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While Instagram is making…hem hem… billions, we as users of social media, are tricked into believing that there is no money in it for us. On top of that, if people market on Instagram they are solely interacting with their followers, who, for most people, are their friends.
Yogin Patel is a serial entrepreneur, who was born in India and raised in the United States. Despite being countlessly told to pursue a career in medicine, Yogin had found passion in creating value for others. In his free time, Yogin likes to read thought-provoking books and play basketball with friends. As you probably already know affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. Amazon is great because people trust them, so when you refer someone from your Instagram to Amazon they’re much more likely to buy through your link. Another reason why Amazon is a great choice for beginners is because they’ve got an amazing arsenal of products you can sell. You can also earn a lot of money with some products giving $300 + in sales and even more when you add abilities to gain commission through upsales. Then just start taking a picture of you using them and then promote by adding the link in the pictures. I was shocked when I found out that people earn nice amounts of cash through selling pictures through Instagram. Yes there’s sites that allow you to make a profit on every single picture you post on your Instagram. Feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your Instagram and tell me how much advertising with you would be. Get a FREE COPY of this money making eBook that will change the way you use YouTube and make money! Sign Up To My Newsletter to get the latest blog updates and special advice on earning money. Get money making methods sent right to your email every week by signing up to the 101geek newsletter. But with the growing popularity of Instagram (check out some of these Instagram statistics at expanded ramblings), if you are not using it then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.
It was the same with me until about a month back and while it is still too early for me to call myself a success on Instagram, I still wanted to share these Instagram tips with you.
I do not click a lot of photos and even if I do click some, they are primarily my private family photos which I do not like sharing on social media sites, especially if it is a business account. In this episode we will be discussing about 2 simple ways you could be making money with Instagram even if you do not have a real business.
I have seen a lot of people who run online stores posting pictures of their products and also using Instagram to sell them. I quickly browsed through the photographs that she had posted and found a lot of photos, where she had given a shoutout to another Instagram user.
You would by now have realized the potential of Instagram and how you could make money with Instagram.
Managing Instagram is slightly difficult in comparison to a lot of the other social media channels. If you know about any more such tools to manage Instagram, you can let us know by commenting below. Don’t forget to share the podcast with your friends and social media circles using one of the sharing buttons below.

If you have any suggestions, questions or, comments you can post them right below this post in the comment section. And then your pictures look more professional and cool, people like it and it is going to become even bigger deal. There is a huge market out there, and people now can even make money with Instagram just by selling their own prints from pictures. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Instagram and people wondering how are they gonna make money. Call me crazy but I’m more concerned with how I can make money with Instagram; meaning setup an account, do some stuff (which I’m about to tell you) and rake in some cold hard cash. I scroll through their pics and see that either they are already making a bunch of money or they just don’t know how to make money with Instagram. Now of course you can’t start off charging because you have to build your name up but once you do…. Another way you can make money with your Instagram is find affiliate programs and post pictures promoting them. If you’re a girl and post stuff that girls like (makeup, heels, fashion, etc.), you could post a pic of some heels with Kim Kardashian with a link to ShoeDazzle for a free gift card.
Guys could do something like ask who’s the better basketball player and tell followers to go to this link for a free NBA jersey. What happens though is when you like and comment on someone else’s photos, they usually come back and like your stuff. Now that you know how to make some extra dough with Instagram, you should be on your way to rake in the big bucks. Now before you go out and start posting like crazy trying to make a few bucks, I want you to get off on the right foot. Instead of dragging my unwilling cow to a marketplace on a crowded Saturday afternoon, I’ll go on Instagram where all my fellow farmers and cow enthusiasts follow me, take a snapshot of my cow, and set a price. At the age of 16, Yogin became a social media marketing specialist, along with an avid blogger and online marketer. Not including the other methods and you can also earn even more money by creating more Instagram accounts.
I personally am yet to try this, but after researching it and asking around I can see that it’s defonitly worth trying. They pay depending on the size of your following and you also get free stuff, be it a coffee, latest video game, even a sky diving trip.
I personally promote content on Instagram and usually pay people $10 to $100 for a few pictures about my product, blog or service. It’s simple, just come up with a good value advertising package and offer it to 10 people per month.
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The fact that this is a phone only app make it even worse and if you are not a mobile phone whiz, then Instagram is going to be the most difficult thing you would have ever dealt with. So if I had a photograph on my computer that I wanted to share, then I had to first transfer it to my phone. I realized that these were paid shoutouts and that the user was charging money for this shoutout.
You require some handy tools in order to ensure that you are leveraging time and automating some of the tasks.
If you chose to buy from these links, I might stand to earn a small commission without any additional cost to you.

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If you are seriously looking for a legitimate way to make money with Instagram, you need to click here and take the survey.
The location function in the app will allow me to communicate my position with other farmers, so that only farmers who are willing to make the trip will give a price. As of now, Instagram marketing is mostly unheard of (except in Kuwait) but, brace yourselves, pictures of ready-to-deliver products are soon to be posted worldwide! In the past year, Yogin has worked with several small businesses, including local restaurants, hotels, and personal brands. You usually earn 10% all the way up to 80% commission on each item your sell depending on what affiliate programs you work with.
If you have a blog you can incoprate affiliate links and adsense and start earning cash by sending your followers to it. If you enjoyed this article then leave a comment and remember to sign up to my newsletter for the latest in money making news. But the products that I link to are the products that I have used personally so you can rest assured of the quality. You could then shout out to multiple accounts for more exposure and make even more money with Instagram.
There’s a company who is paying out $25 just follow some simple instructions and complete a survey. Focus on building a relationship with your followers by posting relevant and quality content. Many small businesses don’t have the money for huge advertisement campaigns, or commercials on television, and rely on word of mouth to get a decent clientele. After a couple of hours, I will have found a buyer, and within the next few days, my cow will be sold, and I will have more money and one less cow! Once in a while, a local TV station will interview a small business, but this does not always suffice in terms of publicity!
I stumbled upon a couple sentences in TIME magazine’s latest issue that sparked serious curiosity in me. This example is rudimentary, as I doubt farmers, in this day and age, sell single cows, but the point is there! If your local bakery made an official Instagram account and gave discounts to its followers, it would be a hit! Apparently, in Kuwait, Instagram has been used as a means to help businesses grow and earn money! Instagram can become as great as Ebay or Craigslist, except you have less time to buy a product, and less reading to do!
Imagine being able to reserve a cake on Instagram in the same way that you would do so in person! Once this bakery amasses an Instagram clientele on top of their regular clientele, it can expand, reach more Instagram users (and non-users), and grow as a business. I encourage anyone who owns a small business to try this technique, as it costs nothing and the payoff in case of success can be ridiculous! Potentially, businesses or people in general could earn massive amounts of money with proper Instagram marketing.

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