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Over the years of blogging I have shared post after post on how to have a Thrifty Christmas.
Visit my thrifty Christmas tips page where you will find all my thrifty Christmas tips in one place. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and get your FREE copy of Christmas On A Zero Budget: The Printable Plan.
September 21, 2015 by: Lindsay ButlerHow to create a magical Christmas when you have no money! As a mother I know the desire to create magical experiences where the memories will last my children’s lifetime!
If you bought a 4 pack of lip gloss or matchbox cars from the dollar store open up the package and wrap each item individually.
Has your child been given a gift over the last year that they have completely forgotten about?
We did this one Christmas Eve and covered the living room floor with snowflakes, and hung some from the ceiling.
If you do not like the idea of spending Christmas in front of the television, make the movie a family game instead! Lindsay ButlerLindsay is a stay at home mom of two boys, who loves creating and sharing resources to help you achieve a happier home. Some of the things we do, on a tight budget, is to try our best to create the most “home made holiday” we can!
I found a book of Poems for Children at a used book shop, and took pages out and framed the poems with thrift store frames.
Our budget is always super tight, so we clean out the baby formula cans, pringles cans, coffee cans, etc… and re-decorate them with craft paper to make super cure containers for cookies for the holidays. I grew up hearing the story of my parents’ first Christmas together, far away from family, and completely broke.
I refuse to go anywhere Christmas morning because the kids wake up so early and because they just want to play with their stuff – but both of our moms are local, so we invite the grandmas to join us for breakfast. I did a scavenger hunt through the mall near Christmas for my youth group and they loved it! We would go to the snow with hot cocoa and plenty of snacks (a camp stove to heat up homemade soup) was perfect after we built snow forts and threw snowballs. Spending time with childhood friends for no other reason but to eat or make cookies and hot cocoa. We have five kids, and one year we went crazy with gifts, thinking it would be the best Christmas EVER! A tradition my mother started that I’ve passed on to my thee girls is buying one ornament for each child every year and then recording it on a paper to keep in the ornament box.

If you add up the tips shared in each and every post I have shared 100’s of ways to save money on Christmas.
Not having the money to be able to provide a Christmas experience (Yes, that means more than just gifts) would be stressful, but all is not lost – I promise that with a little creativity and some planning – you have have the best Christmas ever! However, that does not mean the desire to give and receive presents goes away – simply because you cannot afford it. I think it is really imperative that you contact your family to give them a heads up that money is tight this year – and that you will be focusing your finances on your immediate family first (spouse and kids).
Maybe there are only two or three presents under the tree, but when wrapped and decorated beautifully everything seems more exciting. If you already have an extra toothbrush stashed in your linen closet – grab it and wrap it up. It is not really anything more than fancy Sunday morning – but the way I display everything it makes it seem extra special.
Pair it with a cute tag, and bag and you have an awesome present – that is useful and delicious and very inexpensive!
Even if you can purchase anything and everything you want this holiday season, these are some great ideas to make Christmas even more special. Have one of the gifts be a new movie, and snuggle as a family  while eating popcorn and Christmas cookies and enjoy the new movie.
I am all for getting something nicer and regularly more expensive 2nd hand and paying way less for the same thing I would buy new in the store.
Grandma had sent a check that bought them some groceries and Mom also picked up a tiny tree from a discount store and a bag of Hershey’s mini chocolates. A lot of times you can get something for way less than the normal price because the box is a little damaged. Some stores hand out pins and candy, give them a dollar in quarters and have them get candy from the machines, count how many snowflakes are in the window display at macys etc etc. Today I thought I would share  the top thrifty Christmas posts with you, and when you add the tips in all of them together you get 100 thrifty Christmas tips in 7 areas of the Christmas budget plus one for those with a zero budget. Little touches like these super inexpensive candy cane name cards – make the day feel so special. It cost us less than a dollar and it made the living room feel magical! I do recommend starting this before Christmas Eve.
Pancakes are so inexpensive, but when you pour the batter into cookie cutters on the skillet it automatically makes them special.
The $1 basket or you can get really inexpensive holiday tins at craft stores (You are right, do not for get the coupon!!). She hung the chocolates in their brightly colored wrappers on the tree because there were no ornaments.

We would make up stories for the people passing by… Who they were buying for, what they had in their bags, where they were off to next. Then, when we graduated and move do out, my mom boxed up our individual ones so we had enough to start our own tree. In this little corner of the internet, I blog about homeschooling and homemaking with a happy heart.Won't you join me? When my husband and I had our first Christmas away from family, we were broke, and I dug through the recycle bin to find materials to make a star for our tree- cardboard wrapped in gold paper and secured with a ribbon. We have a beautiful dinner and open presents and our kids can enjoy Christmas morning with their families. Do you find yourself wondering how to save money for Christmas when you have no extra money?There is a lot of wisdom in scaling back to only the necessities, giving gifts that don’t cost anything, and focusing on important elements of Christmas like family, serving others, and Jesus Christ. Christmas afternoon is spent with my in-laws, the entire family doing presents , dinner & football in the yard.
All that to say that a lean Christmas here and there can make some beautiful traditions and memories that wouldn’t be thought of otherwise. I then bought fifty small items (socks, toothbrush, candy bar, silly string, $2 CD’s, dollar bills). No matter how many desserts are made ,the grandkids favorite part is the birthday cake for Jesus, they always help me make it, simple red velvet cake with white icing and we sing happy birthday.
What is great about a lot of these is that you can earn cash back on things you are already purchasing. Claus, princess) that you have to wear and model for everyone if you are lucky enough to receive them (my son makes a beautiful Mrs. You scan through the list of available rebates ranging from $.25 on milk or paper towels to $10 for a TOMS purchase. Some of the offers are for specific stores or websites, but some are available for multiple stores and even brands (like milk).There is a teamwork aspect to Ibotta, as well.
The very basis of Swagbucks is that you use their search engine instead of say Google or Yahoo to search online. You scan through the offers before you shop, selecting the ones you will be purchasing, and then snap a photo of the receipt to redeem the offers. Also as an added bonus, when some of the kids’ friends randomly stopped over to wish us a merry Christmas, they were included in the games.
If you ever find yourself tempted to buy something just because there is a rebate, put the money you would have spent on it into your savings account or Christmas fund.

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