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If your product is right, but you earn too little from your current customer base, perhaps it’s time to look around.
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Reviews you can trust from a mom just like you; giveaways to enter 'cause everyone loves a freebie! This post has been sponsored by YourCareMoments, where you can earn cash for by taking 2-3 minute mobile surveys about your healthcare experiences. I’m not sure which site you are talking about, but yes, I have gotten checks from a number of sites. Today on Thrifty Nifty Mommy you'll continue to find great reviews, but also crafts, recipes, giveaways, and a glimpse into the life of our family. We started our journey in 2009 with one mission; to make cute paper crafting projects that everyone can enjoy and also afford. June 7, 2015 By Keith Leave a Comment No one ever said that making money with your blog was easy. Renting out ad space on your blog page is one of the most popular ways to make money blogging. As the writer of your blog, you know best what kind of people are reading your posts and what kind of ads they are likely to click on. There are many ways to make money with your blog, but none of them will be successful without your blog being popular in the first place.
Once your blog has gained popularity and you have accumulated enough committed followers, you can take your work to the next level by selling books, eBooks, or software related to your blog.
So many businesses are based online now, but not everyone knows the best ways to use their website. If you have great products that are already selling well, you can branch out into selling something more. You might ordinarily not want to believe that you make more money by having others do your jobs, do you? All rich and wealthy people have people working for them – and it is people’s jobs and time that actually make them rich and wealthy, and not the jobs they do themselves with their two hands.
Using the OTP principle works anywhere and any day, but this principle also subsists on another principle – it works only for employers of labour and very little for workers of labour.
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It is easy to get distracted by other issues, such as creating new products or managing day to day tasks.
Example instead of selling them an upscale car wash, offer a complete detail or offer added value services such as carpet dying and headlight repair. If you’re are spending your time on routine tasks when you could be out there making sales or providing your service, you are losing money.
Like last week i had no jobs, but winter is finally gone and this week I at least have a job a day. Despite being chef, admin, chauffeur, psychologist, teacher, and maid, there is no paycheck waiting for you at the end of every month.
Companies will pay a lot of money to know exactly what goes on in the minds of their consumers. Technically this is not a way to make you money, but you can sure save a lot (four words: Extreme Couponing on TLC). Getting free products straight to your door and endlessly giving your opinion – what’s not to love?
You can do anything from create branded content for companies like Coca-Cola and Google to being a remote personal assistant. Garage sales, flea markets and consignment stores are a hassle that leave you inexplicably exhausted and produce minimal profits, if any. Shortly after our launch, we discovered a love for party printables and began offering invitations and party decorations for kids.

It is true that there are blogs on the Internet generating thousands of dollars per month and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, however, that kind of income is generated by an incredibly small number of very successful blogs. On one side of the spectrum, there are those who start blogging simply looking for a way to make a little extra money.
While popular advertising platforms such as AdSense and AdBrite are simple and hassle-free, their ads are not always as relevant to your blog as you might like them to be. There are billions of blogs on the Internet, and no matter how informative or interesting your posts are, gaining followers is never easy.
With memberships, you are in control of everything: how much and how frequently your readers are paying and what they are paying to see. Not everyone will end up with a successful blog that makes thousands of dollars per month, but as long as you go in with the right attitude and are smart about monetizing your blog, being at least semi-successful at making money with your blog is a distinct and very realistic possibility. I've created this resource to help those looking to create a blog have the tools and how-to's to help them along the process of doing just that! Even if you provide offline services, you need to be able to use your site to its best potential. For example, if you’re selling watches to your customers, you could add other accessories.
They are simply exploiting the principle of Other People’s Time (OTP) – when people apply all their time to work for you and you only pay them for their time. When you get nervous looking at your appointments, Like i always do, remember, most people set up an appointment a day or 2 ahead of time, not weeks. If you have the time to add a few more jobs to your resume – like survey panelist, product tester, or sales associate – you can start making money today! Share your experiences or opinions, and within a few minutes you can make 5, 10, 15 dollars or rack up points to redeem gift cards or win prizes. To really make a difference in your shopping, you need to do a little more than clip coupons from the Sunday paper.
You can test anything from detergent to pilot services like HBO did with its streaming service. Freelancing is the perfect merger of traditional occupations and freedom – you can apply your knowledge from school or past time in the job force, but still choose when and how frequent you want to work – it truly is the best of both worlds. Instead of using your precious time to set up tables, make flyers, and cart your stuff around, use it to take pictures and post about your items. I started Thrifty Nifty Mommy in 2010 to provide quality reviews of family friendly products, so families could save money by purchasing the right product for their family the first time.
Recently, we ventured into the stationery business and began selling rubber stamps, stickers and various supplies.
On the other side, there are those who begin blogging inspired by dreams of creating a blog that will make them rich.
Choosing what kind of ads you would like on your blog means contacting website and product owners individually and working with them to put their ads on your blog.
Instead of waiting for people to stumble onto your blog and fall in love with your content, guest writing on somebody else’s already-popular blog will put your name out there and bring people to your blog without them having to find it by themselves. You can charge a one-time entrance fee to your blog, after which one can read your content to their hearts content, or you can charge a recurring fee that must be paid every month or year in order to continue viewing your content. You may be making money from your site, whether it’s an online store or a front for your offline business. Let us break this down a bit: people generally work 8 am-5 pm – 9 hours every day for salaries.
It tells you that you are better off with your own business as an entrepreneur and an employer of labour than you are working for a living under some else.
Frequency and payments can vary significantly between surveys, but some of my favorite sites include YourCareMoments, it pays cash and is focused on helping more people gain access to quality healthcare (a cause we can all get behind!) and aggregators like Survey Police and Survey Savvy, both of which rank surveys based on user feedback.
Expand your couponing to the web with Shoppers, CouponMom and Cool Savings – just make sure your printer has plenty of ink. As an added bonus, companies often let you keep the products you test and pay you to tell them about your experiences. There are many websites that connect job seekers with employers; some like Task Rabbit and ODesk are broader, with everything from sales to web design, while others are more targeted like Elance and Contently, both of which focus on marketing and writing.

If you have an abundance of clothes, accessories and books, try sites like Tradsey or Book Scouter and for all the miscellaneous items, Ebay and Craig’s List are always good options.
We now have 4 children: Maggie (age 6), Jacob (age 3), Zellene (age 1) and our youngest little guy Gideon born in February 2016.
As we look into the paper possibilities in the future, we like to reflect on the following: Be original. While the former approach is definitely more realistic, the fact is, there is legitimate money to be made by blogging, and if you go about it in smart way, take the right steps, and post informative, interesting, and popular content, blogging can prove to be a fun and simple way to make money. When considering requiring a membership, remember that not all of your content has to be paid-only.
There are lots of ways that you can expand the products or services that you have on offer. Now, how much would Aliko Dangote make for himself if he were to do all his jobs himself with his two hands?
Now imagine 15 staffs working 9 hours for you every day, that makes 135 hours + your own 9 hours = 144 hours of labour generating income for you alone per day, as opposed to the 9 hours each of your staff generate income for themselves per work day.
Read on to discover the many ways you can make money without the hassle or cost of a commute, yes, even in your pajamas! Also, if there is a store loyalty card available, get it; they always give you extra savings and special coupons for next time. I love sharing about the great products I find that help to make our lives easier, while also talking about some of my passions like home birth & natural childbirth, travel, family life, and living a semi-green life.
After signing up to AdSense, they will review your blog and decide whether or not they would like to advertise with you. How much would Raymond Dokpesi, Femi Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim, Ifeanyi Ubah, or even Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki and Bill Gates among other make for themselves per month if only them were to do all their jobs with their two hands? This means 30 hands + plus your own two hands = 32 hands working for you alone daily as contrasted to 2 hands working for each staff alone per day.
It tells you that Nigeria and your family would benefit more from you having your own business and earning more by employing labour, than by working yourself to death serving “time” under some else.
And couponing does not have to be reserved to food shopping; sites like Retail Me Not compile coupons for retailers online and in stores. If they like your blog, they will allow you to place their ads on it, and you will earn money every time someone clicks on an ad.
If you are working as an affiliate for a website like Amazon, every time someone buys a product after clicking on its link on your blog, the seller will give you a percentage of the product’s price. And you can combine its powers with your offline efforts to get maximum impact from your work. You want to have things that you can sell well, instead of hedging your bets on a range of loosely related products. Would your MD or boss be richer than you if he did everything on his own, and you and other staff never contributed to his company? Try it out today, you relax more, have more time on your hands for personal commitments, and even make more money when you have people working for you than when you have to do everything yourself. For private discounts on restaurants and experiences there are always Gilt, One Kings Lane, Groupon and Living Social. The more popular your blog is, the more people will click on your ads and the more money you’ll make.
This means, your employer is simply using Other People’s Time (OTP) to make wealth, while you are only using your own time to make money – he makes wealth (you’re part of his wealth) and you make money.
This shall be our next focus when we post on employing labour, outsourcing of labour, and even delegation of labour.

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