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Having signed up to their website for over 2 weeks now, I have yet to receive a SINGLE email to click for earnings. Nonetheless, Empower Network’s stature as an authority site has allowed me to warn more internet users about this new pyramid scheme. If you have a cause to promote, or a message you would like to put out to an international audience, and would like to know how to quickly rank on the search engines using Empower Network, write your questions in the comments box below!
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Julian Wong is a Bathroom Singer Extraordinaire, RC Car Freak, "Challenged" Dad of 2 Hyperactive Kids, and adopter of Handsome but Foul-Breathed X-Bred Dog. In comparison, the several other Email Safe Lists and Solo Ad Providers I’m signed up with typically send me paid emails to click at a frequency or 4 times per week to as much as 4 times per hour. When I blog posted MyRightAd Information, I ranked number 1 on Google Search Engine Results. I initially hoped it would have some legitimate value to offer, but apparently it is yet another Ponzi scheme where there is no actual Email List Advertising or Solo Ad Advertising as what the website would like to have people think it is.

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