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Many philosophers, writers and even scientists and mathematicians from the past, knew of the law of attraction before the term was coined because it is simply universal knowledge. Well, many people don’t understand how the universe works on the subatomic level, and that’s the best way to describe it. Now, it’s not just thoughts in the way when you think, “I want a new car…” It’s a bit deeper than that. Decide you believe in something better right now.Seek out something to be grateful for every day. Start practicing new thoughts every day that are beneficial such as, “I love ___, today is a good day, I will not let this stop me, I’m not happy but I can find something beautiful to admire, etc.”Start listening to self empowering audio or video every single day.

Taking these steps every single day will help you get started in taking control of your life and the circumstances that happen in your life.
The most important thing to realize is that EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENS IS IN YOUR FAVOR if you let it.
The law of attraction, when using it on purpose and not by default, will change your life, because it is the promise of the universe.
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You have to find the value in every experience so that another door can open up and take you higher.
It’s a scientific process that most successful people understand because of how they struggled to get where they are, even if they don’t call it the Law of Attraction.

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