control these are available in organic farming but the result is very slow and moreover it is crop and weather specific. Is it possible that crop grown organically is laced with all the required nutrients?, Is organic farming a economically viable option?, Is it possible to control pest and diseases on time in organic farming? Also converting the entire land and main produce from conventional to organic is not a viable option. As these things go, the powers that be then threw a bunch of money at him so he could make a movie with Matt Damon.  While many danced in glee at the sight of Jodie Foster in space, others struggled to see past, well, Matt Damon and his own personal brand of beige.
Instead, they find Chappie (voiced by Blomkamp’s fave, Sharlto Copley), the first robot with feelings and thoughts, and decide to morph him into their very own gangsta titanium robot. Maybe not, but it’s Blomkamp having a helluva good time before getting locked down to the boring, dreary and disappointing world of Hollywood sequel-making  (sorry Alien fans, but remember Prometheus?). Though initially it looked extensively amazing but its adverse affects started to appear in 1980s.
Number of retail organic outlets in Mumbai is more than 100 whereas in Bangalore the number is more than 60.

Crop rotation, animal manures, biofertilizers, and crop residue technique is used to maintain the soil fertility. If conventional produce contains traces of chemicals and fertilizers then organic produce has harmful bacteria and organism which are not safe for consumption.
But on the other hand it reduces the input cost and external cost, organic produce are sold at higher price, and over a period of time yield starts to increase.
There is a huge demand for Indian spices, tea, cotton, coffee etc which can be produced organically. At present the process of getting certificate is very expensive which stops small farmers to do organic farming. And daughter of my loving parents by heart with passion for creativity, zeal to achieve something big in life but want to live life to its fullest. Ignoring orders from his boss Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver) not to do so, Patel takes a broken model home to test his new Artificial Intelligence program. If you’re not a fan of their music, this may feel like a really long and intricate music video, or the longest build-up to Enter the Ninja ever conceived, but their part in this film makes this hot mess of a movie incredibly entertaining, hilarious and absurd.
Extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides created a resistant varieties of pests and diseases, its use polluted the underground water and even caused cancer and other such diseases in area where these have been used.
Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojna on the lines of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna will also be launched to further boost the agriculture products in India.
Sure, the story resembles Short Circuit, but Short Circuit remixed to the sound of Die Fokken Antwoord.

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