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Whether you have a job and are just looking to supplement your income, or are perhaps a student or housewife that wants to make a few extra bucks, there are a lot of part time jobs and things you can do that will probably fit into your schedule!
50 Super Creative Date Ideas You Have Probably Never TriedDinner and a movie can not only be expensive, but can also get incredibly boring!
12 Crucial Decorating Tips That Will Make Any Room BetterDecorating your home can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have some sort of inspiration or starting point. Get rid of junk.  Simply selling off old things you no longer want can be a great way to bring in a few extra dollars. Give a machine a break.  Amazon Turks is a way to earn a little bit of money doing things for which people are needed instead of machines. Consulting.  If you have in-depth industry experience, or specific skills for which there is real demand, you might be able to earn some money on the side doing some consulting.
Hold a garage or yard sale.  An old-fashioned method of selling unwanted items from around the house, this can still be useful today. Draw.  If you have exceptional drawing skills, you could pick up a few gigs illustrating, drawing caricatures, or other such projects.
Gardening.  If you like to garden, perhaps you can sell some of your output at a local farmer’s market? Public speaking.  Companies and other organizations could pay reasonably well for people to come in and speak, either on very specific topics or for motivational purposes. Medical tests.  Care to be a part of medical tests that could help others?  Maybe there is some money in play for those who do.
Create social media pages.  If someone wants a customized Twitter background, for example, they might be willing to pay for help.
Create an app.  While revenue per download might not be sky-high, you never know what could happen if you develop something that meets a need in the market. House sit.  If someone is traveling for an extended period of time, there could naturally be some worry about making sure things are okay with the house.
Sell your photos.  You might be able to sell existing photos, or take professional photos for specific purposes.
Market research.  Participate in a market research study, and you might be able to obtain a decent stipend for a short amount of your time.
Sell crafts.  Many people love to make crafts.  Why not make some money on the side from it? Recycle.  From scrap metal to electronics, and different points in between, there are things that we can recycle for money.
Bake cookies and bread.  Who doesn’t like fresh, homemade cookies, bread, and other treats? Substitute teach.  While this might not yield big money, it can be a rewarding way to earn extra money.
Print and place ads.  By this, I mean printing, distributing, and posting flyers for businesses that pay you. Model.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to do this, there is money (and maybe an ego boost) involved! Host product parties.  Get people together at your home, and sell kitchen or fashion wares. Wash cars.  Not just external washes, but detailing car interiors can generate extra money. Web design.  With the explosion in the number of websites started by people globally, there is demand for those who are good at this. Handy work.  The ability to fix things and do handy work can also come in handy for earning extra money. Sponsored messaging.  This is an out of the box idea, but maybe you could sell ad space on your email signatures, voice mail greetings, etc. As can be seen, there are tons of ways that we can hustle for additional income.  With people seemingly getting busier and more interested in outsourcing different life tasks, there is plenty of opportunity for people to make extra side money! Renting space, be it a room, a storage space, or a parking spot, is one of the easiest ways to bring in A LOT of extra income.
Stefanie – agreed, for those in a position to do so (no kids, etc) renting a room can be a big way to generate quite a bit of additional money. These 15 ways to make extra money are a great jump-start to building a side business around your stuff and your skills.
Selling items around your house is one of the easiest ways to make extra money on the weekend.
However, local swip swaps are one of the safest ways to sell your items and make extra money on the weekend.
Selling on Poshmark is easy: take a few pictures of your item, add a description and price, and wait for someone to purchase. Earnings on ThredUp vary (from 10-80% depending on the price of the item), but ThredUp does all the work of selling your item for you, from processing your item, to putting it online, and sending it on its way.
Yard sales might get a bad reputation for being time-consuming or a hassle, but they are quick ways to make extra money.
For a little extra money, you can use your skills to do a few side tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. We’ve covered Swagbucks before, where you can earn money for surfing the web and doing various online tasks. If you love taking pictures and already share them online, consider getting paid for your talent.
While it may not make you money today, consider signing up with a marketing agency to make additional money on the side.
I’ll tell you exactly how to find jobs as a brand ambassador and exactly what you need to know to book them consistently.
Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of opportunities for you to earn extra money today. With these 15 ways to make extra money, you’re sure to find something quick and fairly profitable.
All of these ways to make extra money will take more time, but they can be worthwhile long-term ways to make extra money, too. Truth be told, you really shouldn’t only be looking for money making opportunities in the summer – why take the rest of the year off from earning extra income?
I do have to mention one thing before I get started with the list of ways to make extra money this summer. Taking surveys –Taking surveys won’t allow you to get rich quick, but can be a nice way to make a little extra money for your budget. Drive an ice cream truck – I personally couldn’t do this as hearing the same incessant song all freaking day would make me go postal, but hey, if it’s your thing you can make nice money. Be a caddie – Golfing is an expensive hobby to like, but it’s nothing for a caddie to make at least $50 to $100 for a few hours of work walking around with a bag. Grocery shopping – Don’t want to house sit, but still take advantage of people going on vacation?
Sell bottled water – If you have a Costco membership, buy several cases of bottled water and sell them outside outdoor events – just make sure your city allows you to this prior to doing it. Get a part-time job – This isn’t my personal favorite, but you can always get a part-time job for some extra cash.
Flip garage sale finds – I’ve never done this, but there is a whole group of people who buy items at garage sales and sell them on Ebay or Amazon for a profit.
Sell a bodily fluid – You can definitely make extra money this summer selling a bodily fluid. Drive – Yep, if you know how to drive and have free time you can make nice cash driving for Lyft or Uber. Sign up for FIVERR – Fiverr can be a great way to make a little extra cash doing things like animation, design or writing.
Clean houses – Unless you’re like me and clean the house to clear your mind, most don’t like to clean their house.
Wash windows – We have a friend who has a side business washing windows and he does quite well at it. Deliver pizzas – My youngest brother delivered pizzas for several years and made a killing doing it – especially in the summer. Rent your friendship – I don’t know that I’d do this, but if you’re up for helping people have platonic friendships, you can sign up for RentAFriend and make up to $50 per hour plus free meals or movies as well.
Coach – This might require more time than being a referee, but summer and fall are huge for sports. Mystery shop – I’ve never mystery shopped, but know many who use it as a way to make some extra cash. Be a tour guide – Do you live in a tourist location or have sites people like to visit when they come to your hometown? Sell unused electronics – If you’re like us you likely have a fair number of old electronics lying around the house. Now, over to you – what are some of your favorite ways to make extra money over the summer?
I'm the founder of Frugal Rules, a Dad, husband and veteran of the financial services industry. Exactly Michelle – no one really should have an excuse when it comes to making extra cash.
That is a wonderful list, and if you can find something there, you really don’t want to earn more money. I think this is especially helpful for those who are still in college and those who have recently graduated with student loans. Those in school can make payments towards their accrued interest which can save tons of money in the long-run. Welcome to Frugal Rules!I'm a veteran of the financial services industry who's learned the hard way how to invest, save, and manage my money. As we head into the holiday season it is time to start considering how we will pay for gifts for our friends, family and even ourselves.  Here are 5 Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays that are sure to be easy for you to do, and will offer you the chance to give more this year than in years past. Put these tips into place this year as you plan for holiday gift giving.  Using these ways to make extra money for the holidays will help provide you with the money needed to give your friends and family the gifts you feel they deserve.  Use your skills, knowledge and talents to earn a part time fun income just for the holidays! About Katie HaleKatie Hale is a domestic abuse survivor, an author, homeschooling mom and blogger who is passionate about helping others realize they are capable of reaching their dreams. Make sure you like Top DIY Ideas on Facebook to be updated every time we find a fantastic DIY tutorial from across the web! In my book Hustle Away Debt I talk about how you can pay off your debt faster through side hustles.
In Hustle Away Debt I talk about the many side hustles I’ve personally taken part in, what you should do before starting a side hustle, ideas for side hustles, and how to side hustle better.
While the book is focused on all sorts of side hustles, not just ways to make extra money from home, I have a soft spot for making money from home.
I’ve been blogging for over eight years and today blogging is my primary way I make extra money. Blogging is a great side hustle because you can blog wherever you want and whenever you want.
If you’re interested in blogging as a side hustle I would recommend you check out my post about how to start a blog.
As someone who hires freelance writers I can tell you that freelance writers vary greatly in their skills and experience.
No one wants to take a risk on someone with no portfolio, so to get those first couple freelance writing jobs you will want to have something out there for potential clients to see. Soon after I got a book deal for Hustle Away Debt I wrote a post on how I was able to get a book deal. You could self-publish, but if you go that route you will absolutely want a blog or some sort of audience to sell the book to. Writing a book is a great side hustle because it has additional upside in the form of passive income. Many blog owners act as editors, but many blog owners would also be open to having someone else edit and schedule content. One of my former contributors, Cat Alford, put together a course to help others get started in freelance writing.
One of them took a website that had initially been outsourced to programmers in India and cleaned up the code and did some of the more advanced coding that the site needed. Word of mouth and social networks like LinkedIn also work wonders for those looking for freelance opportunities.
This was a great side hustle for me because I was able to work on and improve skills that were used in my 9-5 job as an accountant. A majority of people either have no spreadsheet skills, hate working in spreadsheets, or both.
We’ve already established that many people do not enjoy spreadsheets or are not good at using spreadsheets.
If you create good Excel spreadsheets for your own use there is a good chance that others would benefit from using it as well.
Everyone loves spreadsheets, but there is arguably even more demand for people who can create, maintain, and upgrade databases. If you are skilled in data management you could offer your services to small businesses and freelancers to start.
This creates an opportunity for someone who works a 9-5 job but would like to make more money. Any skill that can provide value to a person or a company is an opportunity to make extra money. My advice to anyone looking to do this is to first have examples of their work readily available for clients to view.
Like with most side hustles, having a website or blog highlighting your work is a key first step. As someone who spent over two years looking for a qualified designer to create my new website I can say that it’s very difficult to find a qualified designer to create your website. I eventually did find a good designer to create my website and I am forever grateful (contact me if you need a referral).
Similar to the design aspect of websites, there will always be a need for someone to code websites. I’m an investor in a company called IZEA, but until last year I was simply a user of their service. If you have a social media account I would highly recommend signing up for their free service. I think of travel hacking as a side hustle because it takes time and effort and you either get back or free travel that you otherwise would have had to pay for. If you become pro at travel hacking and credit card churning you can become a paid consultant. Typically consultants have their own blog and use affiliate links as their compensation, but you could also charge a flat fee (i.e.

But if you’re willing to spend a little bit of time and effort you can get some decent bank account signup bonuses without much effort. The internet has opened up so many opportunities to make extra money working at home, and tutoring is one of them. This is a particularly good way for people to make side income because it focuses on something they enjoy: creating music. There’s a lot of upside with producing music as a way to make extra money because of the ever-increasing demand for video content. Virtual assistants do almost anything that can be done remotely to help a website owner, professional, executive, or any other number of people.
I do not currently have a virtual assistant, but I can easily think of a list of things I could potentially hand off to one. I’m in the process of creating, manufacturing, and selling my first physical product on Amazon.
There have been literally millions of products created and sold on Amazon over the past decade. Creating a product and automating the production and shipping process has never been easier. Opening a niche store that features products that are a little more specialized and targeted is another way to make extra money working at home. I should caution you that simply setting up a store typically isn’t going to do it these days. One of my favorite stories in my book Hustle Away Debt is one where I talk about starting an Etsy store as a side hustle. In the book I talk about a friend of mine who started an Etsy store with her college roommate. A few months ago I was nearly begging other bloggers to recommend someone who is skilled in creating and formatting newsletters in MailChimp. There are a ton of websites out there that will pay you to translate from the comfort of your home. Gengo – Another website that allows you to work translation jobs whenever and wherever you want.
After reading about my experience some of you are probably thinking of your own experience or experiences helping others with their resumes. If you’ve had some success with your career or simply have a great knowledge and understanding of what people need to do to advance in their careers, consider becoming a career coach. With so much time and attention given to websites these days, many companies simply can’t afford to have anything but the best user experience.
UserTesting is a site that companies like Zillow, CapitalOne, and Flipboard have used to gather information about how consumers view the user experience of their website. If you like to test out websites and give your opinion, UserTesting may be a good option for you to make some extra money at home.
Businesses need to know consumer problems and preferences, and they’re willing to pay a lot of money to get that information. Companies are absolutely willing to compensate consumers who are willing to take time out of their day to give their opinion. When I was doing research for my book Hustle Away Debt I spent some time looking into pet sitting as a side hustle. Now before you accuse me of encouraging people to gamble for side income, I do want to say that I personally know people who make money playing Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS.
In the same way that businesses need people to create and improve spreadsheets and databases, they also need people to create and improve PowerPoints.
Creating good-looking and well-designed PowerPoints may seem easy, but it’s actually pretty difficult unless you are used to working in PowerPoint regularly.
Okay, I know what you’re thinking: am I seriously suggesting you create an app as a side hustle? Creating an app obviously won’t be something a majority of people reading this will be able to do, but there will likely be a number of people who come across this post who have programming skills or who want to learn or improve their programming skills. I have a friend who programmed apps as part of his full-time job a couple years ago and once he had the skills to create apps he went ahead and created a few in his free time. Creating even a simple app would take a lot of time and effort, but there is a lot of upside to it.
I already mentioned earlier what a great website Swagbucks is for making extra money online, but it’s worth separately pointing out their search engine. While it technically isn’t a search engine in and of itself, if you install the Qmee browser add-on to Chrome you can get paid for clicking on their results instead. I thought playing online games was worth mentioning separate from the other opportunities because it’s such a unique way to make extra money. Ebates is essentially an online shopping portal where you get cash back for shopping at a wide variety of retailers.
While you do have to spend money to “make” money, Ebates has a ton of retailers that people shop at anyway. My wife and I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars over the past three years through couponing. If you are new to couponing or have never started, consider reading our post 12 tips for beginner and new couponers. One blogger in particular stands out with this side hustle: Jason Butler of the The Butler Journal.
This side hustle is best done if you go to thrift stores and purchase things to sell on eBay.
There are people on Craigslist who are making hundreds or thousands a month simply buying and selling things on Craigslist. We’ve talked about eBay and Craigslist, but what if you want to take flipping to the next level? Flipping websites essentially involves purchasing a website, improving it, and selling it for a profit.
While there is a ton of opportunity with written content and I only see more and more written content being demanded by companies, if you can create video content you are going to be more in-demand than those of us (like myself) who focus on written content. Companies that accept photos and pay photographers are Shutterstock, Fotolia, and iStock Photo. Forums can be great resources for like-minded people or people who work in a specific niche or area.
Virtually every forum I’ve visited has at least one moderator, if not many moderators.
Sure, investing in stocks requires money in the first place but the potential that stocks have for passive income is huge and I think it’s definitely worth mentioning in this list.
This can be a great app for anyone looking to make a little extra money without putting in a ton of hours or extra effort. Airbnb is a website that brokers the rental of all sorts of accommodations all over the world. Lawyers can make a lot of money, but they also take on a ton of risk because each case is so important.
Lawyers are willing to pay you to be a part of a mock jury, and it can be done completely from home. While there are still old-school ticket scalpers out there who buy and sell tickets the day of games and concerts, it is much more popular today to buy and sell tickets online. As you can see there are a ton of things you can do to make extra money working at home in your spare time. While this list might give you some good ideas for side hustles to start, it’s important to think about the things you should do before you start a side hustle and consider what side hustle will work best for you and your lifestyle.
I wrote my book Hustle Away Debt to give you the information you need to successfully start a side hustle. J?oin our online community and get the first chapter of our new book Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE!Learn everything you need to know about how to make money through side hustles! I landed my first paying freelance job by sending an amazing pitch, forgot to send in my samples (never will repeat this mistake again), but the editor was willing to give me a chance because they liked the idea that was in my pitch. Some of them you can even do from home like blogging or pet sitting, so even if you don’t have transportation or have little ones at home that keep you from being able to leave the house, you can still rake in a little extra cash.
This is the place where I find, feature, make pretty pictures, and share some of the best and most interesting web content. Not everything on this list will be quick and easy, and some may require elbow grease, but if you need to make extra money now, this list will help you do it! Chances are, you probably have old stuff you’re not using anymore, whether it’s electronics, clothes, or even furniture. If you’re on Facebook, type in “SwipSwap (or Swip Swap) [your city]” and look for groups of people in your area who are buying and selling items.
To sell, take a picture of your item, include a brief description and the price, and wait for someone to bid on your item. If you’ve been meaning to sell a pair of Tory Burch flats that never fit right, Poshmark is your chance! When someone purchases your item, Poshmark helps with shipping by sending you a prepaid and pre-addressed label. I’ve had the most luck with ThredUp in selling because I typically don’t sell my designer clothes (I wear them until they can’t be worn anymore…). All you do is pack a bag (provided by ThredUp) with gently worn, clean, and preferably in-season items, then drop it off at your local post office. If you have some gently worn clothes, especially work-appropriate attire, make some extra money by taking your clothes to a consignment store. If you can plan an event, move furniture, or decipher Ikea instructions, you could find yourself in demand on TaskRabbit. Not only is Swagbucks free to join, but you can earn money throughout the day just by using Swagbucks for regular internet searching and more.
Like Swagbucks, you can take surveys through Inbox Dollars, play games, and even redeem grocery coupons to make extra cash.
If you find yourself consistently needing extra money, or if you work freelance or part-time hours, you may want to look into taking more gigs over the long term. In fact, you may have some photos on your phone, furniture in your house, or skills in your repertoire you could sell right now!
Over time, if you really want to start a regular side hustle, you may want to consider expanding your Fiverr business, help other people sell their items online. There are many ways to make money over the summer, even if you feel like you don’t have much skill.
Like I mentioned earlier, there are a number of unique opportunities present in the summer that allow for many to make a little extra cash. If you believe you don’t have the skills or ability to make income I have one thing to tell you – don’t believe that lie! Ask people in your neighborhood or advertise on Craigslist and this can be a great way to make some extra cash. You need very few items to do it, you get to be outside, and you can make extra money to boot! If you have a major purchase planned this summer, sign up for a new rewards credit card and get some cash or points back for the spending. You can use sites like Ebates to get some cash back for shopping you’d already be doing anyway. Many like to do home-improvement projects in the summer but not everyone knows what they’re doing.
You can sign up for IZEA to promote campaigns for a variety of companies on your social media channels. Cleaning houses can be a great way to make extra money this summer if people are moving and want to tidy up their homes.
The Stylinity app allows you to tag products you like and share them on your social channels.
You can make extra money in many ways through weddings from being a DJ, to cleaning up afterwards to taking pictures. If you like to spend time with animals, it can be a great way to make extra money while people are on summer vacation. You can check out sites like Backstage or even your local paper for productions looking for extras.
Why not make a little money while on it? With Swagbucks you can earn points, called SB points, that can be turned into money. You can sign up for Swagbucks and earn an extra $5 sign-up bonus to earn things like Amazon gift cards for completing different actions on their browser.
Freezing produce is one option, but you could also sell said produce in your neighborhood or at a Farmer’s Market to make a little extra money. If you have the time and have identified a need there are countless ways to make extra cash.
I'm passionate about helping people learn from my mistakes so that they can enjoy the freedom that comes from living frugally. I’m all about making extra money ?? There are obviously many, MANY different ways to make money so no one should have an excuse.
We personally plan to make some money this summer by holding a garage sale, it seems to be the thing to do in our neighborhood and we realized we have built up a bunch of stuff we don’t need in the three years we have lived in this home.
I think we may be forced to go the garage sale route ourselves – or simply make a few donations to the Goodwill. Budgets is the artist, I handle all the business related stuff), we had our biggest sale over the weekend.
I did notice that it seems like I take advantage of these services more so than offer than myself, but I am happy to help people earn a little extra money too. Life guarding was the cool thing to do in the summer times during high school in las vegas. I think the Rent A Friend thing is sad as well and don’t know that I could do it either. In Frugal Rules, I've created an online community where together, we pursue financial literacy and freedom. Learning how to budget money is important and while the holidays are not only about giving and receiving presents, it is always fun to be able to give to those in our lives that are important to us. Sometimes I apply to for temporary jobs to staff events and shows that are plentiful around the holiday season.
It is only about $4-$5 a month but I am going to let it add up and cash out when it gets over $100.
I know you have unexpected bills and like a little extra shopping money and I’d like to help. For example, Kaplan hires tutors for all the major standardized tests like SAT, ACT, GRE, etc. A large majority of these are ways to make money online from your laptop (my ideal way to make money!).
For example, if you start an Etsy store you just might end up with a business that brings in a full-time income on a part-time schedule, as described in one of the case studies in Hustle Away Debt.

It’s allowed me to write a book (through a publisher) and has greatly helped my financial situation. If you are unsure what sort of side hustle you should start, I almost always recommend blogging.
If you go to that post and use my unique Bluehost referral code you will get an excellent deal on hosting. I have friends who are making so much freelance writing that they quit their full-time jobs. I can also tell you that I will typically not even consider hiring a writer who doesn’t have a blog of their own. It’s not enough to simply have a book idea or even to write a book – you need people to sell the book to! While a lot goes into actually creating a book, you could make money off of it for years to come. After all, someone needs to review posts for errors, add things like affiliate links, and plan and schedule posts.
I myself recently looked into this option and not having to edit all the posts would be a huge relief. Whether you are looking to learn about how to program in Java, speak a different language, or learn how to coupon, there are online courses for you. She turned freelance writing into a very lucrative career and has been able to stay at home with her twins because of it.
Similar to freelance writing it’s always easier to get noticed and to come off as a legitimate freelancer if you have a websitehighlighting your work. There is huge demand for programmers so if you have programming skills you can absolutely make extra money at home doing freelance work. Usually you have to pay to improve your skills at your 9-5, but this side hustle allowed me to flip the script and get paid to develop my technical skills.
The problem is virtually every single business will have to deal with spreadsheets at some point. This not only poses an opportunity for people to provide spreadsheet consulting services, but also spreadsheet products.
While I give away my coupon database spreadsheet for free, there is a big opportunity to sell Excel spreadsheet templates for money. Janet has created some great templates that range from budgeting spreadsheets, wedding budget spreadsheets, calendar spreadsheets, and more.
You could spend as little as 5-10 hours working on databases and managing data for a small business. The problem for me as the owner of a growing blog is this: a lot of traffic can be gained by having a strong Pinterest presence.
This creates an opportunity for anyone who has a good understanding of how to run a businesses’ Pinterest account. Pinterest is no different and is obviously a wonderful option if you are looking specifically for opportunities to work at home.
You may have to start by providing pro-bono work to build up a portfolio and references, but once you’ve gained experience running social media you can take on more and more clients, eventually making a nice side income out of it.
They aren’t easy to get going, but once you have some momentum they can provide you with some nice extra income. I used to create graphics for my posts but I realized that it’s best to outsource it to someone who is more skilled in that area.
Considering the fact that there are likely millions of blogs this presents a golden opportunity for anyone with graphic design experience. Besides having examples it also make sense to have a good handle of where free stock photos and images are available. Whether it’s a large corporation that is re-branding one of its products or a new blog that has come online, there is a ton of opportunity for side hustle income for anyone who has graphic design skills.
Even if they have some experience, they likely aren’t good enough at graphic design to create logos. Even people with really small blogs are going to eventually want a facelift, and most will realize they are in over their heads if they try to go the DIY route. But what I’ve seen more established freelancers do is specialize in either the design side or the coding side. In fact this may be even more lucrative as people are constantly changing their websites or looking for upgrades and enhancements.
It certainly can’t hurt to throw your accounts out there for advertisers to see, and you can even bid on campaigns. They have virtually every social network integrated onto their platform so the potential for working out deals with advertisers is huge. Basically credit card companies give big signup rewards like 50,000 miles when you spend a certain amount (i.e. I signed up for a Discover checking account and received $50 when I deposited $100 and kept it in the account for a certain number of days.
They are running a promotion that ends in 2016 where you get $150 if you open a new account and make three payments using online bill pay or a direct deposit of $300 or more to the account within 45 days of opening it.
There are a ton of online tutoring websites out there where people are getting paid to tutor on a wide variety of topics from IT, to music, to language. You can utilize Fulfillment by Amazon to have your products shipped as part of their 2-day Prime Shipping.
The number is probably closer to the thousands or tens of thousands, but most people never hear of 99%+ of them. You can probably relate to the enjoyment of helping someone put their best face forward on their resume. There is a ton of demand for this and many people haven’t updated their resumes for years and are overwhelmed at the idea of updating or creating one. They help people in all aspects of moving forward in their career or landing a interviews and, hopefully, a job in their field.
You could make a huge difference in someone’s life and make some extra money in the process.
But how can they know if there is some aspect of the site that users do not like or that is not functioning as expected? While I didn’t pay people to take it, I had a survey on the site in the past to gather information and it was extremely helpful.
Not only do you get to spend a lot of time with pets, you also get to make some extra money while you are at it. DFS, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is essentially a way to play fantasy sports in one day or over the course of a few days instead of a full season. I wrote a blog post a little over a year ago about whether DFS was a good way to make money or not. If you find something you like, just follow the links within the paragraph in each feature to see the full article.
Look around your house or think about the skills you already have, and start making money right now. By selling items you no longer use around your home, you’ll clear up space around your house and make extra money. Swip swaps are like Craigslist, but are extremely local and Facebook groups are often private.
However, I do occasionally sell non-designer items that simply don’t fit me, and they do sell well on ThredUp. Consignment stores will split the profit with you, usually 60-70% to you and 30-40% to the store, but the only work you have to put in is dropping your clothes off!
Kitchen items, furniture, and baby items generally do the best at yard sales, but you’ll be surprised at what sells! Most tasks can be finished relatively quickly, and once your work has been approved, you get paid.
TaskRabbit tasks come up regularly, which makes it an easy way for you to make some extra cash today and in the future. You can sell it at your own yard sale, put it up for sale on Craigslist, or take it to a consignment shop to possibly get even more money for it. Some of these opportunities won’t allow you to make money quickly but they can provide a little extra cash to stretch your budget further. With a few tools and word of mouth advertising you can make some nice money in your free time. Check out this course by my friend Cat if you’d like to make money writing for blogs but need help to start. If you have clothing items you no longer wear this can be a great way to make a little extra cash.
I'm also a freelance writer, and regularly contribute to GoBankingRates, Investopedia, Lending Tree and more. We pay others to pet sit in the summer because we are going a away a few days here and there and someone needs to feed our cat. I think I would suck at that job because I’d feel too sorry for the person who had to buy a friend.
So, in addition to the ideas I typically share in the Save and Earn section, I’ve pulled together this huge (and growing) list of legitimate ways you can earn money and free products with very little work. They do not require a teaching degree or any teaching experience but you must have scored in the 90th percentile for the test that you would be applying to tutor for.
I know there are many parents reading this who would love to work from home 20 hours a week running their own business! If you own a blog that has freelance writers contribute posts then you will get a lot of experience editing posts, whether you want to or not! This could be a blog or something similar that highlights what programming languages you know, projects you’ve worked on, and other things that you want potential clients to know. If you are skilled in spreadsheets this could be a lucrative way to make money from the comfort of your own home.
Typically smaller businesses are unable to hire someone to manage their data full-time and it can quickly become expensive to outsource to a company that specializes in data management.
It works out well for the small business, too, as they don’t have to pay a full-time employee to manage their data. I outsourced mine to Kristin from the blog Believe in a Budget and she does a wonderful job. You can get this offer (which may only be available in certain States) by going to their site and using promo code 3900 at account opening. I am a detail-oriented person so critiquing everything and selectively adding, deleting, and rewording things to give him the best possible presentation was a lot of fun for me. In fact a friend at work does this on days where both he and his wife’s schedule overlap and they both work long hours. I have a friend who did this and he now has a team of writers and even appeared on an ESPN segment discussing DFS.
Gone is awesome because it sends you all packaging and shipping materials, plus they sell your item for you at the best price.
All you do is take a picture of the item you want to sell, price it, and wait for someone to contact you. Another bonus to swip swaps are that people live fairly close to you, meaning you won’t have to drive out of your way (or pay for shipping) to sell.
Once received by ThredUp, your items are processed, posted online, and you’re contacted as your items sell.
This way, you’re not wasting your time doing multiple revisions for someone who only wants to pay you $5, and you’re making extra money for your talent. Ask around and see if anyone needs a sitter, either to watch their children for a night, their pets for a weekend, or to check in on an elderly family member a few days a week. I can think of many ways why you might want to earn extra money – from needing to pay off debt, saving up to buy a new house, saving for retirement or no reason at all. Assuming you have basic life skills, you can monetize virtually anything – you just have to want it. You can sign up for cheap hosting, such as $3.49 per month through Bluehost, and be up and running in a few minutes. If you're wanting to learn how to monetize your blog, check out my blog coaching services to see how I can help you take your site to the next level. You can do it on the side, like me, and use the money to pay off debt, invest, travel, or whatever you want to use your side income for. I pay her to run the account, she shows me that her efforts are resulting in traffic to my site, and we both win. Seeing his reaction at the end of the process didn’t hurt, either, as he was really pleased with how it ended up. He’s very committed to going on the site each day and filling out surveys, using it as his search engine, and doing everything he can to gain points. The next basketball season I coached after doing my first referee gig, I was less tough on the refs. You get paid once your item is sold, and you can receive a check, PayPal transfer, or Amazon gift card. Since your work will be selling for a base price of $5, you’ll want to choose something not terribly time intensive. Driving can be very lucrative during the day, especially during rush hour, so give it a try and drive for a few companies to see which one suits you best.
If you want to learn exactly how I made $20 an hour in college as a brand ambassador then grab this extra money video course. But there is no penalty for cancelling so you can sign up, get the reward, use the reward, and cancel before the annual fee hits the next year.
The best part about Craigslist is people will generally text or call you right away for your items, meaning you’ll make cash money fast. Refer your friends and you’ll receive $5 in cash once they make their first $25 purchase and earn cash back. They offer $5 in cash for each friend you refer and your friends get $10 in cash after verifying their first receipt.Ownza*- Ownza is an extension you add to your internet browser.
There are a number of companies that will connect you with brands and pay you for sharing sponsored social media posts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, etc.
You can redeem your cash back by check, PayPal or gift cards to popular stores.Ebates*- Ebates posts deals and lets you earn cash back when you shop online at specific stores. According to the app description, you’ll earn 50% of the proceeds from each photo sold.That should be enough to keep you busy for a while!
If you know of other opportunities I should add to the list, leave a comment and let me know!

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