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The persons, who have one extra chromosome when compared with that of normal 46 chromosomes, are said to be affected with Down syndrome. In many cases children with Down syndrome would have congenital heart problems such as septal defect, associated with eye and ear problems. The doctor will identify the child on seeing the baby and may ask the parent to do a blood test for confirming the presence of extra chromosome. This extra genetic material will cause serious consequences in the development of body and brain of the individual.

The individuals inherit the genes from their parents or forefathers and will develop with remarkable features.
However some problems like gastrointestinal block and septal defects in the heart can be corrected by surgery. The corner of the eyes will be rounded and sometimes you will find the eyes are slanted or inclined upwards. Necessary physiotherapy and speech therapy are given for the children so that they can carry on daily activities without any support.

The physical development of the child will be delayed and very often Down syndrome children will have retarded mental development.

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