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We are also a short walk from Moorgate and Old Street stations (click a station name to see the route on the map).
It seems that in the age of online applications and email that the humble cover letter still gets read.
The desire to start at the bottom and to prove oneself definitely seems to have declined in the last few years. Gold might be highly associated with jewellery making, but it has also become an important asset in medical research and studies. However, more to its use in general medical practice, a more recent breakthrough in the field of medical research has unveiled more beneficial medical properties from this precious metal.
In addition to fighting infections, the use of gold in cancer treatment has also been discovered. Other applications of gold in medicine include treatment for the following health conditions: rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and HIV. As research continues in pursuit of medical knowledge and processes involving gold, it won’t be surprise if more medical applications of gold will soon be introduced.
On Monday an American student sent a cover email and application to a Wall Street boss he’d only briefly met.

For many, getting hired is the end of slog, whereas in reality it’s still just the beginning. By continuing to use our website you are accepting our use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Every now and then emerge new technologies, discoveries and treatment methods that make treatment more efficient, effective and advanced.
Modern medical research has revealed that gold helps to stimulate re-growth of skin cells and fight the degradation of collagen. Gold is also found to have high resistance against bacteria, which makes it very effective in fighting common infections. The use of radioactive gold isotopes for treating cancer patients has been successfully proven to speed up the treatment process without the entailing side effects of traditional cancer treatments.
Also, combining gold with other elements, known as gold compounds, for treatment is also used more extensively in modern medicine.
Two days later it had done the rounds in the US (hitting the inboxes of some senior business people), and then made its way across the pond and into the national press.
That was the great thing about this cover letter – by demonstrating a willingness to fetch coffee or shine shoes, it meant that wherever Ross gets hired (and he almost certainly will), he’s gone half way to proving himself already.

It is believed to be rich in anti-aging properties, which is why Cleopatra used to wear a mask of pure gold to preserve her youthful appearance and beauty.
This has also encouraged more experts to conduct further research to prove the role of gold in medicine, specifically in new age cancer treatments. Its medical application became more widespread upon the discovery of a French physician of the anti-inflammatory properties found in gold.
Far too many applicants think that once they’ve jumped through the academic hoops, they deserve to be hired.
Fortunately for whoever hires him he clearly won’t see that as the end, merely a starting point.

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