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There are many easy ways to make money from home online that anybody with no technical experience or skill can do. Website owners or marketers want to make sure that their websites work properly, are accessible on various devices and are easy to use. Generally all website testing job companies require you to fill out a simple form providing basic demographic information and complete a short sample test.
Website testers will follow clients’ task instructions and answer any question the clients ask. Usability testing jobs like website testing jobs are an easy way to earn some extra cash on the side. You will need a PC, either desktop or laptop, or a Mac, sometimes a webcam (most laptops have in-built webcam), microphone and high speed Internet connection.
If the sample test is approved, the companies will notify you about website testing jobs via email. The tests are awarded to those who accept the invitations first, so it is a good idea to accept the invitations that you are interested in before others grab them.

If you provide honest feedback on each test you have taken, the clients are likely to give you the highest start rating for each test. They test various different features of website, such as ease of use, clarity, design, page download time, whether navigation is easy, whether links on the given site work and other useful features based on the client’s instructions. If you are looking for some extra spending cash, you can make it by completing website testing jobs.
You test websites and give feedback on your user experience to the website owners or clients. Many website testing companies offering website testing jobs provide step by step instructions on how to test a website via example videos. Website owners or clients usually target their audience or testers based on specific locations or demographics, so if your profile meets with their requirements you will get notified when any job is posted.
If your rating is higher, you will get more invitations for performing website testing jobs. The clients want to make sure whether their sites are user-friendly, are accessible on various devices, and have any other good or bad feature.

That is why they hire website testers to test their websites in order to get honest feedback on the user experience.
You can test websites on iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets too, depending on what the clients want. This article will provide you with a step to step guide to making money with website testing jobs.
If your demographic information matches more with what clients are looking for, you will get more opportunities.

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