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Here's a look at what you need to know about the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012. Maldives, Somalia, finally disasters stuck America and you still You did nothing and others did little. In January, Beverly Rogers, wife of late Nevada media mogul Jim Rogers, told 25 students at Reynaldo Martinez Elementary School in north Las Vegas she was launching a new foundation to honor her husband’s memory.
The first act of the Rogers Foundation, she told the kids: each of them would get a full ride to college, as long as they graduated from high school and kept up their grades. The kids may have been baffled—your average 8-year-old doesn’t know much about nonprofit foundations, and isn’t thinking much more about the price tag of a university education.
A second lawsuit targeting Nevada’s school choice program has been filed—this time from a splashy new nonprofit.
In early September, Educate Nevada Now, a Rogers Foundation spin-off, announced its own arrival on the nonprofit scene with a similar media splash—a lawsuit aimed at killing Nevada’s expansive school choice program. ESAs deposit into a bank account up to 100 percent of what the state would spend on a child’s public school education.
Just five months old, ENN’s staff page lists only one staff member: an attorney, now ENN policy director, Sylvia Lazos.

Anyone who’s ever been a parent—or a child—knows that parents never have perfect information. A report by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice found that average private school tuition in Nevada is $7,664. Ever feel like the only difference between the New York Times and Washington Post is the name?
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Tillotson is a reporter for Watchdog.org, a national network of investigative reporters covering waste, fraud and abuse in government. Parents can tap that account for education costs they identify on their own: private school tuition, tutoring, therapy, textbooks.
But ENN’s lawsuit would deprive parents of poor kids the same opportunity to make decisions about the children’s educations, said Joe McTighe, executive director of the Council for American Private Education. Tuition ranges widely, from $10 for the least expensive preschool to more than $231,000 for the most expensive high school.
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This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me!
That in itself might have accomplished the Rogers Foundation’s real mission—to put ENN on the media map.
Slated to go live in early 2016, ESAs are not open to students already in private schools; proposed regulations would have students attend a public school for at least 100 days before becoming eligible for ESA money. Try the Morning Bell and get the day’s most important news and commentary from a team committed to the truth in formats that respect your time…and your intelligence. It targets the state’s education savings account (ESA) program, an initiative supporters say will give parents—especially poor and working-class parents—the cash they need to act on their choices about schools.

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