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Louise Hay has authored over twenty-five books and is one of the pioneers in the inspirational, self-empowerment field. Listening to her retell her life story has a very inspiring effect, when you realize, if she can overcome such hardships as rape, abuse, poverty, failed marriages, and even cancer, then perhaps, just perhaps, anything can be possible in your own life too.
Donna Tobey is certified, licensed and approved as Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader in accordance with the high standards licensing agreement with the leader in new age publishing, Louise Hay’s, Hay House, Inc.

Jade Pettyjohn began performing on a professional level by booking a national commercial followed by a major role on the CBS hit show The Mentalist.
She has been a tireless proponent of positive affirmations and her life has become a living inspiration to others. While shooting The Mentalist she landed a recurring role on Steven Speilberg's United States of Tara.

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