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What you do is you tour the clubs around the country, performing live in each of them for a previously agreed sum of money. A good thing to have is a person who does your accounting while you're touring, because you need to know your income and expenses and your net profit, so you know how you did at the end and the sum of money, that is available for you to invest in your other ventures. We will continue with the second segment of the "How to get my First Gig" project later on today. Even if this lifestyle is extremely tiresome, non-sustainable and demanding, it's one of the most simple ways to get paid for your work.

Clubs are willing to invite you to rap, because they benefit from the fact that people will visit their place, pay the entry fee and order drinks inside, just so they could see you and hear your songs live. The internet is ruling our careers nowadays, henceforth, we're required to work around it and figure out a way, with which we could still get paid and continue producing music.
It's true that you have traveling expenses, but the income from your gigs is substantially more, so it makes sense.
Of course, performing live is an art by itself, but it's something you learn on stage in most cases.

The first part is arranging the details around the negotiations of your gig with the specific club. The second part would be your ability to convince the events manager that you and the products you provide are really worth it.

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