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One Alabama Democrat has chosen to criticize capitalism in quite possibly the most capitalistic way imaginable — by launching a startup company that produces mobile apps. As you swipe, a rolling counter at the top of the screen keeps up with the amount of cash you’ve swiped out of the money clip.
Make it Rain has been so successful that it recently skyrocketed to the top of the iTunes app chart.

And Rush Limbaugh got his start on radio where a good chunk of his schtick was criticizing other radio stations for their talk radio. If most liberals would tell you you can’t get really rich without doing unethical illegal things, what should that tell us about most liberals in Congress, which in terms of wealth is dominated by Democrats? It has since dropped to the number 2 spot after being overtaken by puzzle game 100 Balls, but the app continues to be downloaded at a brisk pace as word-of-mouth spreads.

He also announced his intention to run again in 2010, but dropped out before the primary election.

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