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Boutonniere (also known as flowers boutonniere) is the male equivalent for the bodice worn by a woman.
Boutonniere is usually a selection of one or two small flower, fern or individual with little greenery.
You can make a groom flowers boutonniere, unlike other boutonniere, choosing different colors for it. For quite some time, the desire to personalize as much as possible this beautiful event, the wedding, bridal couple accessories take shapes much more special.

You should be very careful when you choose the flowers for the groom because in some cases he can be prone to allergies. We all know that the bride is in the center of attention on every wedding but you should not forget the importance of the groom’s boutonniere, he must stand out somehow beside the bride. I was also wondering if you have a pattern for the plastic canvas victorian boot or a place I might find the pattern thats in the photo.
If the bride has someone else that goes her to the altar, that person should wear buttonholes also. If you prefer the groom and his attendants wear the same color flower, demand that the groom shall be with double flower.

A summer boutonniere may be a little sunflower, a fall boutonniere could be a maple leaf that suits for a rustic wedding or a mini lavender pine cone as well.
If the groom is not very tall, or not very solid, a large buttonhole with flowers and accessories is not recommended.

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