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Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInThere are many Naruto web games around, but only the one in China under Tencent Games is officially licensed by its Japan counterpart. Playing as a member of Team 7 initially, players will soon be able to mix different characters acquired via the cash shop (random draw), quests or from daily login rewards. The most interesting part about the whole game is figuring out which characters will sync better in terms of combos. Typical of an Asian web game, there are various PvE and PvP modes along with several other features. Since Tencent Games probably licensed the IP for tons of money, I doubt we will see an overseas version. MMO Culture is a small website focused on reporting the latest and most interesting news from the online gaming world.

A co-development effort with Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2 (developer of the Naruto console games), the story starts right from the beginning. It is basically the same system as the numerous random character gashapon found in mobile card games these days.
Combo skills are automatically activated when the requirement is met, and not all characters will be able to do so. Of course, this system is not perfect, and for some combinations, it is better for players to manually activate the special skills.
It seems like a waste not to pursue a full-fledge client MMORPG, as the foundation is there to make something special. Online gaming since 1999, and has worked in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry (Journalist, Game Master, Community Manager, Operations Manager) since 2008.

Covering regions such as South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, the aim is to keep gamers informed of all MMO cultures!
Chakra (or MP) is needed to trigger the skills, with each round getting more max chakra until maxing at 100. An example are the gems found in the cash shop, which directly strengthens characters in battle.

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