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For some reason, the April showers haven’t quite hit San Diego like they normally do and the weather has been fantastic lately.
From admission tickets to stuffed animals and concessions, money was flying around almost as if Sea World was paying us to visit the park. I love buying things on Craigslist and I’ve now completed successful purchases with Disneyland and Sea World tickets. You used to be able to just look at a ticket and if the stub was still attached it was still good. If you’re buying from a private seller, try to get some personal information from them, like where they work or their home address. I found an ad on craigslist for $35 Sea World tickets and the seller I bought them from actually had a blog where she posted all her positive feedback. I don’t really enjoy paying $5 for sodas and $10 for an average burger so I always plan ahead and bring food. If you’re on the adventurous side, you can always try and sneak in a full picnic at the bottom of your backpack or purse. We ventured the park for about 3 hours before we got hungry so we got our re-entry stamps and headed back to the car for a picnic.
I absolutely hate paying for parking but this was the one time I had to give in since there was nothing available within a reasonable distance. I think the best alternative to paying for parking would probably be public transportation. I’ve never had to stay overnight to visit an amusement park but I could only imagine how much that would cost(especially with kids).
Yea I agree, we actually didn’t have to buy one thing since I brought in a frozen water bottle and a bunch of snacks. Haha I actually think the people waiting in line for cokes and snacks are the ones who look like fools! Hmm my BF and I are actually heading to California this summer, though not sure if we’ll make it to San Diego.
Awesome, well if you plan on going to any amusement parks, make sure you don’t pay full price! We also stayed off site for our Disney trip and rented a really nice house ten minutes from the park. Hi Jeff, unfortunately she’s not selling tickets anymore but I do still see quite a few listings on CL right now.
Hello, would you be able to share the craigslist seller you purchased the tickets from please?

Since a dress made from loom bands reached bids of ?170,000 on eBay it seems like everyone's trying to make a quick buck from clothing made out of the gimmick elastics. Lynwen Stonelake, 25, from Swansea, South Wales, is the latest person to make an impressive garment from the plastic rings. The mother-of-one started making loom band bracelets with her daughter Lexi, but was inspired to try something more complex after the loom band dress hit headlines. Speaking to South Wales Evening Post, Lynwen said: "I had seen that they had made a dress, I just thought I would try.
Lynwen is hoping to sell her two-piece and is planning to donate some of the profit to charity. A lock of Bieber's precious hair was once placed in a signed box and sold on eBay for $40,668.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The screws may loosen over time or degrade but same with all feeders, we would just replace. After a month or so, five of the brass screws which fasten the arms to the main pole just sheared off (as in snapped).
Product had no assembly instructions although it was fairly straightforward to put together. Designed to complement our range of wooden bird tables, this feeding station is just as sturdy and stylish. Resignation letter example to use to give two weeks notice when resigning from employment, plus more sample resignation letters and tips on how to resign.
A resignation letter is a short letter formally advising your employer that you are leaving your job. If there is a logical reason for your resignation let’s suppose you have to resign because you have to continue your education then you can mention the reason. It’s not necessary but if it will be feasible then you can also make an offer of providing assistance to your company after the resignation too. Many people are not aware of the fact that a resignation letter is a place in the record of the profile of the employee. Thanks for sharing that with me, as I am hoping to take advantage of this for next weekend.
The transaction was part of eBay's charity sale and the money was donated to an animal rescue foundation.
I had to purchase a set of ground stabillisers to prevent it from blowing over and after a few days the screws holding the arms to the main frame worked loose as did the feeder hooks.

We’ve got a range of sample resignation letter templates to suit just about any circumstance. You can just have a conversation with your boss, tell about your new job, write a small email or give some written confirmation about the resign. It can prevent the chances of the emergence of ill situations like misunderstanding between your colleagues and even boss. However, if you are just leaving because you hate your job then never mind saying anything.
Therefore, it should not be offensive at all and there is no need to mention it explicitly that you hate the job or it has made you frustrated. When we went to Disney last summer, we took our lunches in a backpack and then bought drinks inside the park.
I’m going with my family to San Diego in 2 weeks and would love if you can send me the contact of the person you had purchased the tickets to Seaworld from. Though you may think this buyer was a little crazed, he's going to have a darn good investment when cloning becomes mainstream.
After this happened several times it was impossible to tighten them further as they were eating into the wood. Made in the UK using FSC certified timber, it has four strong metal hooks for hanging bird feeders, coconut shell treats or hanging suet cakes. Sometimes you even have to face problems in the new organization due to your former boss just because you didn’t give the resignation letter.
I pumped some super glue around the hooks which seems to have sealed them in place for now. Being free-standing, this bird feeding station is easy to move for cleaning the area underneath, and relocate to a new area of the garden - which is great for hygiene. New If you officially wish to change your job or switch from one job to another then delivering away the resignation letter will become compulsory. Don’t compromise on your career, make a resignation letter and deliver it straight to your boss before you leave your job.
All in all not very impressed all though the fact that it is wooden makes it look very nice in the garden. It’s a humble advice not to burn any bridges or be harsh because you can never know you might have to work with the same company again.

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