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To make this virus more hard to removed his creator changed your registry and created autorun files when your computer start-up, the first file is lan.exe then it will calling another files to backup.
As I said in the top articles this virus will using your flashdisk and hijacked windows autoplay function for infection method. Another option read in the top article if virus success it will created file list bla bla that should removed before you restart your computer. Disk Power shows to the computer users a lot of annoying ads once it can get into the computer system. Automatic removal of Disk Power pop-up ads is recommended, as this professional Automatic Removal Tool can fully detect, identify and delete all bad files and components of Disk Power. In the System Configuration Utility window, navigate to Startup tab and disable suspicious items including Disk Power that may cause pop-up ads. Clean the items including Browsing history, Cookies and other site and plug-in data and Passwords from “the beginning of time”.
Restart the PC in order to terminate the normal mode of operation, and access the boot options screen by using the F8 key repeatedly while the system is restarting.
Reboot the computer in the normal mode to see how effectively you are able to follow the above mentioned instructions, and scan your system through an updated version of any reliable antivirus software. Step 1: Download and install WinRAR at trial version from Rarlab (choose the 32 bit or 64 bit at your demand). If this topic does not help, go to our another topic about get Winrar 5 full (32 & 64 bit) Full version free.
Interview with the hacker called "Electron" of the Hacking Group called "The Realm" Part 1 of 6.

Interview with the hacker called "Electron" of the Hacking Group called "The Realm" Part 3 of 6. Interview with the hacker called "Electron" of the Hacking Group called "The Realm" Part 4 of 6.
Interview with the hacker called "Electron" of the Hacking Group called "The Realm" Part 5 of 6. Interview with the hacker called "Electron" of the Hacking Group called "The Realm" Part 6 of 6. Lastly checked with antivirus can detected this virus, I recommended norman (no promotion) then restart your computer, re-scan again to make sure no virus left in your system.
You may copy or publish this article to your blog or other site as long you give credit link back to this site article. It puts unknown files in your computer system and modifies the computer system settings to interrupt your normal operations. The main purpose of this adware is to make the innocent computer users click on the ads and then help the developers to earn money. This is extremely helpful for those who don’t want to take the risk and trouble to perform manual removal. The notorious hackers develop and distributed this lethal browser hijacker with the clear motive to hijack the online activity of the user in order to make money through cyber crimes.
Select the Safe Mode option from the available list of options and press the Enter key so that the infected computer can be started in the safe mode. Access the task manager by holding the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together, and click on the process tab to see the list of processes running in the background.

In this regard, open the start menu, select Run, and type Regedit in the box to access the registry editor.
What is more, Disk Power adware has the ability to keep track of your online behaviors and send your online data to the developers who are sitting in front of the remote server. This malicious application is designed in a manner that it is capable of monitoring your browsing, and then uses this information to steal your most private data like credit card numbers, shopping preferences, and passwords.
I believe mostly people are hard and false to follow this step, before you deleted wrong files and blame me…. Disk Power is able to redirect the computer users to malicious web pages, some of which may lead to unexpected virus infections like Trojans and worms. It is likely to be associated with the development of some rogue or even malicious programs. Needless to say, Disk Power is a threat and you should never allow the adware to stay in your computer system. Once installed, it modifies the system settings completely including the home page, default browser, and desktop background.

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