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Studies show HICA can improve muscle growth and recovery by activating cellular proteins that prevent muscle catabolism and promote increases in overall strength and muscle mass.
Although it foams up at the top when you shake it, this is actually normal for an amino acid product.
ALLDAYYOUMAY has an excellent ingredient profile, and it’s very affordable- just a little over $1 per serving. Rich Piana has always talked straight, and that philosophy has translated well to his supplement line.
It was 69 degrees and sunny out as we followed the passenger stream to a small covered station.
We were headed for the a€?Nairobi Express,a€? a park train, to get an overview of the entire park.
Wildebeests, with their enormous horns, a huge Rhinoceros with its baby cub, two tall ostriches and some long horn cattle posed for pictures and our enjoyment. The train pulled into the a€?Congo Stationa€? disgorging some passengers and picking up others.
There are a number or ideas, attractions and shopping venues surrounding all three of the train stations.
On our last leg returning to the Nairobi station we could see a flock of brilliantly colored Pink Flamingos in the distance in a small pond area. From the Nairobi station we walked along the crowded paths, again looking in on the enormous alligators lying in their shaded pond. We walked on, looking in on two giant vultures and a large red Hyena that was evil looking on out way to the Lion's enclosure.
We put in our names with the hostess and sat on the balcony, waiting for a table with the other visitors. From the Aviary we walked to a nearby enclosure that featured a 15' Komodo Dagon and a smaller baby.
There, we relaxed in our room, watching the local news and sipping on a small a€?tooniea€? (Martini). Later that morning President Obama gave an address on national television lauding the Senate's efforts. The Great Depression crippled the cigar industry and started a decades long decline for the area. The architecture here is classic late 19th century, overlaid with French style wrought iron railings and sprinkled with a few 1950's era Art Deco buildings.
We had thought to have lunch in the famed Columbia restaurant but were still on carbo over load from breakfast.
After dinner we sat outside the hotel for a time enjoying the 75-degree temperature and the soft breezes. We were near the park entrance area so we ducked into the Sultan of Sweets shoppe and enjoyed some good coffee and chocolate chip muffins. From the sweet shoppe, we walked nearby to a large glassed in enclosure harboring an enormous Siberian Tiger and a smaller Bengal tiger. Mary called the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor city to see if they were open on Christmas day. Here's a few kitchen designs that grab you with either a hit of color, or a quirky kind of cabinet layout.
The undulating horizon line of these wall cabinets is picked out and emphasised perfectly by contrasting charcoal and red materials. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes.
Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design.
Picture this: A big-boned Jesus-looking figure with flowing hair, a folded up blue bandana across his forehead, and a long beard reminiscent of a 30-something Santa walks into a gas station. That might just explain why Willie can’t even stop at a gas station without taking a picture.
That doesn’t mean the production company won’t make suggestions about certain scenarios or that every interaction goes off without a hitch.
And while each situation is rich in comedy, sometimes there is Robertson history baked in that might be lost to those unfamiliar with the now-millionaire family’s humble roots – roots that aren’t ignored in the show. Take one of season three’s premiere episodes, which features the clan’s tradition of camping out before the duck hunting season’s opening day. He adds later: “Our house was like a camp-out growing up and I certainly slept outside and all that. When it came time to start filming “Duck Dynasty,” the network said it was having a hard time telling all the Robertson brothers apart.
And each episode is a reminder: the show always ends with the family saying a prayer before a meal.
And the success of the show has shown that there is a large segment of America that appreciates the faith aspect of “Ducky Dynasty’s” brand of reality TV. In fact, on Wednesday viewers will see how Phil, after all these years of marriage, is still trying to woo his wife, referred to as “Miss Kay.” That’s where the scripture comes in – and a lot of flirting. When asked about sexual banter between Phil and Kay – which is regularly featured – makes him feel, Willie takes an approach that might surprise some. For now, Willie and the Robertsons have turned flirting with hit TV into a marriage between great television and hot ratings. Editor’s note: We discussed this story and all the day’s news during our Monday, February 25, live BlazeCast.
He preaches whole foods over supplements, believing that supplements should be relegated to a supporting role. However, he’s ostensibly still about real food as the two supplements he’s launching right now are an amino product called ALLDAYYOUMAY, and a pre-workout called Kill It. You can read the review for Kill It here, or keep reading below for everything you need to know about ALLDAYYOUMAY. In addition to boosting protein synthesis, it helps boost growth hormone, reduces muscle damage, and improves recovery. A little known benefit of glutamine is its ability to keep the immune system healthy in addition to preventing muscle soreness. This compound is a leucine metabolite which is shown to be effective for recovery from intense resistance training. Each container holds 30 servings, and online retailers are currently selling it for about $35.95. I drank ALLDAYYOUMAY during my workout, and just gave it a quick shake every time I went to take a sip. I would definitely recommend it as an intra-workout supplement to boost strength and recovery, or drinking it between meals as the directions suggest.
Scores of drivers raced by us at 15-20 mph above the speed limit, cutting in and out of traffic without turn signals or a by your leave.

We drove westward across Tampa and then followed McKinley Ave to East Busch St and the confines of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, which sits just across the road from Busch Gardens. From here we boarded a people trolley for the one-mile ride into the Park, disembarking at the Main Nairobi Gate.
Visitors stand in a long line for ticket purchase and then use several gates with turnstiles for entrance.
We walked by the entrance area wandering through several shops and boutiques that were hawking their wares.
We walked by the a€?alligator enclosure.a€? Several of the grey leviathans lay about the small pond, inert and waiting for prey or food. The miniature steam train is a replica of the old iron horses that used to drag rail cars across America in the 1800's. We could see the attractive, two-story Crown Colony restaurant as we passed by the first pedestrian crossing. Across a wide expanse of grass and trees we could see a multitude of animals grazing, sleeping or pacing in the noonday sun. The kids on the train were agog with the animals and peppered their parents with all manner of questions. The Kumba Roller Coaster, the Congo River Ride and the log Flume ride are all located in this area. A raised walkway, with all manner of kid attractive nets and climbing areas, was available for the restless little monsters. We made our way to the attractive looking, two-story expanse of the Crown Colony Restaurant. These antediluvian lizards looked lethal as they crawled about with their tongues slithering like a hungry snake. We made our way through the pathways past any number of interesting enclosures and exhibits.
It was sunny, 71 degrees and beautiful out, but we were tired both from our drive here and our day at the Park. We read out books for a time (a€?Lost Symbola€? Dan Brown) and then surrendered to the sand man.
He and his family then jumped on Air Force One for a speed run to Hawaii for a few weeks vacation. Then, in the 1980's, gentrification and redevelopment brought the area back to life as a trendy hot spot for restaurants, bars and other late night attractions. Last minute shoppers were scurrying to fill their lists in the Malls and shops along Route # 60.
The flowering hibiscus and the orange, red and yellow blossoms of a dozen flowers all caught our attention in the surrounding flora.
We had rain jackets on so we walked along the park lanes to the a€?Myombe Reserve.a€? It is an enclosed Chimp habitat. They were busy eating something or other as hundreds of us marveled at their size and power.
In small circular rubber rafts, groups of eight of us floated down a simulated rapids filled section of water, getting splashed and soaked by the spray. There in the Timbuktu Theater, we watched a 20-minute 3-d pirate movie in an enormous theater that seats well over 1,000 people.
We checked out, loaded up the car and headed back across McKinley and Fowler to pick up Rte. Taken from Arredo3 Cucine, there's a fair bit of inspiration here for those who are after a culinary space with personality. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. From left, matriarch “Miss Kay” and original Duck Commander founder Phil, Korie and Willie, Uncle Si, and Jase and Missy. On Friday, Duck Commander CEO and the show’s main character, Willie Robertson, called this reporter to talk about the show’s success and what it’s like having a family reality show. He’s heading to Melbourne to visit his friend — Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche – who also happens to be his partner in another show called “Buck Commander” on the Outdoor Channel. The show’s season two finale in December was the “most watched series telecast in network history” according to information provided to TheBlaze by A&E.
It’s not just random hidden cameras,” he says, having pulled over to the side of the road after his gas-station photo session. Those interviews – especially those with the sometimes-hard-to-understand Uncle Si – are many times the highlight of the show. From left: Korie (Willie’s wife), Jessica (Jep’s wife), Miss Kay (Phil’s wife), and Missy (Jase’s wife).
While Willie’s brother Jase, Uncle Si, and a few other Duck Commander employees try hard to stick to the traditional, outdoor, tent-and-camp-fire method, Willie decides to use the company’s extravagant RV.
Hunting, despite what theories some might come up with, is a gun sport – especially duck hunting. But he does try to limit wearing it when the cameras aren’t rolling, like in gas stations across the South. And in an age when one’s Christian faith is increasingly a closet belief, the Robertsons aren’t ducking out (pun intended). Most importantly though, I was able to drink it just fine during my workout, and it didn’t upset my stomach. At each entrance your ticket is scanned by a computer and then your fingerprint taken by an attendant. A large food court, a performance stage and a coffee and sweet shop fikk out the entrance area. In the distance we could see the elevated a€?sky ride.a€? Small blue cupolas carried passengers in twos and threes about twenty feet above the park on a suspended wire.
The train came to a stop at the gate and many passengers from the previous 40-minute ride got off. A huge roller coaster careened above us with the accompanying shrieks of terrified coasters.
One wall of the enclosure is glass, so that visitors can look at the many species of fish swimming in the pond. Large families, from a dozen nations, sat all around us, their curious accents delineating the Parks international attraction. We watched the riders at the very apex of their ascent as they hang suspended for teen seconds over the 200 ' precipice. We walked in and were impressed with the beautiful Hyacinth Macaws, who sat in a mated pair.
We could see small jeeps ferrying visitors onto the Serengeti Plain for a closer look at the grazing animals. We made our way back to the Nairobi gate, left the Park and waited for a trolley ride back to the parking area. Like Calle Ocho in Miami, Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Duval Street in Key West, it is loaded with scores of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Two young women were playing Christmas Carols on their violins in front of the small train station, hoping for tips from tourists. We watched the silent visage of several roller coaster cars racing around their high metal tracks. A huge snowstorm was crippling the Midwest this night and we hoped that all of those poor denizens of the Snow Belt would make it home this Christmas Eve. The rains had kept away the huge crowds, so we gained easy access to the park through the Nairobi gate.

Wildebeest, gazelle, they grazed or yawned or meandered about the plain, seemingly oblivious to the train full of gaping passengers.
Unbeknownst to us until after the ride, park goers along the route could, for $.25 a shot, aim water canons at our boats drenching the occupants if their shot struck home.
The seats were equipped with interactive spurts of air and water that sprayed viewers at moments in the, movie where action made you feel a wave or a wind.
We suited up and drove the few miles over to Ybor city expecting to dine in this comfortable restaurant. But in the town of West Monroe, Louisiana, that just means at least one of the Robertson brothers has pulled up – and it’s about to get good.
LaRoche is there for spring training and Willie is hoping to hit some baseballs with him before heading to the Daytona 500. The family’s patriarch, Phil, regularly is shown reading his Bible – and scripture even makes an appearance in the season three premiere (but not in the way you might think). A snowstorm was raging across the Midwestern United States, dumping tons of snow and causing traveler's misery.
A thin grey line of state troopers was on patrol attempting to rein in the speeders, but they were clearly over whelmed. Curiously, a dozen or so small turtles wandered amidst them, impervious as a food source because of their hard shells. They have a stately elegance as they much on treetops and walk stiff legged through the grass. After coffee, we walked though the Park to the a€?Egyptian area.a€? It features another monster coaster, a performance theater and several boutique selling their wares. We enjoyed grilled salmon platters with grilled vegetables and a small side order of French fries. The ride is included in your admission price but you have to wait for room aboard the small jeeps and trucks. Like most lines departing a crowded venue, the aura of the a€?last life boata€? leaving was already setting in. A small open-air trolley runs up and down the tracks here for about a mile to encourage and amuse the tourists. We followed it along, enjoying the blue of the Bay and sky and feeling the sea air rush past us.
We walked along the park pathways to the Nairobi train station and waited twenty minutes for the train to arrive.
We had planned to have lunch or an early dinner in the park but the chocolate chip muffins had done us in. But for Willie talking about it after-the-fact, it’s also a reminder about where the family has come from and how they haven’t abandoned their humble beginnings. Then, orange pylons and park employees direct the traffic stream into two huge parking areas. We disembarked and let hundreds of other patiently waiting visitors get on the train for their ride around the perk.
The creature swam delicately along, bouncing on its front, three-toed feet and dragging its hindquarters. He had been making cigars in Cuba and Key West before selecting the Tampa area as a newer and more stable base of operations. Newer commerce in the form of a head shop, with a giant water bong in the window, introduced the counter culture to the area. The shriek of terrified passengers is a constant tonal counter point to the other sounds of the park. There are floral attractions, kiosks selling stuffed animals and of course food along the way. It is a scramble for seats as the entire waiting area tries to board, strollers and children hanging everywhere.
A surprisingly accurate portrayal, of all of the golden artifacts found in Tutankhamen's royal tomb, was artfully displayed in the small three-room enclosure.
It a€?swama€? in a surprisingly elegant ballet as it moved along the glass wall looking for food. There are all manner of shops and attractions in the area, each featuring clothing or jewelry or something with a Timbuktu theme. They have rich bands of green, red, blue and yellow coloring that is very attractive to the eyes. Scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon buns, coffee and apple juice made for a substantial breakfast. Around his plant, he built housing for legions of imported Cuban and Spanish cigar workers. A strolling guitar player entered the shop and entertained us with goofy versions of Christmas Carols. A garbage truck from Waste Pro had a hydraulic leak and was spraying any vehicle near it with a noxious mist when passing. When the train was completely full, the engineer told us to stay seated, keep kids in interior seats. Its skin is rough, gray and spotted with algae and growths form spending so much time in the water.
They also included length of stay tickets to Busch Gardens for each of us, a value of $65 each per day.
Vets had clipped their wing feathers of these brilliantly colored birds to keep them at home.
A keeper tossed some food into the pond and the animal opened its enormous jaws to chomp away at the feed.
We enjoyed the meal and would recommend the place to others for a nice respite from walking through the park. Later, we settled in with new books (a€?Water Witchesa€? -Dan Bohjalian) and then watched the news until the sand man claimed us. It led us back to commercial Route #41 south and then on to East Busch Avenue and our hotel. The rapid paced patois of Spanish was heard everywhere around us, testifying to the Parks international appeal.
As we exited, we passed through a gift shop that offered miniature replicas of all the golden statuary within.
Here, in this setting, she was innocuous with her funny soft nose and Manatee like appearance. The performance featured skaters with various colorful Christmas costumes, singing pleasant Christmas carols. Rain arrived as we breakfasted, so we returned to the room, read our books and enjoyed the slower pace of the day. You would have to come back to the park many times to take in all of the presentations and entertainment venues offered. We purchased a bag full of junk food and drove back to the hotel, where we settled in with some decent cabernet and munched the crunchies.

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