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Most adults, at some point in their lives, we’ll experience feelings of depression and anxiety. Depression can be caused by an infinite number of reasons, as infinite as the number of people on the planet and in many instances feelings of mild to moderate depression can go away by using a holistic approach that involves addressing diet, by using natural mood stabilizers , encouraging social interactions and developing a  physical exercise regime . The distinction between mild to moderate depression and severe or clinical depression is an important one and the APA have created a list of the most common symptoms of most depressive states they suggest that if an individual exhibits two or more symptoms consistently over a period of two years or more then they should be considered for an appropriate form of therapy and if an individual exhibits five or more of the listed symptoms over a 2 to 3 week period then they can be considered to be going through a severe depressive state and they should be treated by a physician immediately. Perhaps the most common feelings experienced by individuals who are experiencing a state of depression and anxiety are those plunge the unfortunate sufferer into a black pit of despair and hopelessness. Once in the state it becomes extraordinarily difficult to alter or change it in any way the positive. The majority of people consider feelings of sadness to be the same as feelings of depression and this blurring of the distinction between the two makes it ever more important to clearly identify the difference for the purposes of clinical evaluation. The reality is they can be very few of us who at some point or other in our lives have not felt ‘down in the dumps’. In the second part of this piece we will examine some of the other most common early warning signs of depression and anxiety.

AnonymousOh Minho Oppa, my beautiful Choi Minho, my body aches for you x_x as i lay on these soft sheets, i grasp your pillow breathing in every scent i know to be yours, waiting for you to come home! Mood disorders and other depressive feelings cut across all ages, races, creeds and colours. These feelings are typically followed by the even more crippling feelings of worthlessness as an individual often finds he or she had simply lost their place in the world. This is the paradox of depression, in most instances change needs to come directly from the individual who is suffering the depressive episode however because of the weak and vulnerable state of mind at the time the individual finds themselves powerless as the spiral of depression anxiety feelings of hopelessness and despair and worthlessness spiral around each other creating a seemingly inescapable vortex that feeds itself with a vicious dark negative energy.
This often transient feeling of low mood and the flatness of emotion is often referred to as having the’ blues’. Here you may come to fan over bias, vent out your sexual desires, or talk about issues in K-Pop. You are so beautiful… I love when you bite your lips and when you rest your head on my chest.
Whenever I try to text you back, manager hyung keeps taking away my phone, saying it’s a distraction.

In fact a recent study by the APA (American Psychiatric Association) states that up to one in four people (not necessarily adults) will suffer from some form of depression during their lifespan. Doctors and psychiatrists make it very clear that the perceived depressive mood or feelings of sadness must be present everyday consistently overtime.
It doesn’t help that the company keeps forcing me and the others to go to these ridiculous events all the time. Typically moderate feelings of sadness that come and go with a regular irregularity in can be treated with the addition of natural serotonin boosting mood enhancers like L-Tryptophan or L-Methionie, both of which can be bought in loose powder form or in capsules in most natural health food shops across the country.
We also occasionally do roleplays, have discussions, and even do a little segment called "Idols in Bed." So yeah, feel free to ask us any questions or submit anything. I miss the times when I used to be able to sneak out of my dorm to be with you, doing all those things that always had me coming back to you.

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