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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Prince Harry Hosts BBQ for Mental Health CharityGuests included sports stars Rio Ferdinand, Victoria Pendleton and Dame Kelly Holmes. June 5, 2014 by Shann Vander Leek 1 Comment Did you know that you can increase your reach and create top of mind awareness for your book or blog by creating a podcast? Once you’ve set up the structure or bones of your podcast, all you need to do is learn how to set up a recording studio, record your voice, edit the audio file and upload your podcast to iTunes. The good news is that you can easily repurpose your posts, articles and book chapters for your podcast series.
You can generate interest for your book or blog by recording each post or portions of each chapter. Podcasting allows you to serve up useful and supportive information with your unique voice. Podcasting has helped me gain credibility as an author and transformational coach, grow my following and sell a lot more digital products. After I finished writing my first book, Life On Your Terms, I decided I wanted to create home study program called Life On Your Terms Accelerator series. Podcast Number One: An introduction or kick off interview to let listeners know who you are and why you created the podcast along with what they can expect when they listen in. Creating and maintaining a podcast is one of the most effective ways you can reach more people, grow your list and sell more books by simply repurposing content from your blog or manuscript. Shann is the professional voice you hear introducing all of publisher, Linda Joy’s radio shows, interviews, trainings, commercials, and audiobooks.

Do you want to create a podcast, but feel like the technology is overwhelming and too much to wrangle with?
Inspirational Reminders for AwakeningYou Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy is filled with inspiring messages to remember and embody your Godself or your True Self.
Overview of SiteYou Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros - a great spiritual self-help book which fosters peace of mind, inner peace, joy, awakening, success, a fulfilling life, living in the moment, love, faith, forgiveness, moving beyond negative emotions, living in the now, spiritual growth, awakening consciousness, and self actualization. Metaphysical spiritual development topics and concepts include: holistic development, peace of mind, God, love, the now, success, a fulfilling life, trusting God, life mission or life purpose, knowledge, peace of mind, joy, truth, attitude, perception, prayer, creating, manifesting, self actualization, true self, ego, the moment, coincidences, forgiving parents, forgiving family members, sleep paralysis, dreams, precognitive dreams, lucid dreams, Out of Body Experience ( OBE ) or Out of Body Experiences, lost souls, past lives, afterlife, as well as blame, accidents, negative emotions, dealing with a loved one's suicide, fear, separation, judgment, good choices, bad choices, illusions, anger, negative feelings, meaning of life, new age, sacred wisdom, Godself. More reach means the potential for more book sales, blog visits and exposure for your business (if you have one).  Podcasting is an excellent platform you can use to get your stories in front of more people and gain even more credibility as a writer. From my experience, it’s easier for a writer to repurpose their writing for a podcast than it is to start a new podcast without content. You can reinforce interest with a call to action at the end of each podcast (a short audio bumper) giving thanks and inviting listeners to visit your website for a free gift.
An added bonus is that you will remain in front of your listeners who are potential customers on a regular basis. This was a great way for me to see if I enjoyed podcasting, plus I always had content to record. Extrapolating the workbooks from the manuscript was simple because I had already written actionable exercises to promote interaction with my readers. You can use the material you’ve already written or you can summarize the subject of a chapter, article or blog post and share whatever it is that you want to teach that day. Shann is the founder of True Balance International, Transformation Goddess, Podcast Bath, and co-creator of the award winning Anxiety Slayer podcast with over 3 million listens. As a Thank You gift, we will send you a free download of Chapter 1 of the book You Have Chosen to Remember - that will arrive with your welcome email.

Please consider supporting them in their wonderful efforts to help homeless and street kids improve their lives. As a Thank You gift, we will send you a free download of Chapter 1 of the book You Have Chosen to Remember  that will arrive with your welcome email. And while podcasting isn’t for everyone, those who are willing create quality content and commit to showing up at least once a week, can attract a responsive and supportive listenership. If I was committed to writing a blog post each week, then I could commit to recording a podcast each week. Shann is the author of Life on Your Terms and best selling co-author of A Juicy Joyful Life, Embracing Your Authentic Self, Wake Up Women, Choosing Happiness and several best selling eBooks. She loves to support heart-centered authors, entrepreneurs, and coaches with the creation of an audio presence for their books, special events and offerings with her signature kick off interviews, voice work and podcast training. When I was finished, my new offering included my book, 10 workbooks and 10 MP3 audios that could be edited and repurposed for podcasts. In the information age we all know that content is QUEEN and the more ways you can creatively repurpose your valuable content the better.
In less than five years the Anxiety Slayer podcast has several thousand downloads each week and a huge subscriber base.

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