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The Naked Chef thinks kids born to celebrity parents don’t go far in life — and he fears that the same will happen to his four kids! There’s only one person that Jamie feels defies the odds of celebrity-birth-privilege. At least Jamie knows the fundamental parenting rule — to help his kids find their place in the world.
Jamie Oliver, the world renowned chef with 4 million twitter followers believes that children who plant and nurture their own fruits and vegetables are far more likely to eat them.
The Omar Niode Foundation is fortunate to be in his global network where we organize the annual Food Revolution Day to encourage children to cook because those who learn to cook are more likely to make better food choices and understand healthy eating.
Jamie established Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project to inspire schools across the UK to get involved in food education in a practical way. The project is centered on a hub of beautiful digital resources, designed to give teachers the confidence to captivate children through food and encourage an understanding of the natural progression from garden to kitchen. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation was established in 2004  to take a revolutionary approach to food education focusing on pleasure, flavor and fun.
There are now 744 Kitchen Garden Schools in Australia assisted by curriculum-linked resources for gardens and kitchens. Among Stephanie’s recipe for effective food education is to expand culinary horizons by presenting cultural differences as fascinating rather than strange.

We had a chance to visit some schools in Australia who are enrolled in the Kitchen Garden Program. The Port Fairy Consolidated School in Victoria Involves its students in sowing, growing, preparing and sharing food from the garden to a shared table.
An evaluation of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program has demonstrated that there are clear changes in child attitudes, knowledge, skills and confidence in relation to cooking and gardening.
In Indonesia, KEHATI, the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation collaborates with the Pertamina Foundation for a program called Kehati Sekolah Sobat Bumi.
The initial program was set up in 7 Primary Schools, located in Pekanbaru, Bogor, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, and Balikapapan. Whereas Kehati Sekolah Sobat Bumi applied for funds to run their activities, the Port Fairy Consolidated Schools carried out a variety of fund raising activities. Omar Taraki Niode Foundation was established on 3 November 2009 in memory of Omar Taraki Niode MSc (1984 - 2009).
The lucky ones who will get to be there will learn how to make koulourakia (a traditional Greek butter-based pastry).  These koulourakia will be 100% Greek as they will be inspired by the way women make them in Ammouliani and Olimpiada of Chalkidiki. The program “Mount Athos Area Kouzina” of the Mount Athos Area Organization, will travel to London to organize traditional pastry workshops; mainly consisting of dessert recipes, taken from the regions of refugees. Jamie Oliver will not only put his restaurant at the disposal of the cuisine of Chalkidiki, but will do even more to make people acquainted with the tastiness of life in Chalkidiki .

The photographer accompanied by Andy Harris, editor of all the productions of the British chef, captured images of the plates and surroundings, as well as photos showing the preparation of these special dishes.
In a recent interview with Hello magazine, Jamie went off about how children of celebrities are lazy and don’t amount to much. 15, believes it’s not easy for children of celebrities to make something of themselves because if they do, they have to work double time to get ahead. It is also important to expand vocabularies for describing foods, flavors, textures, plants and processes.
It is a program of integrated management of biological resources through the development of a Biodiversity Park called Mini Botanical Garden, Healthy Canteen and Waste Management.
Over the years the school has published a cookbook, organized fundraising dinner, opened pop-up restaurants in the school classes, invited visiting garden groups to morning teas, and sold preserves and seedlings and food prepared by the children. Also it is best to come together at the end of cooking at school to share meals around the table.
Some children that we met were able to identify the fruits and vegetables in the garden and are proud of their school kitchens.

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