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With the head placed under the upper cap and the chin placed above the bottom bar, the top screw of this awful device was slowly turned, compressing the skull tightly. The Cat’s Paw (or Spanish Tickler) was oftentimes attached to a handle; in size and appearance it was an extension of the torturer’s hand. A popular torture device during the Inquisition, the knee splitter does what it says: split victims’ knees and render them useless.
The Scavenger’s Daughter was invented as an instrument of torture in the reign of Henry VIII by Sir William Skevington (also known as William Skeffington), Lieutenant of the Tower of London. The Spanish Donkey was a device which consisted of a main board cut with a wedge at the top fastened to two cross-beams. The crocodile shears was an instrument of torture used in late medieval Europe and typically reserved for regicides – those who attempted (and, perhaps, succeeded) to assassinate the king. Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods.
It’s been 10 years since scientists finished mapping the human genome—so what have we accomplished since?
Despite the number of benefits featherless chickens will provide, there are some serious drawbacks to consider. It’s interesting to note that before Lifestyle Pets found the proper pets to breed, they actually turned to gene modification to produce their first batch of hypoallergenic pets. Tilapia have been genetically modified to drastically reduce the time it takes for the fish to reach maturity, to make them larger, and to help them survive with less food. Forget about gold-encrusted phones, bacon sprinkled with gold, or gold-plated cars: if you really have the cash to throw around, you can now buy yourself a glittery gold seahorse.
These creatures are created by Vietnamese scientists and are the first ever genetically modified animal from Vietnam. Dubai scientists believe that the best way to cure genetic diseases is by modifying animals to produce curative proteins in their milk. Each year, one million deaths are caused by malaria, and another 300 million people are infected—so it stands to reason that scientists should develop ways to end the fight against this disease. Funny you should mention that: a team of scientists have banded together to create a type of mosquito that are supposed to pass on a “sudden death” gene to their offspring, which will cause those baby mosquitoes to die of old age before they reach sexual maturity. Although the Belgian Blue was not created through genetic modifications, you can be forgiven for thinking otherwise. If there is one meat product that is preventing me from turning into a vegetarian, it will be bacon—which generally has a bad reputation in the health food community.
It seems like once the scientists figured out how to make glow-in-the-dark animals, they wasted no time in making everything within reach into a Halloween decoration.
For example, cats injected with the glow-in-the-dark gene are more resistant to feline HIV, which affects 500 million cats around the world.
With all these noble causes, there will always be the odd one out, and in this case, it’s the glowing silkworm. One of the most startling cognitive abilities demonstrated by animals is their ingenious use of tools. We all know how annoying it can be to set our sights on a can of food, only to find the can opener missing.
They’re so clever, in fact, that under UK law, octopuses are considered honorary vertebrates in terms of their legal protections. In the brutal struggle of all against all which exists in nature, a good defense can make all the difference between catching prey, and becoming prey yourself. Since the pile of corpses on the bug can grow quite large, the predator is more likely to target this than the assassin bug itself. We have already seen how Wrasses carry their hard-shelled food to rocks, in order to open it. When the otters catch mollusks too well-sealed to get into, they hammer the mollusks with the stones until they break open, and then eat them.
Some of the abilities we’ve mentioned already might be considered innate skills, so the most fascinating question remains: is it possible for some animals to learn to use tools? Orangutans seem almost uncannily human in many respects—and their ability to learn is just one of them. In Peter Jackson’s epic adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s trilogy, Aragorn is a wanderer who probably never sees the inside of a shower. Mortensen took his outfit home, then lived, breathed and sweated in it until it looked as beaten and battered as possible.
Discovered by Halloween’s editor, Tommy Lee Wallace, in a Hollywood Boulevard store called Burt Wheeler’s Magic Shop, Myers’ iconic visor was originally a Captain Kirk Star Trek mask.
In order to fulfil the script’s brief of Myers possessing the pale features of a human face, Wallace customized the mask by making the eye holes larger and giving the entire thing a blue-white spray-paint job. Myers wasn’t the only one given the thrifty treatment; scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis also had to buy her own wardrobe for the film. Comic book prowler Catwoman has appeared on-screen numerous times (most recently in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises), but arguably her finest hour came in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, which had Michelle Pfeiffer slipping into PVC. Costume designer Mary Vogt came up with an unusual way of giving Catwoman that glossy sheen.
It was a messy process—“she [was] dripping all over the place,” Vogt has said—but the final look was perfect, and the costume department was particularly pleased with how the costume shone during night-time scenes—fluid, elegant and just the right side of raunchy. Swiss surrealist HR Giger infused his sinewy designs for the monsters in Alien with an unsettling sexuality. As well as using plasticine, parts from a Rolls-Royce and vertebrae from dead snakes, the costume designers on Ridley Scott’s genre-defining sci-fi also turned to K-Y jelly and condoms to get the right texture for the alien xenomorph. The K-Y jelly was used for the alien’s gloopy saliva, while shredded condoms created the tendons in the creature’s jaw.
Researching special effects houses in Los Angeles, Clark discovered that Quantum Creation FX had developed a special material for Japanese security vests. Ebsen was swiftly replaced by Jake Haley and the costume was changed (the aluminum was blended into the white paint, rather than speckled on top).
It’s one of the most famous scenes in movie history; innocent wallflower Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) breezes into a fairground to show off her transformation into a black-wearing babe. In reality, that iconic costume was a nightmare for the actress, whose skin-tight trousers were so tight that she had to be sewn into them. Not only that, but Newton-John wasn’t allowed to go to the toilet during the day because it would mean putting the crew on hold while she was unstitched and then re-stitched up again. Though Depp’s costume looks restrictive and uncomfortable, every effort was made to minimize his discomfort for those long shooting days. Other than latex and leather, parts of the costume were also made from bits of an old sofa from Tim Burton’s first apartment. John Travolta became a (brief) style icon in the late seventies thanks to his figure-hugging wardrobe in Saturday Night Fever. Hard to believe, though, that as the film went into production, disco was dying such a sudden death that Travolta struggled to find suitable clothes to play foot-tapping dancefloor-hogger Tony Manero. Tasked with sourcing his own costumes, he was forced to root through boxes in the back of Greenwich Village stores in order to find the platform shoes and bell-bottom trousers the role demanded.
Earlier this year, two separate studies revealed that medical students show a strong subconscious bias against fat people. Unless you’re applying to be a firefighter or basketball star or Playboy bunny, your weight arguably has no bearing on how well you can do your job. Since we make it so hard for fat people to achieve at work, you’d think we’d at least be a little more lenient when it comes to dishing out welfare. Earlier this year, the UK government announced plans to cut welfare for fat people who don’t go to the gym.
A two-year study of the Boston homeless population found only 1.6 percent of those on the streets were underweight.
In 2010, Time reported on a study that suggested parents subconsciously penalize their kids for being overweight.
For a group that’s frequently associated with child abuse and rampant homophobia, you’d think the Boy Scouts would need all the friends they can get. Worst of all, this ban was based solely on the BMI of the children involved, despite BMI being a dumb way to measure health—a high BMI might mean you’re heavy, but it’s totally possible to be both heavy and in robust health, which is at least part of the reason sumo wrestlers don’t all drop dead at the age of 20. In 2003, researchers reproduced a 1961 study that showed children pictures of six other kids, including one obese child, and asked them to rank how much they disliked them.
But before you start getting all worked up about uncaring doctors, you should be aware that it cuts both ways.
It’s almost as if we believe fat has the magical ability to erase people’s memories of medical school, or that all overweight people are automatically on an intellectual par with Homer Simpson. In 2011, a worldwide study discovered that anti-fat prejudice was becoming a global reality. Morris is a freelance writer and newly-qualified teacher, still naively hoping to make a difference in his students' lives.
Now, the Nazis and the awful, evil things they did have been covered extensively on Listverse.
Their misery was only compounded by the fact that they were considered “Geheimnistrager” (secret-keepers) and as such, were considered too dangerous to be kept alive for too long. Moving thousands of people to the camps was no easy feat and required one of the largest and most disgustingly efficient applications of mass transport in human history. Passengers were not given food, water, or protection from the elements for their journey, and it wasn’t uncommon for people to die from the trip alone.
Wait, how can we possibly introduce a more depressing fact than the one already covered above? As if sending thousands of people to their almost certain deaths wasn’t already bad enough, Nazis decided to charge people for the privilege (you know, to really impress Satan). The Nazis were truly sadistic when it came to psychological torture and they were even able to turn music into a weapon of misery. It was an oft-repeated myth that the Nazis made Jews use soap made from the fat of previous Holocaust victims. Not everyone killed in the camps was granted the relative mercy of a semi-quick death; some were simply forced to stand in a room without food or water until they died.
But worse still were the so-called “dark cells” which contained no light and were so tightly sealed that the occupant had no choice but to slowly suffocate as they used what little oxygen they had. The daily food rations of an average prisoner were scant at best—bread made from sawdust, sausage made of mangy horses, and tea made from weeds were the norm for many prisoners. The Nazis performed many experiments on the inmates of various camps, one of which was to gauge the damage of drinking seawater. The sheer scope of just what the Nazis did to people will probably never be discovered due to the destruction of most of the records. Email, videos of cats falling over, frivolous list-based websites—there’s no-denying that the Internet has given us some pretty wonderful things. Facebook is the craze that refuses to die; the flash-in-the-pan website we’ve all ridiculed for years but can’t bring ourselves to quit.
Chinese researchers studied over 70 million posts on Sina Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) to see how different emotions spread across the network. We all know that the Internet is a breeding ground for racism; anyone who thinks otherwise can try spending an hour or so surfing YouTube comments and report back. A recent study looked at the links between social media use and racism and found that people who spend a lot of time on Facebook are more likely to be accepting of prejudice. In 2009, the journal Science published an overview of studies about the effect of new media on our cognitive abilities. By scanning the brains of 125 students in London, researchers noticed a direct link between the number of Facebook friends the students had and the amount of grey matter in certain regions of their brains. Now, the study can’t tell us for certain whether social media is causing this rewiring or whether people with these different brain structures are simply more likely to flock to Facebook. A Canadian study got 278 students to answer a questionnaire about climate change and how they felt about it. Internet Use Disorder (IUD) is a not-yet-official mental health disorder, whereby sufferers find themselves addicted to the Internet. There’s a lot of research out there to suggest today’s youth are way less empathetic than youth 30 years ago—precisely 40 percent less, according to the study cited in that link back there. Think about it: We’ve all watched videos of someone getting hurt or humiliated (usually both), before tweeting them on to all six of our followers. Now, the research into this is far from conclusive, but it does make you wonder: If this is what a decade of social media can do, what will the effects be in the future? Subsequently, they began to share information about the German military while sabotaging the Nazis at the same time. World War I was the start of several intelligence and counterintelligence activities by world powers. However, the telegrams sent by Zender went to Oslo, a known drop site for German intelligence.
During the American War of Independence, both sides devised brilliant techniques to smuggle information back and forth. In 1777, British spy Daniel Taylor was entrusted with delivering a message from General Henry Clinton to General John Burgoyne. In medieval times, most elite musicians made money by touring and performing in the courts of royalty.
Such was the case of spy Pierre Alamire, a celebrated musician and composer of beloved choir books, who was recruited by Henry VIII’s adviser Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (pictured) in 1515. During the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa was forced to find friends at every turn to stay one step ahead of those who wanted him dead.
Villa agreed to help Taylor with these colonies if Taylor could show Villa the locations of the enemy. When George Washington needed vital information during the American Revolutionary War, he dispatched his bravest spy—Captain Allan McLane. During World War II, Nazi generals who were captured by the British were treated with incredible kindness—or so they thought. Some of the things learned at Trent Park were the location of a secretive V-2 rocket site, facts about vital military technology, and the abuse of Jews by the Nazis. A few months before World War I, Turkish authorities permitted British archaeologist Gertrude Bell to explore in Constantinople. Upon arriving, Bell was imprisoned, but a personal code of honor among the Rashids kept them from harming her. This policy recommendation to the British after the fall of the Ottoman Empire influenced the fate of the Middle East for the next century. Throughout the Civil War, Jefferson Davis and his wife, Varina, lived in their own White House in the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. William Jackson, their coachman, escaped the Davis home in 1862 and went to a federal camp where he divulged details of Davis’s plans for the war. Another slave-spy in the Davis home was Mary Elizabeth Bowser, who worked with an extensive Union spy network run by Richmond socialite Elizabeth Van Lew. During World War I, archaeologist Sylvanus Morley played a seminal role in preventing German interests in Mexico, which could have drastically altered the course of history.
In 1917, he arrived in Honduras and attempted to photograph an old Spanish fort along the coast. In all, he traveled 3,200 kilometers (2,000 mi) while documenting the German presence in Central America. A vehicle is a machine that is used to transport passengers or different kinds of commodities.
Transport Infrastructure in Brazil is characterized by sturdy area differences and lack of development of the national rail network. The Government of Brazil also realizes the importance of these industries and invests for the development of these industries in the near future. Spain which gains his popularity in football is one of the most developed country and 4th most visited country in the world. As Russia is the largest of all countries, they place a good communication system throughout the country.  The number of passenger cars has increased enormously in 2012.
For this reason, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day to secure a comfortable journey to the passengers and also for carrying goods from one place to another. France is one of the most developed countries and the largest country in Europe with a good transportation system.  Every year they produce a wide range of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, shipping boats etc. One of the most peaceful trips through France is to rent a houseboat and travel through canals and small rivers.
As France is the largest in Europe, train and buses are the best ways to travel long distances. As the economy and per capita income is very high, the people of china wish to have a vehicle of their own. During the first and Second World War’s many of these industries in Italy disappeared and were bought by Fiat Group and other foreign automobile companies. Germany is one of the most developed countries with a large number of populations and good economy.
According to car registration statistics released by the KBA, there were 60.8 million motorized vehicles registered on the road in Germany on January 1, 2013.
Japanese not only produce cars they also produce their other vehicles such as bicycles, motor vehicles etc. According to the US Bureau of Transportation for 2009, there are 254212610 registered passenger vehicles in the United States.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Whilst in Africa, Asia and the Middle East they were building vast libraries and universities, European nations were neck deep in the cesspool of despotic Christianity.

In this way it was used to rip and tear flesh away from the bone, from any part of the body. Built from two spiked wood blocks, the knee splitter is placed on top of and behind the knee of its victims. It was an A-frame shaped metal rack to which the head was strapped to the top point of the A, the hands at the mid-point and the legs at the lower spread ends; swinging the head down and forcing the knees up in a sitting position so compressed the body as to force the blood from the nose and ears. The victim is hoisted up and lowered onto the point of the pyramid in such a way that his weight rests on the point positioned in the anus, in the vagina, under the scrotum or under the coccyx (the last two or three vertebrae).
The naked victim was placed astride the main board as if riding a donkey, and various numbers of weights were attached to his or her feet. They are forced into the mouth, rectum or vagina of the victim and there expanded by force of the screw to the maximum aperture of the segments.
The top half of the sphere could be removed and the lower half was filled with molten metal, boiling oil, boiling water, pitch or tar.
The shears were made of iron and were based upon the concept of pincers, but—instead of standard jaws or blades, crocodile shears ended in a pair of hemicylindrical blades that, when closed together, formed a long, narrow tube. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. Out of the 30 babies that were born, 15 were found to have DNA from three different adults.
In the name of economy and KFC-loving humans, scientists in Israel have created a prototype of a breed of featherless chickens that can save time on plucking, are more environmentally friendly, and in general significantly reduce the cost of raising them. I guess you could accept your less-than-perfect immune system and settle with having a goldfish—or you could purchase a hypoallergenic pet. Gold dust was mixed with jellyfish proteins, then inserted into seahorse’s eggs by using the “gene shooting method,” which has incredible potential uses. With the inspiration of fighting fire with fire, scientists have come up with malaria fighting mosquitoes. However, the devastating ecological effect must be taken into consideration: if mosquitoes were eradicated, organisms like bats, which depend on mosquitoes for food would quickly face extinction as well. We now have cows that are less horny and resistant to mad cow disease and udder infections. The Belgian Blue is a breed that has a defective myostatin gene (the gene that is responsible for muscle inhibition) that results in double muscling. But now might be the time for those health fanatics to take back their own words: scientists in Japan have genetically modified pigs that are both meat and vegetable! Although the cool factor is probably enough to start someone experimenting (one rabbit was created solely for art’s sake), there are actually other, nobler reasons for these strange-looking creatures. Scientists have also injected fish with glow-in-the-dark genes in order to track their migration.
Some were infused with glow-y powers by Japanese scientists in order to create exotic silk for expensive dresses. Unfortunately for these people, it is impossible to deny that animals are intelligent—and often much more so than we have generally given them credit for.
Here are ten examples of animals who have found that nature did not equip them as well as it might have—and who have thus made up the shortfall themselves. They generally eat small invertebrates which offer limited resistance, but occasionally they find something which needs a bit of wrasse-wrangling. But there are many surprisingly intelligent animals to be found among those species lacking backbones; the minds of octopuses, in particular, are being studied rather rigorously at present, because these animals are such good problem solvers. Octopuses use their supple bodies to slide into tight places in pursuit of food, but a soft body is little protection from predators. But there’s strong anecdotal evidence of crows carrying hard nuts onto a road, waiting for a car to drive over them and crack them, and then swooping in to retrieve the food. At this point, the armor will come loose from the bug, leaving it free to scuttle off and live another day.
Elephants were tested to see if they had the necessary self-awareness to use mirrors by having marks painted on their heads. Sea otters have the added benefit of working limbs, and can therefore carry the stones with them. They show an ability to modify their pounding depending on the shape of the stone they are using.
When an orangutan is threatened, he will make a whistling noise in order to scare the intruder away. Living in colonies in which only one female is allowed to breed, the rest of colony spend their time burrowing to find food. They emerge to capture any suitable prey that ventures too close—a practice which gives them a rather limited hunting range. So what could be more beautiful than watching a mother capture another animal, tear out its innards, and use the hollowed-out husk to carry her babies around in?
Whether it’s for a lavish period romp or a futuristic sci-fi, it’s definitely a case of “you are what you wear” for the majority of movie stars—can you imagine Harrison Ford pitching up to the Indiana Jones set with a bowler hat instead of a fedora? Which is exactly why the actor who played him—Viggo Mortensen—decided it was up to him to give his costume that vital lived-in appearance.
He even repaired the costume whenever it needed it—something that Aragorn himself would have done on the road. While Mortensen delivered a stand-out performance, he also looks one hundred percent the part. The knife-wielding antagonist of the Halloween slasher series, he’s the thing of nightmares—an emotionless, white-faced murder machine who starts out stalking babysitters and goes on to rack up one heck of a body count. When Pfeiffer had put on her cat costume, the costume department used big sponge brushes to lather her in thick silicone. When it came to those iconic light-up suits, though, costume designer Christine Clark found that an old-school approach worked best.
Lithium batteries were fitted into the discs on the actors’ backs, which gave the suits roughly twelve minutes of light. As if creating a ninety minute movie by posing tiny figurines one frame at a time wasn’t painstaking enough, Coraline’s miniature costumes were also completely hand-stitched. It was knitted by Althea Crome, who was hired to create every piece of clothing that would be worn in the film—including underwear. When Buddy Ebsen accepted the role of the Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz—after initially landing the role of Scarecrow—he was subjected to numerous costume tests in order to attain the right look for the character. But nine days into shooting the film, Ebsen complained of shortness of breath, cramping and eventually the inability to breath and was rushed to hospital in an oxygen tent; where he remained for two weeks. In a much happier development, during scenes in which Haley was squirted with oil, the crew actually used chocolate sauce as it looked better on camera.
That meant installing Depp’s outfit with a special cool suit that would stop him over-heating in the baking Florida sun. The iconic white three-piece suit everyone pictures when thinking of John Travolta in this film was bought very cheaply from a men’s clothing store in Brooklyn.
That’s why they become doctors instead of, say, dictators—to make a positive difference in people’s lives. According to the researchers, fat patients are less likely to be treated with respect, more likely to be the butt of jokes and, perhaps understandably, more likely to switch their primary care provider than skinny people. A Yale study from last year discovered that male jurors were more likely to convict a fat woman than a skinny one for the same crime. Yet study after study has found that hiring managers and senior execs really hate fat people.
According to some figures, fat women earn on average up to $19,000 less than their identically skilled skinny counterparts.
But it turns out that government bodies hate obesity just as much as the rest of us—and that can lead to some insane consequences.
In other words, for those at the bottom of the social scale, their ability to pay rent may soon be directly linked to how much they exercise—unless they’re skinny, in which case no one cares if they just sit about playing Xbox.
And while that might be true for your average dog-faced kid, it sure as hell isn’t for his overweight brother.
By looking at students who owned cars, researchers discovered that obese kids were less likely to get financial assistance from their parents when buying their first vehicle than their skinnier counterparts.
But in June this year, the organization decided to add fat people to the list of things it discriminates against, by banning obese children from attending its regular Jamboree, a sort of summer camp held every four years.
Yet the Scouts effectively outlawed any kid with a BMI of over 32 from joining their once-in-a-lifetime celebration, despite that making zero sense. On the whole, the ’60s kids tended to dislike the obese kid the most, but by 2003 there was no contest. Patients are less likely to trust an overweight doctor and more likely to ignore their advice than they are a skinny doctor’s, with a direct correlation between declining levels of trust and a physician’s expanding waistline. And we’ll apparently go on believing that even when they’re actively trying to save our lives. Even cultures such as that of American Samoa, where 95 percent of adults are obese, and Puerto Rico, where fat used to be celebrated, now display bias against the overweight. You can send your helpful and less-than-helpful comments to his email, or visit some of the other websites that inexplicably hire him.
Their more gruesome duties included ripping out the gold teeth of the dead and sweeping away the ashes of the corpses. When one train arrived at a camp from Corfu, the Nazis opened the doors to find everyone inside had already perished. To be sent to an extermination camp, a Jewish person had to pay the fee for a standard-fare ticket. The moment an inmate arrived at the camp an orchestra (usually comprised of prisoners) would play obscenely upbeat music which inmates had to sing and march to as they walked towards their death. To date, no conclusive evidence has ever surfaced to support this claim, but that didn’t stop the Nazis from telling inmates that it was true.
Sometimes used as a method of torture and sometimes used simply to send a message, Block 13 of Auschwitz became synonymous with death, as anyone who managed to survive starvation was invariably killed in another way. However, all this awesomeness comes at a cost, and that cost is the destruction of our minds, sanity, and social lives. Aside from probably saving a kazillion trees, it’s allowed businesses fast and effective means of mass-communication and alerted the whole world to the tragic plight of Nigerian princes. In both cases, you perform an action (check your email or put a coin in the machine) in the hopes of receiving a reward (an interesting email or a whole lotta money). They found that frequent users reported lower life-satisfaction both at the end of the fortnight and after individual visits to the site. Chances are it was something that pissed you off: a liberal howling for more gun control, or a conservative snarling about abortion doctors, or whatever. They found that anger utterly trounces every other emotion for getting retweeted—leaving joy, disgust, and sadness trailing in its wake. But most of us assume that it’s just jerkwads being their usual jerky selves and that most non-jerks will ignore them.
Researchers set up a fake profile for a fictitious white guy named Jack Brown, then asked participants to rate how much they agreed with his statements.
They found that while the Internet can increase “visual literacy skills,” that increase appears to be offset with decreases in other areas, such as critical thinking, inductive problem solving, imagination, and “abstract vocabulary.” In other words, we may be getting better at some stuff, but we’re becoming a lot dumber in other areas. Since these regions are thought to play a part in memory, social interaction, and possibly even autism, this is kinda important.
But there is plenty of evidence that the Internet is affecting the way we behave, so who knows what else it might be doing. It’s used by everyone from tobacco companies to the US Air Force—and the terrifying thing is, it’s working.
Norwegian scumbag Anders Breivik is known to have been radicalized by far-right websites and forums, while the Simon Wiesenthal Center estimates Twitter helped spur a 30 percent growth in web-based hate and terror forums last year. It sounds like the sort of hilarious excuse 14-year-olds make up when their mom asks why they spend all day online, but there’s a lot of research out there that suggests it’s both very real and deeply unpleasant. Students today are less likely to feel for others, to show concern for others, and are significantly worse at prescriptive talking—the ability to perceive other people’s thoughts, feelings, and motivations. We’ve all laughed at that douchebag who got his painful comeuppance on TV, or that overweight person wheeling themselves around Walmart. Judging by this list, the entire Internet will be full of miserable, angry idiots shouting their opinions at one another and sadistically reveling in the misfortune of others. Throughout history, people have had to formulate crafty methods to get the vital intelligence they needed. They told the Abwehr (German Intelligence) that the invasion would land in Pas de Calais rather than Normandy Beach. One technique was writing on tissue paper and stuffing the message into small objects like hollowed buttons, quills, or small silver balls resembling musket balls. Since they were thought of as entertainers and nothing more, they were the perfect candidates to become spies. Alamire was to gather information about Richard de la Pole, a loyal Yorkist during the War of the Roses who later allied with the French to wage war against the English. In a strange twist, Alamire became a double agent and began passing information to both courts. Taylor, who appeared to be an ordinary cowboy, raised no suspicion while he was leading Villa and his army to the enemy.
Captain McLane had caught Washington’s attention by distinguishing himself on the battlefield. He first did so when Washington needed information on where the British planned to go after leaving Philadelphia in 1778.
Later, McLane disguised himself as a country bumpkin and entered the Stony Point Fort, which the British had taken.
At one time, around 59 Nazi generals were held as prisoners in a luxurious home named Trent Park. Little did they know that every bit of their lives was watched and listened to quietly by their black servants.
It seems that Mary was installed as a waitress at the Davis home, and her efforts along with others by Van Lew provided valuable military information to the Union.
A Mayanist, Morley traveled through Central America photographing ancient ruins and structures. When soldiers stopped him, he had to argue all the way up to the Honduran president before he was allowed to continue his activity. He is working on several projects, but until he finishes one, he will write for Listverse for his bread and butter. Brazil’s fast rising economy, and particularly the increase in exports, will place mounting demands on the transfer networks. The foreigners and the people in Brazil go from one place to another using the cheapest vehicles.
The government has realized the importance of roads to make the easier communications and has taken necessary steps to increase the roads and also the vehicles.
With the expunction of their industries, they develop their transportation systems a little bit high throughout the country and also with different countries in the world.
As France is a very large country with many states, they make good transportation systems throughout their country.
In the recent years, the production is increased due to a massive investment in these industries. This included 43,431,124 (+1.2%) passenger cars, 3,982,978 motorcycles, 76,023 buses, and 2,578,567 heavy goods vehicles.
Their automotive industries are one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world. Their investment in these industries and their remote outlook to be a developed country in the world helps them grew the auto industry in many countries throughout the few last decades. As the car or the other vehicles are affordable and having some good opportunities to buy, people of all classes have their own vehicle. Men and women who spoke out against the outrageous and dictatorial power of the Church were subject to some of the most horrific torture ever devised by humanity.
Then the eyes are squeezed from the sockets – some versions had special receptacles to catch them. Two large screws connecting the blocks are then turned, causing the two blocks to close towards each other and effectively destroy a victim’s knee. The Scavenger’s Daughter was conceived as the perfect complement to the Duke of Exeter’s Daughter (the rack) because it worked the opposite principle to the rack by compressing the body rather than stretching it. The executioner, according to the pleasure of the interrogators, can vary the pressure from zero to that of total body weight.
In an inquisitory nature it was used on condemned women – convicted of heresy, blasphemy, adultery, self-induced abortion, erotic white magic and any other crime that the inquisitors selected. Although having DNA from more than two sources can occur naturally (as in the cases of microchimerism and tetragametic chimerism), these 15 babies were created with a method called “cytoplasmic transfer,” which had been banned by the FDA.
The scientists claimed that featherless chickens are extremely safe because they are created by breeding a regular broiler chicken with a Naked Neck. The feathers on the chicken are there to protect chickens from parasites, harsh weather conditions, and overzealous cocks that can hurt the hen’s skin when mating. A company called Lifestyle Pets claims that they are able to breed hypoallergenic pets by selecting cats and dogs that have “naturally occurring genetic divergences” for breeding. To avoid swallowing its own eggs, the female tilapias will not consume anything during this period, which obviously negatively impacts their size. With more research and trials, gene shooting can potentially treat incurable human diseases, like diabetes, by replacing problematic DNA in the patient’s body. These types of mosquitoes have been genetically modified to develop resistance against the plasmodium parasite—making it near impossible to infect the host mosquito.

Belgian Blues are said to have more lean meat and reduced fat content, which leads to significantly more health risks (and inbreeding) than other breeds and puts a premium price on these steaks. If you couldn’t care less about cats or the environment (what kind of monster are you?), then perhaps knowing that scientists are also using glow-in-the-dark animals to learn more about debilitating diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, will change your mind.
The veined octopus has been observed actively solving this vulnerability problem, by digging up coconut shells and using them as shelter. There is academic debate as to whether this could be a planned behavior on the part of the crows—but it falls well within the level of intelligence the birds have previously displayed. The bug then sticks these husks to its back, and wears them as armor against any predator which comes along. But animals and very young human children are generally unable to recognize that what they are looking at is a reflection of themselves, rather than another animal. Amazingly, when faced with a mirror, they quickly moved their trunks to the mark on themselves, and not to their reflection in the mirror. So in order to increase the area in which they can detect prey, the spiders select seven or eight stones of similar size and shape and arrange them in circle around the entrance to their lair.
This leaves a hollow tube in which she can transport her eggs and young ones until they are ready to survive separately.
Sometimes though, the origins of certain iconic costumes are just plain bizarre, as we will find out . On the more hi-tech end of things, the production also had a remote control station on set that would monitor the suits and alert them whenever a battery was almost out of power. It took Crome between six weeks and six months to knit the jumpers for the film, depending on the intricacy of the design. After some tests were completed it turned out he was having an allergic reaction to the aluminum dust in his makeup. Despite these efforts, the actor would still have to rush over to special fans after finishing a scene in order to cool down further still.
But anti-fat discrimination goes way beyond gentle mocking and into some dark, frightening territory.
As if that wasn’t enough, some hospitals in Britain have even started to ban patients with a BMI over 30 from having any routine sugery. One study gave a bunch of HR-types identical resumes with before and after weight-loss surgery photos attached.
That’s as much as some people earn in a year down the drain, all because we as a culture don’t dig fat chicks. Despite our mental image of extreme poverty involving rake-thin hobos searching desperately for a meal, the reality shows that homelessness and obesity go practically hand-in-hand. Thanks to capitalism’s amazing ability to produce junk food at phenomenally cheap prices, our society is currently flying in the face of all human history by ensuring that you’ll probably be fatter after losing your house than beforehand.
This suggests that even parents buy into the cultural myth that fat people are inherently lazy and need to learn some discipline. The modern children showed a whopping 41 percent extra antipathy toward the fat kid, for no reason other than his weight.
In every single country monitored, obesity had become associated with laziness and a lack of self-control, with the sole exception of Tanzania, where skinniness is still associated with death from HIV. The first duty of a new Sonderkommando was often disposing of the body of the person they replaced. The music continued even while people were being gassed; however, even with a full orchestra, they were rarely able to drown out the screaming. This just goes to show the horrific lengths Nazis went to to break prisoners—everything in the camps had to have the constant reminder of death hanging over it. Hans Eppinger forced approximately 90 Gypsy inmates to drink nothing but seawater just to see what would happen.
Prisoners were submerged in ice water to see the effects of hypothermia, injected with chemicals and poisons to test their effectiveness, sterilized, vivisected, and operated on without anesthetic. That’s right: For all the good it’s done, the Internet has the potential to make us very miserable, very angry, or very dead. But that reward only comes at unpredictable times—causing you to perform the first action more and more frequently. In other words, a single visit to Facebook was roughly the equivalent of watching a puppy get punched for four hours—but the bad news doesn’t stop there. Now, the study obviously only looked at Chinese users, but a quick non-scientific glance at the sort of topics trending on Twitter suggests it applies over here too.
And the areas we’re becoming dumber in might be more important: Critical thinking and imagination are pretty vital human traits. What they found was that students who visited the fake pages and encountered the fake commenters were more likely to be less certain about climate change than before, even when they thought the websites were lying. Sufferers show symptoms of withdrawal when unable to get online, while those that do seem to undergo a process in their brains that’s near-identical to that experienced by cocaine and heroin addicts. In actuality, his telegrams were descriptions of British shipping movements disguised as sardine transactions.
Villa’s enemies were known to raid Mormon colonies in Mexico, stealing supplies and holding captives for ransom.
They were successful in their efforts, and Villa remained forever indebted to the Mormon cowboy. He was then appointed to be an intelligence gatherer, which would remain his biggest priority from 1777 to 1782.
From what he saw, he created a bayonet battle plan which allowed the Americans to take the fort in only 25 minutes. Although she appeared to be traveling for archaeological purposes, she really went to the city because it served as the capital of the brutal al Rashids and the British wanted to know their strength. They so casually shared their intrigues and personal information that Bell was able to report to the British that the Rashids were weakening and the British should ally with the Saudis. Little did they know that he was identifying German agents, photographing submarines, and hunting German shortwave broadcasts. According to the estimate of 2002, there are around 590 million cars and 205 million motor cycles in service. Although they have 4362 airports to manage the imports and exports, most of the exports and imports are done by various vehicles such as trucks, cars etc. The automobile industries are growing significantly by producing rapid number of vehicles every year. That’s why; he enlarges the number of roads and the water ways to travel and safe journey to the passengers. As the transportation system is very good in Spain, the people from home and abroad can easily travel from one place to another using cars, buses, motorbikes etc. People from home and abroad travel from one state to another easily using cars, buses, motorbikes, trains etc. Every year many tourists from home and abroad come here to see the natural beauties of that country.
People can easily take their suitable vehicles and travel from one region to another with lower cost.
That’s why; the number of vehicles in China is increasing on the roads as well as in the water. The automobile industry in Germany is one of the largest employers in the country with over 866000 labors working on that industry.
After the second world, their development in technology and also in other fields grows massively than any other country in the world. Apparently, God was not down with extramarital sex or childbearing, but he was down with using red hot irons to impale vaginas and scrape women’s breasts off. This device could also be used to inflict damage on other parts of the body such as the arms. Sources relate that on occasion, the wedge would slice entirely through the victim as a result of the immense weight attached to his or her feet.
The pointed prongs at the end of the segments serve better to rip into the throat, the intestines or the cervix. Shaking or flicking the sprinkler towards the victim showered him or her with the boiling contents of the ladle. The claws were used, either cold or heated, on a female’s exposed breasts – rendering them into bloody pulps. After being heated red-hot, the crocodile shears were applied to the erect penis, which—once exposed to sufficient tension—was torn from the prisoner’s body; or at the very least leading to severe arterial bleeding.
The method was initially developed to save female eggs that had been difficult to fertilize and was showing much promise—until tracking the growth of the genetically modified babies revealed that one of the babies had been diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, a classification of developmental disorders that includes autism. This group of cats and dogs doesn’t produce the types of pet allergens (a total of four in cats and six in dogs) responsible for allergic reactions in humans. But past experiences have shown that plasmodium parasites are able to quickly evolve and develop an immunity to anything that threatens to destroy them. But in certain populations, members have been observed taking leaves and using them to make their whistle louder. With the aim of improving their lot, they have devised a digging methodwhich makes their lives a little more bearable. Johnny Depp was almost unrecognizable in Tim Burton’s sixties-set fairytale, which puts him front and centre as a tragic Frankenstein’s monster-style creation who changes the lives of little American suburb-dwellers.
Add that to earlier studies that suggest juries are more lenient with slim, good-looking people, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world objectively hates the overweight. They found that the resumes with before photos scored far lower on assessments of things like leadership potential and starting salary, despite belonging to the same person.
And this is becoming apparent across all income levels—wealthy people tend to be skinnier, while poorer people tend to be larger. Another study showed that overweight people who get bullied are more likely to stay overweight than those who don’t.
A separate German investigation discovered that the primary emotion felt by young people on Facebook is envy—as in, proper green-eyed, bile-spitting, rage-inducing envy.
If we end up trading them in for super-duper “visual literacy skills,” it won’t exactly be the trade of a lifetime. That’s deeply troubling: These students were specifically affected by the astroturf sites, and astroturf sites are, by definition, big money sites intent on sabotaging honest debate. That’s right: Using the Internet every single day apparently effects your brain very similarly to shooting up behind a dumpster.
It could be a wider societal problem, or down to the cultural rise of aggressive individualism, but some think the blame lies firmly at the door of social media.
No, it sounds callous, and scientists are suggesting that that may be down to social media forcibly slowing our compassion responses. Zender was convicted of espionage and executed at the Tower of London in 1916—the last spy to be executed there during World War I.
They thought that they had managed to get a good deal as POWs, but little did they know that their every word was overheard by British intelligence.
But it is impossible to find out correctly when these animals and boats were started to use as vehicles. As Brazil is one of the largest countries in North America, they have a very good transportation system.
1 percent of the total work force directly work here which solve the unemployment problem in Russia. If they want to go to a long distances, they can use the trains, private cars which will be cheaper than private planes or other forms of air travelling. As every region has the tourist attractions, the tourists use vehicles likely to pass the short or long distances with a very cheap rate rather than using the airplanes. According to a World Bank report in 2010, the motor vehicles used per 1000 people in Italy were 672 in 2009. Nearly 70% of all cars in Germany use petrol with only 1.5% using alternative clean energies. Japan has been in the top three of the countries with most cars manufactured since the 1960s.
The minds that devised these methods of torture can only be described as deranged, sociopathic and sado-masochistic. In earlier stages, the torturer could keep the head firmly clamped and strike the metal skull cap periodically; each blow echoing pain throughout the victim’s body. The Judas cradle was thus called also in Italian (culla di Giuda) and German (Judaswiege), but in French it was known as la veille, “the wake” or “nightwatch”. The oral pear was often inflicted on heretical preachers, but also on lay persons guilty of unorthodox tendencies; the rectal pear awaited passive male homosexuals, and the vaginal one women guilty of sexual union with Satan or his familiars.
This must be a taught behavior, passed down through generations, because it is only observed in certain linked groups of orangutan populations—making it all the more impressive. The mole-rats take a piece of bark or a fragment of plant matter and place it in their mouth.
The spiders can detect vibrations through the stones—allowing them to strike at prey outside of their usual range. Now, the fact that kids pick on one another may be nothing new, but the sheer extent of their hatred for the overweight surely is—obese kids are 65 percent more likely to be bullied at school than their average-weight counterparts, a number so large it’s mind-boggling. So that bullied fat kid everyone hates is going to probably stay fat and bullied and hated for the rest of his life. This dehydration was so severe that inmates reportedly licked the floors after they’d been mopped just to get a single drop of fresh water. The theory goes that most of us inflate our achievements and happiness on our profiles, but somehow miss the logical assumption that everyone else is doing it too. Now, this could simply mean that racists are more likely to frequently use Facebook than us non-racists, but either way it’s a pretty grim result.
According to the statistics in Spain 2010, the number of vehicles per 1000 people is 593 which indicate the growing economy and vehicle loving people in Spain. In 2009, they produce 595807 vehicles and accounts for about 7 percent of the worldwide production.
People from here also feel comfortable of taking a new car or vehicle of their own because of the low prices and installments of vehicles. China’s automobile production first exceeded in 1992 and after 2000, China produced more than 2000 million vehicles which was indicated how first were their automotive industries growing. These vehicles include cars, buses and other freight vehicles but don’t include the two wheelers. As the people of Germany love their country, they don’t attract in other brands and use their own brands.
In the 1980 and 1990, they overtook USA as the production leader up to 13 million cars manufactured and exports which brings an enormous change in their automotive industry.
According to 2007 estimation, there were 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States.
Nowadays this method enjoys the favour of not a few governments in Latin America and elsewhere, with and without improvements like electrified waist rings and pyramid points.
In the water ways, people also learned to use ships made of wood with the sails but as soon as the motor engines were invented people started to use it both on lands and waters. The companies which produce vehicles offer different kinds of easy installments to help the people to buy a vehicle of their own.
The number of registered cars, buses, vans, trucks on the road in China was 62 millions in 2009.
Now the vehicles are increasing because of good road facilities as well as giving facilities in water. The government is also determined to increase the facilities for the German people by decreasing the amount of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. Data was first collected in 1963; the total number of vehicles on Japan’s roads has fallen over a three month period. The number of vehicles is increased steadily since 1960 indicating the growing number of vehicles per capita. The most famous torturing in the sight of God happened during the Inquisition, but these devices were used all over Europe for centuries. The number of registered motor vehicles was 16.8 million units and the total number of cars and motorcycles in China increased 20 times between 2000 and 2010. That’s why: people can easily buy their desired vehicles using different installment facilities.
As this country has the most number of passenger vehicles market, this is also the home for the 3 large vehicle manufacturers: General motor, Ford motor company and Chrysler. To me, this is ample evidence of the bravery and strength of women, who knew that if they spoke against their abusive husbands or a regime that gave them less rights than cattle, they were most likely going to end up slowly tortured to death – but they spoke out anyway and suffered the consequences, century after century. The Government of China has taken steps to develop their industries more by investing billions of dollars and is expected to exceed 200 million of their production by 2020. This affects not only the car makers but also the other companies which are related to these industries.
That’s why; Government now plans to spend 567 billion for the road building and to increase the automotive industries in 2010.
As the days pass by, different kinds of transport were invented and were being used by the people.

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