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Xenoblade Chronicles X is a massive game — and one I am still not even close to finishing. You play as one of the Earth survivors whose cryo-pods were scattered across the planet during the colony’s rocking landing. This is one of those games where flat-out grinding is often a quicker way to level up than questing. As I talked about at length over on US Gamer’s RPG Podcast, Xenoblade X plays like an MMORPG despite its single player nature. This also means that most battles simply involve running in a circle around the enemy while at your max melee range, trying to stay away from its attack angle as you manoeuvre to hit its weak point. So despite the large amount of skills, weapons, and classes in Xenoblade X, I found the game’s combat to be a slog more often than not.
Frankly, it’s pretty enough that I have spent an inordinate amount of time just taking pictures of the world or jogging from one end of the world to the other. Two full working weeks of 7 hour days and you came to the conclusion that the game was “boring” before it’s even finished. I’ve got no idea what it is, but the balance between getting a review out on time, playing the whole (or even most of) the title and running the risk that the game will fall over after launch (Halo MCC, Skyrim PS3, Project CARS Xbone, Drive Club….I could go on) is way off. I feel with a game like this, except for in really exceptional cases, a large RPG shouldn't be reviewed after playing a big chunk of a game.
One of the most basic features of the game, FrontierNav, which is always prominently displayed on your Gamepad, is never truly fully explained. So you're not fumbling around with for an hour until you figure it out like me, here are some helpful tips to make you a FrontierNav expert by the time you make your first steps on the planet Mira.
There are three main modes for FrontierNav; the Map view, Segment view and FrontierNav view.
This is probably the most self explanatory of the three modes, but it also the least useful. The first useful mode is what you'll be using when scoping out what to do on each segment of each continent, hence the name. This mode is useful to see which Probe locations are linked together for bonuses, indicated by a blue line. This button, which is located on the top left of the Gamepad, will give you an overview of the entire map of Mira. Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome.Not a member? Credits don't seem like a valuable resource until Skells become available to buy about 30 hours into your first adventure. Late-game, after unlocking the Flight Module Skell upgrade, you'll be able to explore even more of the vast continents of Mira and face its toughest opponents.
Valuable resources are available to collect at low to mid or even high levels at FN Site 224 in Noctilum. This cave is home to a Tyrant named "Buchwold, the Guardian" with tons of item crystals scattered all over.
Selling the items you get from this cavern can net you upwards of 50k credits in about five minutes.
Once you've unlocked the Flight Module and have a Level 50 Skell, it's possible to make a million credits in fifteen minutes.
Once again, to defeat these xenoforms you'll need to be around Level 60 with a Level 50 Skell. Check out the quest list in NLA and scroll down to take "Scouting Antropolis" -- it gives a 300k reward per completion.
This is a locked quest that only becomes available after completing the main story and defeating the final boss.

Joshua Vanderwall I don't remember seeing anybody mention gamergate except to complain for months.
However, with over 70 hours of gameplay under my belt, I think I am finally ready to tell you what this game is all about. Recognising that the planet is in danger, the human population loads into space colony ships to escape the looming destruction of the planet.
Together with the other soldiers like yourself, you work to explore the world, find other survivors, and help the citizens of New Los Angeles acclimate to their new home. The first are quest board-style quests with no story component, just a blurb telling you where to go or what to do.
Occasionally, the game tries to change it up by making you use a certain weapon or by sending you off to hunt a monster that only appears in certain weather conditions; but all that really serves to do is make the fetch quests more monotonous. You have your auto attack (which goes off at regular intervals) and then various special attacks, skills, heals, buffs and debuffs on a shortcut bar at the bottom of your screen. What kind of ranged and melee weapons you can use is dependent on which class you are playing as — with the possibilities ever increasing as weapons (and therefore attached skills) from previously mastered classes are also available for the choosing. As such, an enemy can attack you through walls (or even mountains) as if there is no obstruction at all. Not only is the combat boring, but painfully slow as well — even by MMORPG standards.
However, a mecha has one other fantastic quality: It makes exploring the planet much faster and easier.
Instead, they drop materials that can be used in the game’s vast crafting system to make everything from items and accessories to weapons and mecha parts.
In the years to come, I hope that the hours I spent exploring beautiful landscapes of this alien world are what I remember about Xenoblade X, and not, you know, everything else.
The reason I ask is that all of the criticisms levelled at XCX could also be the case with XC but I personally didn't find that to be true.
Remember, it is just one person's opinion (preferences and biases included) and if you like the look of the game then at least give it a shot so you KNOW whether or not it's for you. I really liked Xenoblade, but it was primarily because it had a strong plot to keep me going in addition to all the other stuff.
At one point following a plot mission I did nothing but kill constantly for around 4-5 hours (mid to end point of the game) dropped it around then. The game touches on the fact that you use it for deploying Probes and fast traveling, but what are all these other modes for it? Each of these serves their own purpose and you'll most likely be utilizing all three of them quite frequently. It simply gives you the layout of the current part of the map you're in, also provided you have uncovered it by finding a point of interest. Fast travel points are indicated as tiny oragne squares on the bottom right of the little hexagon.
If you see three or more connected, that means you can install the same type of Probe for a percentage bonus. In its default view, you'll see the continents shown on the left, with NLA districts on the right.
What you'll need to do is tap the screen, disable off-screen play, navigate your map, and then re-enable off-screen play again.
Those powerful Xenoblade Chronicles X mechs are only available to adventurers with a huge stack of credits.
Buying gear for your on-foot party members suddenly looks like a pittance compared to the steep prices Skells go for from NLA vendors. The enemies inside will only attack if you're in a Skell -- they don't aggro if you're on-foot.

The Tyrant will not attack if you're on-foot, allowing you to collect the item drops then fast-travel back to NLA. With a good Skell, you're looking at about one minute of work to finish the Support Mission. There a numerous side quests to be done in between story missions — one or two of which are usually prerequisites for starting the next story mission. In battle, your teammates will occasionally call out for you to perform a certain kind of attack or skill.
The lack of line-of-sight rules for the AI also makes typical MMORPG battle tactics like line-of-sight pulling and kiting impossible. Normal battles against single monsters of the same level rarely take less than a minute — and often much longer. Instead of simple mountains and deserts like on Earth, Mira is filled with wondrous alien environments: Impossible rock formations span the skyline, ancient alien relics sit looming in the distance, and strange and unique wildlife fill every nook and cranny.
Instead of being nothing more than fast travel points, building the planet’s internet infrastructure (and accompanying mini-game) is actually your main source of income on Mira. So if, according to Richard, there's no difference between XC and XCX then I'm inclined to think I'm really going to enjoy the game. Case in point, I (like many others I'm assuming) had a massive urge to play Fallout 3 recently.
But this with the silent, player-created avatar and the seeming focus on a bland sandbox and online co-op was always seeming like it wasn't for me. You can change the type of mode on the top right of the Gamepad screen by hitting the little green icon. If you see the orange square, just tap on that hexagon and then you'll see an orange button pop up on the bottom left of the Gamepad screen to initiate fast travel. If you've installed a Data Probe, that empty icon will turn into an icon with blue gears on it, indicating that you can change the type of Probe installed there. You can read more on how to properly get these bonuses in my Probe Guide which you can find here. You can also switch these views by tapping one of the two buttons on the top; World or NLA. Tapping on that location will then show a zoomed-in view of the location, letting you pick a fast travel point that's close to your objective, cutting down on travel time, and if you have a Skell, saving some of that fuel. I love the game and the story, but after a few hours I was burnt out on it and nit picking at minor details which I feel may have been the case in this review.
FrontierNav mode is also very useful when you're simply searching for Data Probe spots as well. You get a few short cutscenes detailing their lives and problems in the crashed space colony. Completing one of these world objectives unlocks fast travel to said location — which is definitely a needed touch in an open world this large.
On that point, it seems as though combat is essentially the same as XC and as someone who put 200 hours into the game, I clearly didn't find the combat boring. Once you complete a specific task on a segment, it will turn into a golden shield with a star on it. In this mode, you can also use fast travel, but only to spots linked to Data Probes, whereas Segmented Mode gives you the option to fast travel to other locations as well.
In fact the sheer number of options and skills made it deep enough that I'd often just try different skill combinations etc for the fun of it.

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