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A total eclipse of the Sun has not been seen in the continental USA for nearly two generations. Although people may opt for the longer durations in eastern regions of the USA, poorer weather prospects here suggest going west.
Prudence may suggest observing from regions of good weather prospects with shorter durations than locations with longer durations that have higher probabilities of not seeing the eclipse at all. Currently maximum total eclipse durations are declining with the 2009 July eclipse longest of the 21st Century.
Finally, maximum duration of a total solar eclipse occurs only on the center line of the eclipse path about mid-way between its ends. Read about the Eclipse at Madras, Oregon including circumstance of the eclipse in Part  4. A Canadian couple found a skeleton while digging for a new fence at their home in Sarnia only to be told that they had to pay $5,000 for its archeological assessment. Native woman: The state of the skeleton's teeth suggest that she was part of a hunting, gathering, and fishing community. According to local law, property owners to pay for the archeological assessment of any human remains found on their land.
The Aamjiwnaany First Nation is also rumored to be fundraising money in order to pay for the archaeological assessment.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Three young women from disparate backgrounds have one thing in common: They are bombarded daily by a culture that is saturated with sex -- from rap lyrics to the fashion industry to cyberporn. Winnifred, 12, a precocious New York City girl on the cusp of adulthood, wears fish-net stockings and low-cut tops, striving to emulate her musical idol, Lady Gaga. Laura, a 22-year-old kindergarten teacher from Alexandria, Va., saves her money for vaginal plastic surgery, convinced reducing the size of her labia will change her life.
Nichole, 32, of Clearwater, Fla., was once Nikita Kash, a stripper and pole dancer, but now, all she wants is to have a baby with the husband she met in the porn business.
Perhaps they do not represent typical American youth, but they all feel the pressure to be beautiful and to be sexy.
All three stories are intertwined in "Sexy Baby," an award-winning documentary about how technology and pornography are shaping the sexual identity of young girls.
With Facebook, smart phones and instant access to the Internet, a generation of children is getting their sex education from online porn.
The film, a first from former Miami Herald journalists Ronna Gradus and Jill Bauer, opens Oct.
The idea for the film began when Gradus, a photographer, was shooting a story on college bars and she noticed even the mainstream ones had stripper poles. In the film, viewers watch the maturation of Winnifred, the oldest of the three girls of Jeni and Ken. Winnifred's 4-year-old sister Myrtle follows in her older sister's footsteps, lip syncing to Britney Spears and writhing her little body on the floor. Their mother Jeni is part-amused, part-horrified raising her old-beyond-their-years daughters. The young men who influence women like Laura have an unrealistic picture of what is normal, according to the film makers. Laura never hesitated to participate in the film, even allowing them to film vaginal surgery, according to the directors.

Because of their own age differences, Bauer and Gradus say their own lives are witness to the culture change. Even Nichole, the jaded stripper, who with her husband recruits talent for the industry, laments the prevalence of Internet porn. The directors were happily surprised by the positive reaction to their documentary, especially from Winnifred's mother Jeni, who exposed her family to intrusive cameras. The Emmy nominations will be announced this Thursday, so it’s the perfect time to talk about quality television. The shows I’m talking about get glowing reviews from critics and probably get quite a few Emmy nominations. Game of Thrones is not only critically acclaimed and nominated for awards, but it offers plenty of opportunities to show off your smarts if you’ve read the books. I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly The Good Wife is, like, a really important show and stuff? I binged both of these shows this year to finally see what the hype is about and it’s so worth it! I only watch The Good Wife, but I make up for the 9 others by not watching dumb shows either. So you can become smart by watching those shows which are quite inaccurate and portray the limitations of the writing staff. A seven minute duration will not happen again until 2150 June (7m14s) while a total eclipse with a duration near maximum is nearly two centuries in the future. Not until 2078 will total eclipse durations begin to increase when Saros cycle 139 begins to bring eclipses of longer and longer durations.
This position may often be difficult to access as it was, for example, during the 2012 November Australia eclipse. Ken Campbell and Nicole Sauve found the remains of a 400-year-old Native American woman while carrying out their home improvements.The couple were shocked by the discovery but even more so to find that they would have to pay $5000 for experts to assess it. Sauve, who believes she was just doing the right thing by the skeleton by reporting it, is confused as to why she should now be saddled with the bill and wonders what it means for other cases in the area. The Native woman is probably a descendant of that tribe, and was repatriated in one of their cemeteries.
Filming for three years, they heard from tweens, college students and parents who feel a sense of confusion in a world where sex means power.
Anthony and Ruth Bader Ginsberg," she says confidently, acting out her own play in a middle-school theater group. Her parents, who are separated, ground Winnifred eight times in six months for abusing her computer privileges.
Sometimes it’s good to take a break from watching strangers look for love or half-laughing through derivative comedies to experience the type of show smart people watch.
Even when it fails, it still succeeds, because it does things differently from most other series, especially comedies. And then they can debate with people about exactly how gratuitous Lena Dunham’s nakedness was in that particular episode. The Good Wife is the only network drama that somehow managed to remain a quality show for multiple seasons. Although eclipse durations have their maximum values along points on the central line, these durations diminish with increasing distance from the central line.
Almost half are approximately three minutes or less (as will be with the 2017 August eclipse).

This will not happen until the remarkable 2186 July total eclipse (7m29s), the longest duration of totality during the years -2000 to +4000. For this eclipse, maximum duration was 4m02s over the central Pacific Ocean and not the Australian mainland.
Let's dig some more and see what we can find.'When they realized the bones belonged to a human, they called police. She primps for a seductive photo shoot with her girlfriend Olivia, later posting the images online.
Just saying you watch one of these shows gives you instant cool points, even if you can’t form a single comprehensible sentence about it. But the next day you’ll be talking about T-shirt symbolism and what Don really meant when he said that thing. If you have to adjust the brightness on your TV while you watch something, odds are it’ll increase your intelligence by at least 10%. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon's disk is not large enough to hide the entire solar disk at maximum eclipse.
Unfortunately, this long duration will take place about 400 mi (640 km) east of South America in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 mi (800 km) north of the equator. Fortunately, greatest duration for the 2017 August eclipse does occur over the mainland USA.
The police then called an archaeologist who estimated that the bones belonged to a Native American woman from the 1500s or early 1600s and that she was about 24-years-old when she died. Totality is a two minute eclipse on the West Coast with the east coast having 34 seconds more. Thus, western location may again have an advantage since summer storms tend to build during afternoon hours, a common occurrence during summer months.
The duration of totality decreases slowly at first with the distance from the central line of totality then increases rapidly. Although much less spectacular than total solar eclipses, central durations are often much longer. Bob Bailey, Sarnia-Lambton MPP, read about Sauve's predicament in a local paper and is working to make sure the couple won't have to pay. When he came across bones he figured they belonged to an animal and didn't pay them much attention. The approximate range in altitude of the Sun in degrees during the eclipse is also shown for both west and east regions. For example, at a distance of 60% away from the central line to the edge of totality, the duration is still 80% of maximum.
Even if the fractional distance from the central line is one half, the loss in duration is only about 15%.
He believes the couple may be eligible to receive money from the Registrar of Cemeteries for 'undue financial burden.'But Sauve says applying for consideration means even more work. Archaeologists finished their investigation last Tuesday, and the remains were moved to a cemetery on the Aamjiwnaany First Nation June 12. Hence, observers usually do not need to be exactly on the central line to experience most of the duration of totality.

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