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Cosy Tortoises is a specialist website that make and sell tortoise accommodation (indoor and outdoors), grow your own tortoise food, dry tortoise food, plug plants, heating equipment and more. Barbados also puts you outside of hurricane territory, and in fact hasn't seen a hurricane in about 20 years. The Caribbean has been well-traveled for 300 years, and this historic map by Herman Molls is surprisingly complete and accurate. From Havana, they would travel northwards via the narrow passage between Florida and the Bahamas before cutting eastward and out to sea at St.

Sure, the weather in much of the Caribbean is pretty similar, but there are some regional differences you should be aware of. Following the dotted line, Moll identifies the Spanish treasure fleet's entrada into the Caribbean via the passage between Grenada and Trinidad.
Unlike most of the tropical Caribbean with its palm trees and lush foliage, for example, Aruba and Curacao are desert islands; on the other hand, their southerly position also keeps them outside of the hurricane zone. Moll's map covers all of the West Indies, eastern Mexico, all of Central America, the Gulf of Mexico, North America as far as the Chesapeake Bay, and the northern portion of South America, commonly called the Spanish Main.

On the return, laden with silver from the mines of San Luis Potosi, the Spanish fleet took advantage of eastward blowing trade winds, which helped to overcome the strong current on the sail to Havana. On your next Caribbean trip, consider researching your island destination and learn more about its part in the early days of ocean and sea travel, and what unique part it has had to play in the developing of the island culture, community, economy, and tourism industry.

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