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Everyone has their own rationale for hoarding, but I justified my excessive unworn collection to the fact that it all meant something to me beyond its’ functional purpose. It’s hard to avoid fast fashion these days, as the bulk of what I tossed from my closet was from fast fashion retailers. The bulk of what I decided to purge from my closet was fast fashion, and you don’t really realize how much of it you own until you dump it all in the middle of your room.
When I was done with cleaning out my wardrobe from years past, the one realization that I quickly came to was how little of it is actually worn on a consistent basis. One of the main reasons why my closet ballooned to being a swamp of unworn clothing was due to the fact that in my formidable years of getting into men’s fashion, I tried to hop on every single menswear trend that was possible. The 2011-2013 version of myself was gullible, thinking every single menswear trend could possibly work for myself.
This is going to sound completely contradicting coming from a menswear blogger, but after getting rid of 70 percent of my closet, I was content with what I had left. The option of whether to purchase the high end or cheaper alternatives is always a decision I think a lot of us struggle with.
Uniqlo is known to be a household name for anyone that is looking for unbranded, everyday basics.
With more of us buying clothing from the internet, a lot of the finer details that you can only notice by getting a feel of the garment gets overlooked.
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No doubt about it: Attractive women are used to being held up on pedestals and pursued by men all day long. Most guys think it’s obvious, but here’s the real fact: Romance is powerful for creating attraction in a way that goes way beyond the whole prince-on-a-white-horse routine. OK, big fella, listen up: It’s a scientific fact that attractive women have an unconscious attraction to “dominant” men. If you show just a touch of class and culture (in other words, not so much that it’s boring) attractive women will pick up on it fast. This is the big one: Absolutely nothing is a bigger turn-off to attractive women than a buzz-kill. It’s the one thing I can always justify to buy, even when those purchases make completely no sense. Whether it was a 2006 Good Music T-shirt , hoodies from a old brand started by a friend or a Nike Destroyer Jacket that hasn’t been worn in years, I can remember the exact time I bought all that stuff and how I wore them. I can see the argument for fast fashion; it democratizes fashion giving everyone access to the latest trendiest runway level designs at a fraction of the cost. Racks on racks of t-shirts, cardigans, chinos, graphic t-shirts with some worn in, some only worn once, and even some not even worn at all.
I’m probably not the only who sticks to a handful of pieces that are consistently worn year round.
You can go in so many different directions, but for the sake of your wallet, the one piece of advice I have is to find your style and for the most part stick with it. I did not feel the need to replenish all the clothes that were given away by going on some insane, balls out, shopping spree.

You could save yourself a few dollars and make a purchase that is of less quality, but at what cost? We inject way more value in it, leading us to care for the garment and wear it a lot more often. With the way men are consuming clothing at such a fast pace and the ease of shopping via the internet, it’s difficult to take a step away from the weekly drops. After talking with as many off-the-hook beautiful women as I have, the shocking truth becomes clear fast: When it comes to the qualities they’re looking for in the guys who constantly approach them, looks and money don’t even make the top 10.
So, if you want to stand out from the 1,000 other guys who hit on her all day long, challenge her. 9: More than gifts and compliments, attractive women want to know that you’re thinking about them. Attractive women can get almost anything they want in life from men, so don’t try to impress them with gifts. Learn how to come across as the kind of man who knows how to connect with a woman emotionally and you’ll be golden. In fact, the dominant males in some primate groups account for up to 75% of all the matings with desirable females (while less dominant apes go home and watch Skinamax alone).
If you can keep her laughing, everything will go your way no matter how you screw up otherwise — all because attractive women are magnetically drawn to men who crack them up. Over the years of being a pretty hardcore fashion enthusiasts, you tend to collect, stock, and sometimes hoard clothing. Other than the well documented issues with fast fashion, my main personal issue with it  is how we treat the clothing itself. The goal of fast fashion is to aid you to make aimless purchases that you don’t really need. Every trend endorsement made by Details, GQ, Esquire, Complex, Hypebeast and Highsnobiety offered meant that I needed to have it. Knowing what you like and the style that you gravitate towards will help you curate an effective wardrobe that pretty much can go together not matter how you wear it. Yes the higher end designers and brands normally have higher marketing budgets; a high end reputation to maintain, which is reflective on the higher price tag.
If you act indifferent and aloof to beautiful women, if you make them think that you’re only calling because you’re bored, and act almost disinterested sexually, they’ll often do their very best to get your attention. Even if you just tell a woman that you don’t like it that she’s out with another guy, she’ll love it, because it means you were thinking about her. Instead of just looking at the surface of a woman, look within her to find the beautiful parts. Even though there are still sentimental feelings to all the old clothing, the practicality simply was not there; especially with it taking up the majority of my closet real estate. Even when my closet was about to explode and I had plenty of options to choose from, it was still those basics that I consistently grabbed for to get dressed for everyday. Well, the end result of being a trend happy fuccboi meant that you burn a ton of cash and you end up with things that are only worn once because the trend didn’t really jive with me anymore.
For me, it’s all about simple sportswear pieces hoodies, sweatshirts, sneakers, outerwear and basics such as white t-shirts, and black denim, and sprinkle in some streetwear.
The hoodies are great, but is there really a point  of having the same hoodie in five different colourways?

They use some of the best custom knit terry fabric that feel as soft as plush luxury towel.
Use your intelligence to surprise an attractive woman with off-the-wall, fun ideas, fantasies and unexpected things, and you’ll charm her. Make a donation, help out someone less fortunate, donate time at a soup kitchen, and invite her along to see you in action. Women become instantly addicted to skillful lovers who know how to make them feel ecstasy and teach them new ways of feeling incredible.
Use your imagination to see opportunities for poetic comments, interesting stories, fascinating history, and emotional interpretation to everything, and you’ll sweep her right off her feet (and into bed). It was a humbling experience to see the piles of clothing that was barely worn and how it felt like a big waste of money.
In the era of fashion we live in, we’re always pushed by ads, magazines, bloggers, editors, to buy more, but in reality we really don’t need the racks and racks of clothing that is constantly sold to us. Gone are the days where I try my hand at loafers, sport coats and lapel pins to become this trendy menswear renaissance man. Wouldn’t it be a wiser decision to purchase like a really good, well made one, say from John Elliott? The detail and finishing of the flatlock stitching and overlap on the hood can really only be appreciated once you try it on. But, I’m not talking about the kind of assertiveness that makes her feel intimated or uncomfortable, or oversteps her boundaries.
I suggest you watch Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair, Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind or Tom Cruise in Top Gun, to get the idea of the kind of humor I’m talking about. After a few days of sorting and bags, on bags, on bags of clothing that were donated, I finally had a normal human being’s closet. If you’re an expert in an area that’s cool, present it from an “I know a lot about this, let me show you” perspective, and not an “I’m so smart and you’re not” angle. The Cocky & Funny trait is really mild overconfidence combined with an awesome sense of humor. Women will absolutely obsess over a genuinely fun guy who flirts a little, shows them a good time, and then doesn’t call the next day. Even though the task was tedious and time consuming, cleaning out my closet, taught me something about style. The clothes are pretty much buried in our wardrobe as trends move at such a frigid pace in fashion. Also be aware that some attractive women are actually intimidated by a man with a deep education, so step carefully. The piece is either no longer in style or it doesn’t feel or fit right after the first wash.

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