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That’s right, Earth Day is just a week away, and we can’t tell you how excited we are to celebrate the wonderful planet we live on. So, in honor of Earth day, we’ve decided to give you some awesome tips on how to make your business greener. A common misconception about products made from recycled material is that you are sacrificing some quality. One of the easiest ways to save money and make your business greener at the same time is to make the switch to Compact Fluorescent or LED lighting.
Energy Star appliances should be a no-brainer for any business with a kitchen, commercial or otherwise.
We’ve already written a whole blog post about about hosting Zero Waste events, but it’s still a really great way to make your business greener, especially if you’re hosting something on Earth Day! One thing that a lot of people forget to consider when making the switch to greener business practices is the supply chain. Below is an interactive comparison chart to help you find the best crossbow for the money in 2016, which is even easier if you use our crossbow reviews. We realize that sometimes you simply cannot afford the more expensive models, and that you might be looking for the top crossbow for the money that you currently have to spend. A very solid model, highly reliable and for a crossbow this reasonably priced, it’s very low maintenance and can last for many seasons with no need for any major repairs. It can shoot with up to 410 FPS speed – our chrono tests indicate 404-406 FPS to be the average when using the arrows supplied with the package. A versatile crossbow that consistently tops the hot-sellers charts in all major online outdoors stores. A reasonably priced, highly durable crossbow that delivers up to 355 feet per second arrow velocity (the crossbow has a huge 240 lbs. This is the fastest shooting recurve crossbow on the market, delivering over 400 FPS given the right circumstances.
This is a quick rundown of what we believe are the strongest attributes of the weapon in question. As the name suggests, this section includes a list of all the items that you’ll be getting from the manufacturer with your crossbow, and the list is based on what the reviewer actually found in the package when he bought it.
In this section we go over the steps that you need to take before actually firing your crossbow. This refers to the how much force is required to cock your crossbow, and it’s determined by how rigid the limbs of the prod are. Keep in mind that if you are cocking the crossbow by hand (by putting your foot inside the stirrup at the top of the weapon, fixing it with your leg to the ground and pulling the string upwards until it is latched in position), you are basically dead-lifting a weight equal to the draw weight of the crossbow.
This is measured in feet-per-second, and determines the speed with which your arrow is going to travel over the first 20-30 yards (beyond this distance the velocity will start to diminish). This is the distance a string will have to travel from its loose position until it reaches the latch and is cocked. This determines how much energy is transferred from the crossbow string to the arrow upon release, and it is directly related to two of the previously mentioned characteristics: the higher the draw weight and the longer the power stroke, the more energy will be transferred to the arrow and the more deadly it will become (and the faster it will fly, with less drop-down in trajectory). The limbs are the two parts attached to the riser, and it is at the tips of the limbs that the string is attached. Price isn’t always an indicator of quality, however in the archery industry it is, unfortunately.
Most crossbows come with what is called a stirrup, and it is that semi-triangular hole located at the front of the crossbow. As mentioned above, the manual way of cocking requires you to dead-lift a weight equal to the draw weight of your crossbow. A cocking rope is the ideal solution for most as there is no need to install additional accessories on your crossbow, and the rope itself is very simple in construction and can be purchased for $15-$30. This is what you’d get if you had $100-150 to spare, and if you want to make the cocking procedure effortless. There are two primary types of scopes you’ll be working with, and the best crossbow sets will always include one of the two.
This type of crossbow scope is typically more expensive than the red dot scope, and can be bought for an average of $90 for a quality one, and go as high as $250 for the more advanced models. The main difference between recurve and compound crossbows lies in the limbs and the mechanism used to draw the string. Compound crossbows are heavier overall, and the front of a compound tends to be heavier than the back (due to the bulky cam system installed on the limbs), creating a tendency for the tip to droop a little while aiming – a fact for which you need to compensate. Compound crossbows are more complicated in design; there are many parts that can potentially malfunction, and the string-changing process is more complex than on a recurve crossbow.
Due to the above, we recommend that beginner crossbow-shooters should stick exclusively to recurve crossbows, at least until they acquire a thorough understanding of how the weapon works, and develop confidence in their skills to both use and service the crossbow. Each crossbow comes with the manufacturer’s recommendation for the length of the arrows that should be used with it, and in most cases this will be 20 inches. The nock: a small piece of either plastic or aluminum that is attached to the rear of the arrow shaft, and which comes in direct contact with the string when your crossbow is cocked.
You will notice that crossbow arrows have different characteristics, for example the grain (weight) of the broad head.
You should not be attempting to shoot or even cock a crossbow with broken limbs, this could result in serious injury.
I think John meant that he broke the limbs got new ones, and now he can hand cock it with little problem, My guess would be he hasnt got the string properly installed. You have a great website with a lot of information about cross bows that I was not aware of. I have a jackal xbow and I was wondering how much does the bolts weight in grns and which broadheads would be better mechanical or fixed blade and do you know of a video that shows how to lube a xbow. I bought a Horton Fury crossbow and dropped it on the foot stirrup, which broke it now I haven’t been able to find anything out there to replace it . Fortunately, there are tools to help you get a handle on your time, forcing you to focus business activities toward money making (billable) activities. Dovico Software — A really good software that helps you manage not just time, but projects is Dovico Software. Google Calendar — Most mobile phones will integrate with Google Calendar, and it can obviously be used on your computer or tablet device. Easy Time Tracking Software — Another really good software product is called Easy Time Tracking. Freshbooks — This is a web based solution which enables you to track time, expenses, your entire staff, accounting and offers personal branding. A really awesome time management tool will help you prioritize, schedule, and focus on the goals you’ve set for your spa. The important factor is that a plan is implemented that discovers and redirects time wasters, putting the focus back on accomplishing money making tasks in your spa.
Not just because the sun shines longer, the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, but because springtime happens to have one our favorite holidays as a company.

Much of that waste comes from disposable plastic containers that are not compostable or recyclable.
Since it’s not really “recyclable” most people overlook the fact that there are better options for food waste than just sending it to the land fill. It is true that standards incandescent lightbulbs are cheaper at the store, once you take into account that CFL and LED bulbs are more energy efficient and last much longer you’ll realize that they can save a lot of money over time. These appliances allow consumers and business-owners alike to save a ton of money on their energy bills without sacrificing any quality in the equipment. For those who haven’t read about it, a Zero Waste Event is an event in which at least 90% of all the waste generated by the event is either composted or recycled.
How far a product has to travel to get to your business affects it’s overall carbon footprint, and therefore is definitely something worth considering. For each model we provide information about velocity (feet per second), draw weight (in pounds), power stroke (the distance the prod string needs to be drawn before it is cocked), the arrow length, and overall length and weight of the weapon. If you would like to browse through other models though, here is a list of all crossbows made by the best manufacturers only, as well as a ranking of the fastest crossbows. To help you make a decision, blow we provide a carefully-prepared list of the best models according to 5 different price-points.
Please keep in mind that particular attention was paid to value-for-the-price in this section. It has a built in crank cocking mechanism, so if you purchase the optional handle you’ll be able to cock it effortlessly (although this is not mandatory and the bow comes with a regular rope aid, as well). Makes use of TenPoint’s parallel limb solution, reducing the axle-to-axle dimensions of the Vapor and making it very easy to carry in the field and hence an excellent hunting crossbow. Despite being so cheap, it has characteristics comparable to those of crossbows twice as expensive. Excellent for both beginners and advanced shooters, fast enough for pretty much all hunting purposes. As with all recurves it’s very light (slightly over 6 pounds), and comes with the superb Twilight DLX Scope (which in itself costs more than all budget crossbows on the market). We make sure that each of our crossbow reviews is written by an experienced person, who personally owns and has used, on multiple occasions, the model in question.
Keep in mind, however, that this list is not all-inclusive, and we recommend going through the entire review if you want to get the full picture.
This section also quickly goes over the steps required to assemble the crossbow and points out any possible difficulties that you might run into in the process.
This is where things like accuracy, power, comfort, and similar matters are discussed, with reference to real-life examples. We provide their specifications so that you know to look for when purchasing extra arrows on your own. The higher the draw weight, the more difficult it is to draw the string, and the more deadly the arrow will be. To make this process much easier and to significantly reduce the amount of force required to draw your cross-bow, consider getting a rope or crank cocking device (more on these below). You could conduct mathematical calculations to determine what the energy of your crossbow is, however that would be a waste of time as there are other important factors to consider, such as how ergonomic the design of the weapon is, how well the arrow track is designed, how reliable the release mechanism is, etc. You will be very hard-pressed to get a quality crossbow for less than $120; if it costs less, stay clear of it as the materials used will likely be low quality and using such a crossbow could be outright dangerous and hazardous. You place your foot inside the stirrup, press down with your leg and entire body weight to fix the weapon firmly to the ground, and then use your body weight to lift the string upwards into a cocked position. The crank mechanism is attached to the back of your crossbow and you simply turn the crank in order to draw the string. These come in two different varieties: the single dot red-dot scope, and the triple-dot red dot scope. The nock can be either flat, meaning there is no groove for the string to go into, or it can be a half-moon nock, containing a groove which needs to be aligned horizontally with the string before each shot.
As a general rule, a beginner should not worry about these values at all – the most important thing for you is to learn how to properly handle and aim your weapon.
Parker uses its own capture knocks, which to me appears as a modified half moon I personally have used the standard half moon knocks on my Thunderhawk for a year now with absolutely no problem.
There are many ways to go about finding ways to self-manage in a way that saves the most time for money making activities, as opposed to time wasting activities. You can use it on your computer and via your iPhone, which enables you to take it with you on the road. Another really great feature is that you can invite as many people as you want to view the Google Calendar and add to the calendar. With Freshbooks, you can get quite a large free version in which you can use to track your own time if you set up dummy accounts to track time you’re spending on non money making tasks. Before you put something in it, make sure you know it’s a business essential money-making task.
It’s individual preference will determine what type of tools you use to organize yourself and manage your time. Either software or traditional methods can work, but they will only work well if you actually implement them. One of the biggest parts of our commitment to the community is making sure that we do business in a responsible way. One of the easiest, and most impactful ways you can make your foodservice business greener is by using only recyclable or compostable food containers. If you’ve got any questions about our eco-friendly disposable products just as your PJP sales rep.
If you’ve got an old piece of kitchen equipment, it may seem very expensive to replace, but if you replace it with an Energy Star Appliance, the savings that could generate in your utility bill could pay for itself in no time at all. Being a part of said supply chain, PJP takes this kind of thing into account when working with local businesses. It’s origins date back to ancient China, where it was invented and later used in many wars across the world including Asia and Europe. All of these crossbows are top rated best sellers that deliver exceptional value compared to other models; they are the best crossbows for the money that you have to spend. Most of these are for adults, however there is no reason youngsters can’t enjoy the sport, under adult supervision of course. You could shoot a buffalo from 40 yards away and the arrow would exit through the other side of its body. The design and the Carbonlite riser make it so exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable for a compound, that most beginners can place accurate shots from as far as 40+ yards given a bit of practice. This is likely the fastest shooting crossbow you can find in this price range on the market. It also includes lots of excellent safety features, which is important given the high forces involved. We feel that this is the only way we can deliver useful information, rather than simply repeating the same things that you’ve already read somewhere else over and over.

We also mention the type of heads that come with the arrows (typically field points), and also recommend some broad-heads that go well with these particular arrows. Keep in mind that the actual velocity will be determined by the draw weight of the cross bow as well as the weight of the arrows you are using – so a heavier arrow will travel slower than a lighter arrow shot from the same crossbow. If you see a crossbow with limbs made of aluminum or wood, better stay clear of it as they will likely break on you soon enough. The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury mentioned previously is one of just a handful of crossbows that cost less than $200 and which are worth buying.
When cocking a crossbow using this method, make sure that you hold the string at equal distances on both the left and right side of the stock (basically your thumbs should be as close to the stock as possible).
Using this approach will allow even a small kid to accurately draw a crossbow with even a 250 lbs.
As the names suggest, these differ in the number of dots you will see when looking through the scope. Only once you have somewhat mastered that should you begin to concern yourself with in-depth specifications of the arrows you use.
Please feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to talk about crossbows or hunting in general. You already know what a money making activity is, and you probably know deep down what a time waster is, but you feel powerless to get it together. This software allows you to track time, handle expense reports, and even invoice your clients and has multiple user support. It helps to have a special planner for personal time which you keep totally separate from business time, and vice versa. Your choice will also depend on what kind of business you have, how many employees or contractors you have, and on what goals you’ve chosen to focus.
While setting your system up can take some time, it will be more than worth it once it’s done. PJP offers a lot of environmentally friendly options for foodservice disposables from companies such as Vegware and World Centric. What many of these services do is collect your food waste and compost it, disposing of your waste in an environmentally friendly way. The best part is that any sized event, from a small business lunch to an upscale gala, can be turned into a Zero Waste event. Our sales team can meet with you and discuss local vendors and suppliers to help reduce your businesses footprint. Nowadays, the best crossbow is an extremely powerful device, far exceeding even the finest traditional bows in accuracy and power, as shown in our crossbow reviews. Make sure to read our crossbow reviews as well before making a purchase (a link to the reviews can be found in the chart above). If you’re looking for a powerful compound crossbow but are not yet ready to commit big money, you just found it. It comes in a RTH (Ready To Hunt) package that includes everything you need to get into the field and start hunting immediately.
While the velocity of 235 feet per second might not seem impressive compared to more expensive crossbows, it’s quite powerful and very accurate, providing for a great beginner hunting and target shooting experience. When velocity is listed for a certain model, the number will typically have been calculated using arrows of similar weight to the ones that are sold with the crossbow itself. The stronger models have a single-tube design, meaning there is a smaller chance of anything breaking.
With that in mind, we recommend that you simply start by using the arrows included with the crossbow package that you will buy (and if you need more, just buy an extra set of exactly the same or very similar arrows). I am very carefully & play close attention making sure my bolts are on the string correctly. Some name brands for these are WeekDate, Planner Pad Organizer, and the well known, Day Runner brand. For example, when we needed to build our state-of-the-art facility, PJP created a LEED Certified building that not only our people and customers could be proud of, but our surrounding community could be proud of as well. Many of these products aren’t just recyclable themselves, but are also made using some recycled materials, which further reduces your carbon footprint.
Hunting down a deer or even an elk from a 40 yard distance is no problem whatsoever with proper aim, and target shooting from well over 100 yards is possible.
The Buck Commander also has many safety features in place, including an Anti Dry Fire triggering system, which makes it impossible to release a cocked (latched) string if there is no arrow seated in the track (the groove within the stock which holds the arrow). Not to mention it’s very easy to assemble and that the foot stirrup is integrated with the riser. The Arrow Precision crossbow is perfect for anyone on a budget, comes with 4x 16″ aluminum arrows and a 3 red dot sight. Obviously it can be used for practice shooting as well, just like any of the best crossbows mentioned here. You will align the top dot with targets at a 20 yard range, the middle dot for targets at a ~30 yard range, and the bottom dot for targets at a ~40 yard range.
They allow for magnification, typically in the 1x to 5x range, and the vast majority are both water- and fog-proof as well.
Once you’re more experienced, you can read our detailed guide on choosing crossbow arrows and broad-heads for advanced users. Earth Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate our commitment to the global community and to spread the message of environmental responsibility. The included sight is quite good for the price and even rank beginners find that they’re capable of hitting ~25 yard targets with precision from the get-go. Package includes everything you need to start hunting immediately, except for arrow broadheads. Hunters will love this, and target shooters will enjoy its power so much that they’ll want to go hunting as well. Finally, it comes with an exceptionally detailed assembly manual that many other crossbows would envy. The best crossbow scopes often also include additional illuminated dots, making it far easier to hit a target in poorly-lit conditions, or even when it’s downright the middle of the night. Be prepared to use solid and thick targets when practicing, as the Jackal is powerful enough to shred any low quality targets to pieces very quickly. Cables are of a very high quality and will last for a VERY long time before you’ll need to consider a replacement.

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