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June 2, 2011 by Eric Walker 14 Comments This blog post about how to monetize your Facebook friends list WILL make you money IF you follow through with implementing everything that is written here AND move forward with the recorded webinar that is being made available to you.
You will have an opportunity to opt-in at the bottom of this post to receive a 45 minute training webinar that walks you through step by step how to make money with your Facebook profile.
This is just one strategy, but I believe it’s the FIRST strategy you should implement. The outcome will be that you will be sought out for more information about whatever you offer.
Now I will show you how to create a necessary type of engagement that leads to more business with your Facebook profile by segmenting your profile friends into targeted lists using Facebook’s Friends Lists feature. Do this correctly, do it long enough, use it consistently so that you can track it, and measure your efforts while making on-the-fly adjustments, and this will definitely work for you.
Creating Friends Lists allows you to personalize your status updates so they are only viewed by specific groups of people. Corduroy is going to create personalized status updates for each friends list so that they are only viewed by that specific targeted friends list. This means that when Corduroy makes a post to his status update for his Church list, the Networkers and Insurance list don’t ever see it. Corduroy will designate who gets to see certain posts because some updates might only relate to his church friends and family, while other updates will make more sense for his Insurance business relations, and others for only his Networkers list. This is one secret (secret just means common sense that a lot of others aren’t applying) that virtually all online marketers fail to use. This method will help you uncover  hidden revenue right now from your Facebook network without adding any more friends or creating any more content. Using this method is the best way to ensure the right updates get shown to the right people at the right time. This is the sniper approach (as opposed to the shot gun): the ultimate way for the little guy (or beginner) to capitalize without having a large email list. You have friends, family, and business connections, so you should direct your posts to the appropriate people without having to create a whole other Facebook account just for your business contacts (you’re not supposed to do that anyway). You can keep everyone in the same place and just designate your status updates to be viewed by certain groups.
How to uncover hidden revenue right now from your social media network without adding any more friends or creating any more content.
The shotgun approach vs the sniper approach: The ultimate way for the little guy to capitalize without anything but a Facebook profile account. These techniques are equally powerful whether your list is huge or you only have a few hundred (you may even find it more profitable to have less friends). Honestly, this is super simple to implement on Facebook and can help you uncover money that you should be making right now but might not be.
These are great tips, Eric, and I’ve already started to segment my list on FB for better targeting those that are interested in what I have to share with them. Here’s an example of the benefit of organizing a large group into very specific categories.
Over the years our family has managed to collect a huge number of Lego blocks from a wide variety of kits.
Your idea to organize FB friends into targeted groups will really help us strengthen the connections with our FB friends and increase our value to them by the ability to target their specific needs. The Hunger Project UK is a non-profit, strategic organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.
The Hunger Project are looking for new recruitments to join Team Hunger during the Live Below the Line week in April 2014. Vicky Chandler (4 Posts)I'm Vicky, an undergraduate Journalism student at Cardiff University.
I've interned at a number of publications including Grazia, Stylist and Essentials, and once I graduate my aim is to work in women's magazines. If you have a good sense of humour and getting the low down on celebrity gossip, you need to give me a follow on Twitter! Fresh Young Millionaire is the only business magazine for young people (and the young at heart). As a rule I try to share encouraging information that will help uplift, inspire and motivate. It’s time to get serious and if you can head my words, you can move forward while the rest of the world is on standby. Stop relying on the Government – I am not a political person, but I will tell you that in the eyes of “Uncle Sam” you are just a collectable tax number. Start a small business – Try as you might but know that a small businesscan make a huge difference in your yearly bottom line. When you’re living on a student budget, the cost of textbooks can put a crimp in your finances. Before you start buying books, check with your instructors to make sure that they intend to use the textbooks. Purchasing a used textbook not only saves you money, it’s an environmentally friendly option. Before you buy, it’s critical that you determine you are definitely buying the correct edition of the textbook. If a textbook is especially cost prohibitive, consider buying it with a classmate and sharing the cost. If you qualify for the American Opportunity Tax Credit, you get up to $2,500 worth of tax credit on out-of-pocket college expenses, including textbooks. Textbooks are a necessary part of college life, but they don’t have to strain your budget. If you’re a college graduate, returning to school for your Master of Business Administration (MBA) might not appeal to you. Most universities are composed of typical colleges such as the College of Health Care Studies, Business, Education, and Liberal Arts.
The documentary is an underrated genre in the film industry, often described as one for those who are so “crazy” about a topic, they have to make a film about it. The Five Toughest Interview Questions Job interviews are nerve wracking for just about anyone, whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent college graduate. Business, English, Law – these are perennial subjects for degree programs, and they’ve stood the test of time. School and the Single Parent: Why a College Degree Is Achievable The definition of multitasking depends on the person you’re asking.
Online Tools That Bridge the Generation Gap Adult learners returning to school – especially an online environment – after several years often find the college experience has evolved significantly since […]August 8, 2016How to Get the Most Out of Your Ashford App One of the major shifts in higher education is how technology has changed the landscape. 5 Ways to Get Help Paying for Business School One of the more daunting tasks of pursuing your MBA is determining how to pay for tuition.

Zika Virus: Symptoms, Infection, and Prevention The ongoing spread of the Zika virus is casting a pall over the busy summer travel season. How to Create the Perfect Workspace for Online Learning One of the great things about online learning is the ability to do it pretty much anytime and anywhere. Tips for Staying Positive During the Job Search There’s no getting around it, the job search is exhausting. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.
Most people have, at one time or another, been in a place where they need to provide their proof of insurance but they cannot find it. An accident can happen at any time and many drivers do not want to bother their agent in the middle of the night or on weekends. Andrew Macneil enjoys keeping up to date with what’s happening in the car insurance industry. Thanks for visiting Puzzle Park game page, hopefully you found all the information you need about Puzzle Park and like this game. Publisher: Big Fish GamesThe Big Fish Games' Game Club allows you to purchase Puzzle Park game up to 65% off the regular price, obtain premium support with our Customer Support Live Chat, and receive early access to all new games.
Nothing except a Facebook profile (not a business page, just a regular profile) is needed to do this. The logic is that this strategy will unearth the gold you’re already sitting on within your Facebook friends list.
You designate who gets to see certain posts because some updates might relate to your friends and family, while other updates will make more sense to business relations.
Think about how often you will communicate information to them so that you give them a consistent online presence that continuously offers great value. You’ll learn why I actually UNFRIENDED 1100 friends to whittle my total to just under 500, and how that led to paying the bills during a period of family transition (good story). My little contacts on FB are a mixture of private and biz & people that are speaking different languages. Going to start tomorrow and look you up on Ann Siegs Facebook page if I have any questions. A project about hunger?  How does that work?  Does that mean I have to go hungry for a week?
They work in more than 20,000 villages across 11 countries in South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.
Gender Equality: Women bear the major responsibility for meeting basic needs, yet are systematically denied the resources, freedom of action and voice in decision-making to fulfil that responsibility. Empowerment: In the face of social defeat, focused and sustained action is required to awaken people to the possibility of self-reliance and to organise communities to take charge of their own development. Leverage: Ending chronic hunger means that they regularly step back and assess their impact within the environment in which they’re working and launch the highest leverage actions they can to meet this challenge.
Interconnectedness: Hunger and poverty is a global issue, and we must solve them as global citizens, not as “donors and recipients,” but working as coequal partners. Sustainability: Solutions to ending world hunger must be sustainable locally, socially, economically and environmentally.
Social Transformation: People’s self-reliance is restricted by conditions such as corruption, armed conflict, racism and the subjugation of women. Holistic Approach: Hunger is inextricably linked by issues including decent work, health, education, environmental sustainability and social justice. The money will go to support grassroot work empowering women, children and men to end their own hunger and poverty! Do you want to be a THP ambassador at your school, university, college, workplace or youth centre? Fortunately, a variety of strategies exist for saving money on your college book purchases. You may find that they will be relying mostly on lectures, or they may have you only read a few chapters. When purchasing a previously used book, check that the condition is good enough for the book to be readable.
The cost of renting for a specified period of time, such as a semester, is markedly less expensive than buying even used books.
Not only is their cost much less expensive than paper books, this option is environmentally friendly, and you get the book instantaneously. If you both require the text at the same time, photocopy the pages needed so that each of you can read and study – even if you’re not in the same location. If you buy or rent books too far in advance, there is always the possibility that the class requirements could be changed, and you could end up with books you don’t need.
Receipts allow you to add up how much you paid on books so that you can inform your accountant, who will include the amount on your tax return for a credit. When searching for a business school, you may notice that some business programs are accredited by different organizations with acronyms like AACSB, IACBE, and ACBSP.
Higher tuition means students will be carrying a larger debt into the workforce, which cuts into their income. Ashford University embraces these technological advancements and provides […]August 3, 2016Virtual Reality in the Classroom Technology has been changing our society’s landscape for decades. The Centers for Disease Control and […]July 21, 2016Compassion and Acceptance in the Online Classroom The more we learn about each other, the more we learn about the world.
No more having to […]August 5, 2016How to Deal with Deadlines and Succeed Not everyone is great with deadlines. This knowledge is shared with students, alumni, friends, and faculty, but on a small scale. Most insurance companies offer apps for smartphones or tablet devices which can greatly enhance the customer service experience. When you have an app installed for your insurance company, you can actually view your bill, pay your bill and even enrol in auto pay directly from the app. This could be simply because they forgot to put their new card in their car or they just have too much stuff piled up in the glove box to find anything. Auto insurance apps create a way for consumers to be ready for anything, even when they are on the go.
For example, a game (Puzzle Park) that normally costs $19.99 can cost you as little as $6.99! Take a vacation through a beautiful and challenging amusement park in this tricky Puzzle game!
That’s what your business page is for (or Fan page, or LIKE page, or whatever you want to call it). And like most of us, his personal Facebook profile friends list is a big blob of friends, family, Christians, Networkers and people in his insurance network.

Not because it’s complicated, expensive, or torture to implement, but simply because they don’t know.
Their mission is to end hunger and poverty by pioneering these sustainable, grassroot, women-centred strategies and supporting their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world.
They do not treat people living in conditions of hunger as beneficiaries, but rather as a key source to ending hunger.
These are all rooted in an age-old and nearly universal patriarchal mindset that must be transformed as part of a fundamental shift in the way society is organised.
This means, national and local governments need to work effectively in partnership with the people in these communities. It should not be top-down, authority-based leadership, but leadership “with” people rather than “over” people. You’d represent Team Hunger on campus, rallying recruits to live on ?1 a day for a week and blog about it on their main website. If an instructor is only using a portion of the book, you may be able to find it at the library or through a fellow student and make photocopies of the pages for much less than buying the entire book. This last benefit works out quite well if you’ve procrastinated and class has already started. Being a mom who works doesn’t have to mean long hours away from your children, though.
To be trapped in a classroom while all of […]July 22, 2016Tech Skills All MBA Students Should Know In the Information Age, MBA students must be tech savvy. From supercomputers to smartphones, technological advancements have made some major modifications to how we […]August 2, 2016Tech Skills All MBA Students Should Know In the Information Age, MBA students must be tech savvy. For some, meeting deadlines can be one of the most challenging and stressful aspects of work. This blog was created to engage a larger audience, a group of lifelong learners who read, think, and provide valuable feedback.
The online bill pay and policy documents have been around for years but today you can do just about everything through these helpful apps. There is no more forgetting to write a check, putting the wrong postage on the envelope or even turning on the computer to pay online. Now, when the insurance company’s app is on the phone, the driver can simply log in and view their proof of insurance card and hand it over to whoever is requesting that information, and even print it out when a printer is available. Gone are the days of waking up your sleeping agent because you have been in a late night fender bender.
What used to be a hassle to get, is now easier than ever since you can pay your bill, file a claim, check the status of claims and even look at all of your insurance documents directly from the app.
I feel so much better because I don’t like to do things without knowing how it works. A new […]October 30, 2014Confidence and Courage in Business Many small business owners freeze up when it’s time to go to networking events, make cold calls, or pitch their business to investors.
These basic skills can present a steep learning curve, but they are all […]July 20, 20164 Unexpected Leadership Lessons from an Organizational Management Program The organizational management discipline seeks to build leaders. Females who step up to the challenge find that […]May 17, 2016How Military Experience Pays Off for Online Students Online learning is a daily exercise in self-discipline. Forward Thinking is meant to be more than a blog; it’s another way of learning – for us and for you. Some of these apps even have a place where you can take a picture of the accident scene and upload it directly to the insurance company, making the claims process go much smoother than it has been in past years where they need to wait for the police report. It is highly encouraged to download the app for your insurance company as soon as you possibly can, since it will help you with all aspects of your policy. Master the secret tricks of the Power Pieces and bonuses to solve puzzles quickly and score huge combos! This is a great blueprint on how it works for anyone that wants to do business on Facebook.
People are starting to buy new cars but the price of gas is starting to go through the roof! In fact, the benefits of using e-books inspired Ashford to develop Constellation, a cloud-based, interactive platform for accessing and annotating Ashford course learning materials on the web or any mobile device.
In both the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and the Master of Arts in […]July 14, 201610 Choices You Need to Make Your First Year of College Navigating the first year of college requires more than academic skills.
Big data refers to the massive amounts of information (data) that compiles every second of every day in the digital age. As you’re not required to drive or walk to classes – and arrive at a […]May 2, 2016Title IX and Gender Equality in Higher Education Since 1987, the United States has officially recognized the month of March as Women’s History Month. When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Higher Education Act of 1965 into law, it made college […]July 26, 2016Maintain Your Motivation During the Summer As a kid, there were few things worse than the idea of summer school. Prior to the interview, the hiring manager only knows you from your […]July 25, 2016The Value of an Internship You’re probably aware of how competitive the job market can be. Research from Georgetown University indicates that […]September 22, 2014College Credit for Your Military Training Did you know that beyond military benefits, you could also earn transfer credits through your military training? Your first year of college presents multiple challenges, at any age and […]July 13, 2016Jumpstart Your Marketing Career with an MBA Whether the MBA is right for you depends on what you want to study and the specialization you choose.
The 2016 theme, as selected by the […]March 8, 2016How Online Learning Can Benefit Students with Chronic Health Issues Candy de la Garrigue enjoyed a fulfilling, lucrative career in telecommunications until a sneeze changed her life.
The need to stand out from the crowd, and make a lasting […]July 19, 2016An Online Student’s Guide to Resume Do’s and Don’ts It seems unfair, doesn’t it? For instance, you can often see the progress of your claim as well as progress on your vehicle directly from your phone, wherever you are at. This site is the first that most […]June 9, 2016How to Clean Up Your Online Presence for Potential Employers Anyone participating in today’s workforce may have their online presence closely scrutinized. She threw out her back when […]February 24, 2016Reflections on Black History Month February 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the first observance of Black History Month.
While African-American history is sewn deeply into the fabric […]February 18, 2016What is a Global Management MBA? Ashford University MBA courses, […]July 9, 20165 Great Networking Tips for Women Many of the most educated women know the secret to success ultimately lies in who you know, not just what you know. Today’s business climate is complicated to say the least, with commerce crossing not just state lines, but international borders. The reality is that many students face a constant […]June 17, 2016How to Maintain Relationships While Pursuing Your MBA Friendships, and sometimes even committed relationships, can be hard to maintain—especially while you’re pursuing your MBA. While […]July 8, 20165 Traits Hiring Managers Look For The job market these days can be a tricky place, especially if you’re the one trying to find a job.

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