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Hay Day Farmer's Guide - Free Diamonds, Fast Money and Quick Leveling Up by Vanessa Williams. These are 10 videos result for the Hay day how to make money in hay day, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Hay day how to make money in hay day online.
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Get quick access to detailed information of almost 100 crops, products in Hay Day game, right on your iPhone or iPod touch. Hay Day is a farming simulation game from Supercell in which you will build a farm, tend crops, and earn lots of money in the process. You will need an active internet connection in order to play Hay Day, so make sure yours is stable before attempting to play the game. Once you’ve started the game, an introduction video will play showing you what to expect from the game including the setting and goals.
At this point is where you will start building and managing your farm, so let’s go over how to do so. Once a crop fully grows, it will multiply the supply you own, so you will always be making money on each crop you plant. You can then take these painting skills and use them in several of the buildings scattered throughout the farm. Having barnyard animals on your farm is a crucial point of success, so let’s go over how to buy them. From here, there will be various tabs you can pick from with plenty of items to choose from.

In the animal section of the store, you can purchase several different types of animals including chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and more.
Simply having animals is just one aspect necessary to keeping animals; you have to feed them to keep them around. What you do with your crops and eggs is up to you, but one of the things you can do with them is create baked goods in the bakery. Once the bakery has been placed, you can drag bread into it so that it can bake it and create XP and coins that will allow you to enhance your farm in the future. If you ever get stuck and are unsure which action to complete next, you can always check back with Mr. When you tap on the bulletin board, you can then tap on any of the available orders to complete. Get quick access to detailed information of almost 100 crops, products in Hay Day game, right on your iPhone or iPod touch.This is the guides and cheats for Hay Day! Learn here about the best ways to get free diamonds, how to make a lot of coins fast and how to level up quickly.
Always make sure to have crops growing, even if you won’t have time to harvest them for a while.
If you don’t like the color or look of some of the buildings, try painting them as an alternative. When your animals are fed, they are more likely to produce eggs and be happier in the process.
If you do not wish to wait for chickens to lay eggs, you can speed up the process using Diamonds.

You can access and use the basket from the hut inside the pen just as you did with the feed and then drag it across the chickens to collect the eggs. Let’s go over how to build a bakery that you can use to make more money for your farm. From here, you can tap on the buildings tab (third option down) and then drag the Bakery out to your farm.
These orders will require you to have certain items on hand that you can then sell to your client. To complete an additional order, you’ll then need to wait for the delivery truck to come back first. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo! You can then drag the crop around the plots until all of the empty plots have seeds planted in them.
Dragging the icon over the house will completely paint it, giving it a fresh look in the process. Wicker will often have helpful advice you can follow so that you can make sure you’re always making the best decision possible.

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