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If i don't like it can i return to windows explorer easily?tvthunder: WTF is wrong with your video??
I do not know if it is true but this happen to me and now i am on the 60 day and the Bugatti was in the shop for about 3 timesxGethPrimex: bullcrap, nurbiring in 1 lap is the easiest method if you bought the tvr speed 12 with you the bugattis or if you got th epolyphony car can also be best than jsut a ferrari car.

I cant find it, i have saved up ~5m Credits, i saw bugatti the first time i played this game, day 1, i though eventually it will be sold at the shop again but no, havent seen one yetManosSmooth: It's a soft top, because of the limited technical performance of the PSP when driving every convertible's top is always closed, however there are the F1 Cars and a certain Suzuki (can't remember model) where you can actually see the the driver's head, only the helmet though!

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