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So many of us are just suffering quietly inside, and pretending that the world is just fine and peachy. In fact, I wish the explosion would happen now and again so then we can work through some of our issues. Deep down, all of us yearn for a normal, happy relationship with our own family but does such a thing even exist?
Families can be so complex, so exhausting, so demanding, so heart-breaking, so guilt-driven, so stressful and so very outside of one’s control that sometimes, the only thing you want to do is walk away and forget about the whole thing. These healing concepts are completely foreign to most of us and to entire generations and cultures, in fact, I would have laughed at this book in my foolish youth and dismissed it because frankly, it is no fun turning inward to seek change and understanding. Louise takes the most gentle, loving yet firm approach to take us down a path of the most difficult change in our life, that of changing ourselves, our patterns, our thoughts, our behaviors, and our inner demons. Louise cut right through me by making me ask this one question of my powerful thoughts and my beliefs. To which she offers this new thought pattern: It is with flexibility and ease that I see all sides of an issue. Hi Farnoosh, I am a big advocate of this book and often recommend it to coaching clients as well as dipping into it for my own needs. The probable cause section of her book is a wonderful resource, if you know a little something about the energy centers or chakras in the body, there is a big connection.
Sometimes it is hard to deal with difficult family members, even while we are going inward and digging deep!
I fell in love with Louise Hay’s book the moment I saw it on the shelf in the bookstore. I am so so happy that you resonated with my words here, and I am sending you lots and lots of love and patience.
My sweetheart likes to say that spending time with our families of origin is like a free workshop. The list at the end of You Can Heal Your Life is great for working with changing the thought patterns behind a variety of ailments. Oh my gosh, Z, I can’t tell you how much I laughed at what the teachers and then later what your sweetheart tells you about families. I swear, the one for hot flashes hit the nail on the head (about embracing the cycles of life — kind of challenging as I get older, I find).

As in communicate and talk about the deep core problems rather than the pretentious nonsense in which we engage. As much as I would love to have deeply meaningful and memorable conversations with my family, and to get closer to them, I have all but given up right now.
The answers make the walls come down if you persist enough and ask loudly and clearly and honestly enough. It is 60 pages of Louise offering her holistic affirmations to all common diseases known to man, including the worst offenders like cancer and AIDS.
It is NECESSARY to understand the power of your thoughts and so with all my heart, my dear reader, I encourage you to embrace healing your life, be it with Louise Haye’s teachings or many others who help you create new thought patterns and let go of the old ones.
I’ve had my copy for years, but I too remember some resistance to the ideas in it, however gradually it began to make sense and became such an invaluable companion to me. I must tell you first that I was LOST in your blog, looking at so many rich colors and beautiful designs. I have bought and given away the book at least four times to four family members since that fateful day. Do you remember that you and Aileen were telling me about her in NY last year and it still took me a while to find her and tap into her….
You are a huge light in my life, Angela, so remember how much so many value your thoughts and opinions.
As in, talk about the uncomfortable stuff that eats away at us on the inside rather than the food we are eating or the gossip about who did what where when! Some days, I wish I could trade in the love for some understanding and real communication and inner peace!
She offers her probable causes, all of which she believes are driven by accumulation of thoughts centered around self-hatred and self-sabotage and she then offers new thought patterns for each. I hope that you continue to find inner peace even if the conflicts of the outside world continue, Max! Whenever I have a physical or emotional issue I pick it up, to get that empowering perspective from Louise. Once we’re open to letting go of blaming others and digging deep on the inside, everything opens up. What a revelation it was to understand that what I am thinking over and over is what is creating my experiences.

Maybe the journey with our families is all about learning to be tolerant of other’s viewpoints, learning how to compromise and how to love unconditionally despite our differences.
Thank you for sharing SO MUCH fun here in this post and for making me and my readers richer for it.
We get better with age, Patti, we do and I hope you continue to embrace everything – as I am aiming to do.
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And on the surface, everything seems fine and peachy to the average observer, but we hide the inner chaos and commotion and our dynamics when we are together is far from calm and peaceful! We know that we cannot control how others behave, but did you know that you can control every single thought and every single belief that enters your mind?
It can be hard to change our thoughts and take responsibility, but I find that when I do, it is so freeing.
You are awesome, and I will come find you when I am having challenges changing some of, ahem, my own thought patterns ;)!
Did you know that you can change patterns that have roots as strong as an oak tree deep within your mind? Thank you thank you so much for saying hi, Jen, I hope your life and business are going very well for you. Did you know that when you change your thoughts, that you can then change your entire life, and that these are not just mere words that you are reading right now but words with absolute and 100% truth and validation and scientific proof behind them? Then you run into the stuff of life like I do with my family and crack it open again, desperately looking for the affirmations and the new thought patterns so that you can let go of this heavy weight in your heart every time the old demons return.
And then you realize how very hard this really all is, changing our thought patterns is the single most difficult and rewarding thing we can ever do for ourselves.

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