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Download The Money Dominating ToolkitTM and join a community of 20,000 who are building wealth on their terms. Indiana Jones racing through some foreign land seeking his next archaeological find is an adventure that this treasure seeker would never get tired of. Unlike Indiana Jones, you don’t have to head to some remote location to battle the local natives to find a secret treasure.
The site even shares a few success stories of people who stumbled upon the site only to find they had an old paycheck or life insurance claim that they never received.  Could I be one of the lucky one?   It tool all of five seconds to realize that I was not. You will need to provide information about dates of purchase, names on bonds, and other pertinent data. Please keep in mind, under the Privacy Act of 1974, if you are not the bond owner or co-owner, we are limited in the information we can provide.
I pulled a list from Illinois and was amazed at the number of the names that appeared.  If you think you have a shot, go to the site and get your free money!
If your state insurance department is unable to locate the correct insurance company, you should go to your local library and request Best’s Insurance Reports. The first of these initiatives to reach the Internet was GovBenefits.gov, an effort to provide citizens with easy online access to government benefit and assistance programs. On October 31 and November 1, business and financial institutions must submit their unclaimed property reports to the various state treasuries. In fact, did you know that states can legally take money away from you after a period of inactivity? Generally speaking, three to five years is the trigger for dormancy – but it varies by state. We’ve all heard stories in the news of people finding out that they have unclaimed money that they didn’t know about. According to TreasuryDirect.gov, every year 25,000 interest payments are returned to the Department of the Treasury as undeliverable and billions of dollars in mature savings bonds remain uncashed. Surviving The Stores™Restaurant Coupons, Grocery Store Coupons, Retail Coupons, Coupon Matchups, Printable Coupons, Hot Deals, and More! Then fill in your info into their form and you can check to see how much unclaimed money you have just floating around out there. The last time I posted about this, one reader (see the comments below) found $6,000 that she didn’t know about!
Be sure to check all previous last names and all of the states that you have ever lived in.
For all of the latest hot deals, printable grocery coupons, store deals, restaurant & retail coupons, freebies, samples, and a lot more be sure to sign up for the Surviving The Stores Email Newsletter, Like STS on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter! I just went over there and it appears I have unclaimed money from a house I almost bought but it didn’t say how much?
I had like $250 unclaimed & it arrived while I was out with NO pay on maternity leave def a blessing!! I guess you just have to submit the paperwork to really find out if it’s your money, right? Karaoke Channel: Karaoke song downloads that can be saved,An online community for your visitors to sing, record and share their favorite songs.
Get the Approved Loan Fund Deposited in Your Account within 24 Hrs or the Next Working Day.
Companies are supposed to make a 'reasonable effort' to get in touch with lost customers, but there is no penalty for failing to do so. The period of time that must pass before an asset is considered legally abandoned - the dormancy period - is set by law. If no claim ever arises, the money will eventually go to the state budget or the federal government. It is estimated that the State of California alone has now spent almost $5 billion of unclaimed money, that could have been claimed by the rightful owners !!! As a company can have its head office in any state, you really need a unified database of all US states, plus records of cash still in internal company dormancy periods. This site contains the most comprehensive unclaimed money database on the Internet, with many thousands of hours of work involved in compiling all the information, and constantly updating with new accurate records. A recent report on CBS news estimated that Americans are owed over $35 billion in unclaimed cash. Although this sounds like a lot of money, the average owed to individuals is generally under $500, although there are many finds of thousands of dollars.
Previously this involved a lot of hard work, writing to every possible state source, but now several internet sites with unified databases make it as simple as searching for your own name. A WRIS report highlights over $1 Billion in assets that is waiting to be claimed in the state of Virginia. ABC reveals how over $16 billion is unclaimed in old savings bonds, with the average amount around $1000.

This story from Forbes highlights the number of old life insurancy policies that have not been claimed, averaging out at $2000 per person. This is why it is important to use a unified service to track down lost money, that compiles records all across the US. This report from Chicago shows just how easy it is for property to get turned over to the state. White from Illinois returned from vacation to discover 3 letters from his bank, which administered some stocks in Kelloggs. Wisconsin kicked of a public campaign to try and re-unite state residents with their missing money. Remember to check these old lottery tickets - this story is a reminder of how much you could lose, with several multi-million powerball wins that could have been claimed .. This news reporter has an interesting article on the step to take to search for missing money, including the usual steps of trawling through individual state databases and treasurers offices. Many local governments have commenced measures to make people more aware of the situation, including newspaper listings and social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. With complete online databases now available, tracking down lost money is now easier than ever. Simply search the databases for your name and missing funds could be on their way to you shortly. Even if you have checked at some point in the past, remember that the databases are constantly being updated.
Except in the case of a court order, a customer's information will never be released to any third party without the customer's explicit permission. CashUnclaimed servers do not handle sensitive financial information such as credit card numbers.
The current database lists millions of dollars worth of unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states. For a limited period, the database access price has been reduced to $11 for a full 30 days access. The unclaimed money records will include the name, phone numbers and locations of the financial institution(s) holding the money as well as instructions you will need to claim the found money! If the unclaimed funds account on our list belongs to you and you attempt to claim, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE UNCLAIMED FUNDS OWED TO YOU.
Note - If you have a relatively common name, then several people may be listed in the databases. Simply complete the form to narrow the search, and reveal specific details under state and cities. This site claims to have information on over $16B in lost bank accounts, orphaned retirement funds, stock shares from splits , tax refunds, or items left in storage lockers and safe deposit boxes. This annual report lists insurance company names and addresses, reorganizations, mergers, name changes and bankruptcies during the last year.
You should also contact one of the following trade associations for additional assistance in locating the company that services your existing policy. Once there, you’ll have to go through a 80-100 question quiz answering some basic info questions.
The GovBenefits.gov mission focuses on reducing the expense and difficulty of conducting business with the government and increasing citizen access to benefit information. And for consumers, these dates are important to remember as they could be losing property that is rightfully theirs. But finding unclaimed money that may be owed to you has just gotten easier thanks to a web site from the Federal Government. In many cases, the unclaimed funds are money due from government agencies or old bank accounts. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) suggests you search in each state you have lived. Treasury Hunt can help you find out if your savings bonds are no longer earning interest so you can cash them in or reinvest the money. Then you can download a form (one for EACH amount of money) and send the forms in to claim the amounts. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. A reader just left a comment on the post saying that she found $6,000 in money for her husband that was just floating around out there! Depending on the payday loans company, some direct payday lenders are actually charging you zero fees or offering you a lower interest rate on the first payday loan or cash advance.
Most direct payday loan lenders offer their first-time customers up to $300-$600 of free loan. Be sure to read the privacy policy and TOCs when visiting the particular payday lender or service provider website.

These and all of the government sponsored sites related to found money are missing approximately 90% of lost money records, including most private company unclaimed records. Plus it would take you approximately 50 hours to search all the government departments one by one. At a time when many people are struggling financially, it makes sense to claim everything you are entitled to. 104 year old Harriet Landesberg recently found out she was the beneficiary of an old life insurance policy that was never paid out. The US government used to heavily promote savings bonds to the public with patriotic ads during the sixties and seventies. The report mentions that it is the state where the policy was bought that will hold the records, not where a policy holder lives or dies. Computers and claim forms were made available to help search for any funds that residents could possibly claim. It turns out that many people remember that they have checks that they never cashed, or that is sitting in old mailboxes or safe deposit boxes.
Unclaimed lottery cash is returned to the overall prize fund, if a winner doesn't come forward within 6 months. It's far easier to use a website that collates all the information ina national database, althou there are warnings against some unscrupulous sites that take high charges, especially if the amounts found owing to you are small.
This is a big concern for some state and treasury officials, especially during tough times when millions of dollars in extra cash in peoples voters could stimulate the economy.
However, many citizens remain unaware that lost funds can be claimed, even many years later.
You can make as many money searches as you want within the 30 days - Search for your own name, plus your family , friends or coworkers!! At the time of the site’s launch, it featured 55 programs, representing the ten original Federal agency partners.
Each state has abandoned or unclaimed property laws which allow them to claim abandoned property (bank accounts, safe deposit box holdings, stocks, bonds, etc.) after a specific amount of time.
While there are companies, and many online scams which promise to help you find unclaimed money for a fee, USA.gov offers a number of resources to help you find unclaimed money for free.
Through this one web page you can link to search for retirement pensions, tax refunds, mortgage insurance refunds and much more.
NAUPA provides an interactive map to connect you directly to each state’s website for unclaimed money. If a company you bought stocks, bonds or other investments from committed misconduct that caused you a financial loss, and the SEC conducted an enforcement action against the company, there may be an investors claims fund set up to help pay you back.
This means it should be easy to locate some of the free loan payday lenders through a quick search on the internet. No matter what amount of deal the direct payday lenders are giving you, only get the amount that you can manage to repay in the next payday. They are good only for a limited amount of public funds, after a number of years have passed. They just don't believe that the government would give people money back instead of trying to take it. They often have long maturity dates of 20-30 years, which makes them easy to forget or lose track of. One Wisconsin man is pretty popular with several lucky strangers, after re-uniting them with lost money on the unclaimed property database. We recommend the UnclaimedCash database listed here, for very reasonable rates, and a free name search.
Recently, states collected $22.8 billion in missing money and unclaimed property, of which less than $1 billion was claimed by their owners or heirs. This may have been true in the past, but with online databases it is now as simple as making a claim to get any funds reunited. Unclaimed assets come about when owners fail to claim abandoned funds over a specified number of years. Financial institutions after this dormancy period transfer custody of unclaimed money to a government trust account.
A few facts of unclaimed money and property: you must initiate the search for unclaimed money – you will not be contacted by the holder of the funds, people are often unaware that they even have unclaimed assets, some abandoned fund claims are subject to time limits, unclaimed property claim refund checks average $800 to $100, 1 in 3 life insurance policies go unclaimed on death of the insured.

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