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In order for new or existing businesses to grow, all aspects of a company’s visual communication must be targeted to appeal to potential customers as much as possible. One of the most important ways businesses can project the right message to their target customers is through good design. Instructions for writing business letters so you can structure your cover letters using a correct format. Before we dive into the specific conventions of formal letter writing, keep in mind that there are a few accepted styles, and accepted styles can vary from country to country.
The information here describes how to correctly format a block style business letter based on North American conventions for punctuation and spacing.
Block style is widely accepted for writing business letters, and it is easy to format, so we'll stick with that style to keep things simple and avoid confusion. In the American full block business letter style, your contact information is left justified. When writing resumes, I advise clients to format their contact information into a simple and professional looking heading.
Instead of using the traditional format for your contact information, you can use the same heading that appears on your resume at the top of your cover letters. The advantage of using your resume heading on your cover letter is that it creates a consistent look for all of your job search documents (you can use the same heading on your reference page as well). When all of your job search documents are viewed together, they will look like a very polished and professional package. If you used option one, the traditional formal setup, for your contact information, leave one blank space between your contact information and the current date.
If you used option two, your resume heading, to format your contact information, you may need to leave a few blank lines before the date depending on how the rest of the letter sits on the page.
When writing business letters, you'll use a reference line if you are applying to a job that has a reference number. For example, if a job ad says something like, "In your cover letter, please note you are applying to job number 4537893." you will use the reference line to note the job reference number. From here on out, for the sake of simplicity, I'll just show the example using the resume header style for formatting the job seeker's contact information.
When a job ad asks you to note a reference number, it is very important to put that reference number somewhere that is easy to see at a glance. Usually jobs openings at large companies, or government jobs are assigned reference numbers in order to help direct the mail appropriately.

When a job ad asks you to quote a reference number on your cover letter, I would go one step further and quote the reference number on the top of my resume as well. That way, if there is any kind of mix up when the company mail is sorted, and your cover letter gets separated from your resume, there is a much better chance that your resume will get sent to the correct person. Typically, the person distributes the mail is not the person who is reviewing resumes for the job opening.
Each job opening will have a different reference number, and the person sorting the mail will use the reference numbers to ensure the resumes and cover letters go to the correct person.
If you do not note the job reference number in a way that is easy for the person sorting the mail to read at a glance, your application may get sent to the wrong person, or it might just be tossed in the garbage. If there is no job reference number, you will not include a reference line on your cover letter.
When writing business letters to apply to an advertised job where the company information has been kept confidential, you can leave this section blank or include any contact information you do have.
If you absolutely cannot find the correct name of the person who is responsible for hiring, Dear Sir or Madam or Attention Hiring Manager (I actually prefer this one, but that's just a matter of taste) are acceptable when writing business letters. Because we are concerned with correctly formatting a formal business letter here, I won't go into details about how to write the content of each paragraph of your cover letter. I have written a detailed article that describes a simple, 3 step formula for writing the content of your cover letter. In terms of formatting, in full block style, each paragraph of your cover letter should be left justified. Print a copy of your letter because it is much easier to proofread on paper than on a computer screen. If you can, ask someone who has a strong knowledge of grammar rules to check your cover letter for you.
Once you are certain your cover letter is error-free, print it on good quality white or off-white paper. If you have said in your letter you are meticulous and detail oriented, and then you forget a detail like signing the letter, you call all of that into question in the mind of the employer. Once you're certain you've written excellent and error-free content, and you've formatted your letter according to the conventions for writing business letters, you are almost ready to submit your resume and cover letter to the employer.
First take a moment to review the guidelines for submitting resumes to ensure you put your best foot forward when you send your resume and cover letter to the employer. Applicant Tracking System SeriesNeed a refresher on all of the applicant tracking system information that's been covered in the past six articles?

ATS Optimized Resume SampleIt's time to take everything I've covered in the applicant tracking system (ATS) series and pull it all together into a sample resume. Saving an Applicant Tracking System Optimized ResumeAn applicant tracking system optimized resume needs to be saved in a very specific way to ensure it is formatted correctly to avoid "choking" the ATS software.
Career Choice Guide provides free job search and career planning information written by an experienced career coach.
Globe and Arrow Logo: Elegant and modern blue and green globe logo with swooshes morphing into an arrow or spear point. This logo will be provided in vector EPS format (suitable for printing) and JPG format (suitable for web use). Businesses have, in some cases, a split second to convince a customer that what they can offer will not only meet but exceed their expectations.
Our aim as a design agency is to help our clients achieve that goal, by figuring out with them what exactly it is that they want to say and offering up the best solutions of how to do it.
From the clothes we wear and the magazines we buy, to the restaurants we frequent and the websites we visit; our choices as consumers increasingly define who we and how others see us.
Modern consumers make vast assumptions about what a business has to offer just by looking at their logo, website design or sales brochure. We use brands to advertise what our hobbies are, what aspirations we have, what we’ve achieved, what we stand for and how much money we have. If a brand doesn’t immediately engage with a customer then the chances are they will look elsewhere. She emphasised the importance of research in the production of razor blades in her interview with the Boston magazine:“The complexity, length of time, and the cost of the [research and development] process is what factors into cost. It looks so simple and so intuitive, yet it is so complex in its design and development process.
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