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Post Frame Construction is a booming industry all across western Canada using multi ply built up wooden posts (giving it supreme strength) to construct a variety of different commercial and agricultural buildings such as Riding Arenas, Machine sheds, Large Shops and Hay Sheds.
King Construction Services take the headache out of hiring multiple contractors in different cities and provinces. The business is responsible to keep public areas in a safe condition, trip and fall litigation is very costly and can be prevented by taking reasonable steps to keep your property in good condition.
Cost savings, repairing a parking lot is considerably cheaper than tearing up old asphalt and replacing it with new.
Where ever you are, we can take care of all your parking lot maintenance including Parking Lot Sweeping.
Call King Services to arrange for us to take all your parking lot maintenance and repairs off your hands, Coast to Coast. We use long lasting weather resistant paints, to keep your parking lot looking as good for as long as possible. Parking Lot Maintenance Contractors Canada: Parking lot painting, parking lot sweeping and new parking lot construction. It started at an editorial meeting at Avenue Magazine last fall, when discussing an upcoming comedy issue. Fast-forward to this week, where an online petition at the magazine's website to support the creation of an SCTV monument is gathering plenty of attention and more than 300 signatures in two days.
Two former chemical engineers are hoping their new start up helps people save money on having to get their car towed to body shops.

Car ownership is great, until wear and tear means a necessary trip to the mechanic a€” and a fast-burning hole in your pocket. January after Ahmeda€™s mother found herself stuck at home with three vehicles in need of repair and her husband away and unable to fix them. The men had the business up and running within days with help from friends, family and angel investors. Business has been booming, Ahmed said, and has since expanded to Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer and Lethbridge. Ahmed said the process makes it cheaper for the client, since car repairs are done without any overhead costs.
Clients can request a mechanic to their door through instaMeka€™s website, but an app is currently in development. Modern Dimensions Design is the company that can connect the barrier between customer, engineering, Fire Marshals and building inspectors. Proper asphalt maintenance will save you considerable money over the long term, and present a more inviting and higher quality image to your visitors.
King Services have been repairing asphalt parking lots for more than 30 years, we do it right the first time.
Asphalt maintenance includes repairing cracks, filling potholes and preventing further damage caused by weather and vehicle traffic. Asphalt should be seal coated every 24 months in Vancouver lower mainland, and more frequently in areas where snow and ice have a greater effect on asphalt surfaces such as Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.

Properly painting your parking lot avoids confusion, accidents and defines handicapped parking areas, loading and no parking zones. Mechanics can pick and choose which jobs they do, and are paid about double the industry standard, he added. This will ensure no un-expected surprises occur that will not only save you money but the most valuable thing of all… TIME.
Allowing water, snow and ice to penetrate the asphalt will deteriorate the substrate, causing more damage. We have design and managed Hundreds of buildings construction and permits all over western Canada.
Modern Dimensions is getting into the roots of Canadian Engineering and helping expand and stimulate the economy.
We want to make the entire design and construction portion of process, a fast, easy and safe one.

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