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If you are a graphic designer and your new business idea is to start a high level web design agency, it would makes sense. After you’ve determined that the new business idea makes sense and you realize you are truly passionate about it, your next step is to consider how much time and money it will take to get your new business up and running smoothly. If you already have a list of responsive subscribers, survey them to find out if your new product or service is something they would consider purchasing. If you have determined the demand for your product or service is significant, your next step is finding out who your competitors are. Most entrepreneurs have great intentions but due to a lack of budget, research or testing abilities, end up shelving such ideas until its too late. Become a Private Member and Empower Your BrandJoin thousands of subscribers getting exclusive content,private case studies, updated industry insights and valuable business growth strategies.No Spam ever, just great content! All you need is a logo that reflects the old-world integrity and craftsmanship in your new-world endeavour – with this six-step guide to creating said logo, you’ll be good to go. Interested in the places, products and people that drive our creative industries, Open Journal is a publication exploring design, the arts and urban culture in all its forms. As its name implies, a key value of Open Journal is that it is exactly that - a publication that brings together a group of contributors from all fields of the design and cultural space, and is open to contributors. For a fortnightly update covering design, the arts, creative business, interesting ideas and the people behind them. As with starting any business, you need to know what to do for every process and step of your business.
Talk to other small businesses in the area who are in the same business and find out what they had to go through. Find out your local tax laws, state and sales tax and inspections, license(s) that you’ll need to do to sell something. Restaurants always need to find out about the state and local health departments inspections and regulations.
If possible, work in a similar restaurant for up to 2 years before you start one of your own. You should always make sure that you want to be in the business for at least ten years and that you love doing what you do. Make sure you’ve checked with your local court house and find out all the laws and regulations about owning your own business. There are tons of sites online that can help you through the steps of owning your own business. Offer free cell phone charge service where people who let their phones die can stop in and charge up (note the double meaning). Local artists — save some money on your decoration costs and help the local starving artists showcase their original work. One of the most important things I have learned about selling crafts online is that the quality of your photos makes a huge difference. You don’t have to have an expensive camera, or be an expert photographer, to take good photos of your craft products. When you use an inferior camera, you run the risk of not being able to get clear, focused photos. The best way to ensure that you get really good photos of your crafts is to shoot them in good, direct light. The easiest way to get good lighting for your photos is to take your camera outside on an overcast day.
Further, if you want to ensure good lighting but the weather isn’t cooperating, or you need to take photos at night, you can build a light box very inexpensively. When photographing your craft products, you want your creative work to be the star of the photos.
The concept of using a limited number of props in your craft photos goes hand in hand with the simple backgrounds. For instance, a good prop to use when photographing a handmade ring is a metal ring sizer or a mannequin hand. When you’re selling wearable handmade products, such as scarves and hats, jewelry, or sweaters, you should have these items modeled in your photographs.
You don’t have to hire a professional model to get good photos of your wearable items.

Models wearing simple clothes , neutral colors and minimal makeup and jewelry will help to keep the focus on the items you are trying to sell. Once you have taken a good selection of photos, upload them to your computer and use an editing program of your choice to make them even better. With these simple tips, you can easily learn to take great, high quality photos of your craft products.
If you need a simple time sheet solution for your new business, start by downloading a free timesheet template for Excel, OpenOffice or Google Sheets, professionally designed by Dr. How to Use a Timesheet Template in Your Business - Share your experience and give feedback.
Note: It is a violation of copyright to share the file publicly, or to add a copy to the Google Docs gallery, but sharing it with an employee is allowed. Another way to find a timesheet template is by opening Excel and going to File > New and searching for employee timesheet or payroll timesheet. Well I think that the logo can help other people in order to get proper ideas that can help our company in order to be more competent when it comes in their business. Starting a new venture to complement your current business definitely makes more sense than beginning a business in an entirely new niche or industry. A lot of times entrepreneurs pursue new business opportunities just because of the income potential. Will you be able to manage your current business effectively while moving forward with this new venture?
Start by searching Google using keywords from your niche to locate your competitors. Use the keyword tool again to do keyword searches and competitive analysis.
In fact many entrepreneurs are known to take years before they revisit their creative side.
Bu putting their vision into action they have managed to turn such ideas into a huge profit stream.
Perfected your home brew and it’s time to graduate to mirco-brewer and sell your product to the world? A web programmer could offer services, teach classes or create games for the customers to play.
Many new craft business owners make the mistake of using lower quality photos because they are in a hurry, don’t own a good camera, or simply are not aware of how much of an influence the photo has on how many things you sell and what prices you can charge.
You need to be taking good, clean and attractive photos in order to succeed at selling handmade products online.
Basically, you need a camera that will take sharp photos that show off the detail of your work.
Photos with lots of shadows, grainy backgrounds or that are out-of-focus will detract from your work. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this and you won’t need any fancy or expensive equipment. A slightly cloudy or gray day will give you direct light that’s not too bright or glaring, which usually results in stunning photos. A white windowsill with no curtains or blind makes an ideal place for taking pictures of your crafts. Shooting photos with a very simple background will ensure that the focus is on your handmade products and not on whatever’s behind or underneath them.
Sometimes a prop or two will help enhance a photo and show off an item but other times props just get in the way and distract.
Bad props, which might distract the customer from the main attraction, might be other rings that are not for sale in that listing, piles of other jewelry or a full mannequin figure. This way you can ensure that potential buyers will be focussed solely on the item for sale and not on the props.
Being able to see what an item will look like on someone really helps to sell the garment or piece. Brighten photos a little to enhance the colors, especially if they appear different in the photo to how they appear in real life.
Remember to take your photos as seriously, or even more seriously, as you do your descriptions, pricing and everything else involved in selling online. Or, if you want to keep track of hours worked on specific projects, try the Timecard template.

There are actually 4 separate versions of the time sheet, each on a separate worksheet tab. Keep in mind that an overtime rate is usually only granted for hours worked beyond 40 hours per week.
It could involve printing a copy of the spreadsheet or having the employee export a copy of the completed document and email it to you. The old online Microsoft template gallery used to have a large collection of timesheets, but the new gallery does not. One of the simple (and free) ways to do that is to use our Payroll Spreadsheet along with one of our time sheets. If you take the time to honestly answer the 5 questions above, I guarantee you will save yourself a few headaches.
The very thought of different ideas excited me however I was very hesitant to act on any such ideas. The best advise given by most such successful entrepreneurs is allowing you the room to document such ideas and doing some research on how to get the idea going into implementation. You might as well list the item for sale without a photo rather than list it with a poor photo, because a poor photo will absolutely discourage a customer from buying. But avoid busy and complicated backgrounds like colorful flower gardens or patterned fabric that might distract customers from the real purpose of the photo. Think about all the clothing catalogs and Web sites you have used in the past to purchase items. You want your photos to offer the most true-to-life presentation of the product as possible. If you're interested in having your employees use printable time sheets, you will find that Vertex42's templates work nicely. They include a weekly and biweekly version, as well as the options of using either decimal values or [h]:mm format for recording hours. If all you need is a way to keep track of hours, you can just delete the rows that contain the wage and pay information. Or, you could simply log into Google Sheets, look at the completed documents, and record the hours in your payroll spreadsheet. In addition to storing the employee payroll information, the register will let you record the hours worked by each employee for each pay period. If your research shows that there are very few searches for your keywords it probably means it’s not a product or service that’s in high demand right now. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t move forward with your idea, it just means it may be more of a challenge. The truth is many business owners take their creativity for granted and end up parking their great ideas until its too late or seeing some other business act on such ideas. I was one of those entrepreneurs who managed to turn the tide and see success when I started to list and act on my ideas. While some ideas will be dumped after identifying the steps to act on such ideas you will probably find a few golden nuggets along the way. The policy that I use is that after reviewing it, I save a copy (exported to an Excel file that I save on my computer), and then clear out the hours and update the date in the Week Of field. My advice to her was to go home and honestly answer the five important questions below before moving forward with her new business idea.
On the other hand, if you start a new business just because the opportunity is there, you could eventually start to regret your decision. Use unique branding strategies to show potential customers and clients how you are different from your competitors. That is the signal to the employee that the document is ready to be updated for the next pay period.
If any of you are considering starting another business, I hope that you will also keep these tips in mind.
These are some of the considerations that should help you gather your plans and begin to firm them into a business.

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